The IntenseCure @ Cafe Libre

cafe libre

I woke up early yesterday morning to navigate the maze that is Cheras. I picked up Ginny and we went to Café Libre for coffee. Café Libre is operated by Grant and Yasmin, the husband and wife couple.

cafe libre interior

Café Libre is located opposite the KL branch of Huygens Asia where I used to work as a Systems Engineer before I went to several DATCs. It’s bright and friendly, and I hear the barista is headhunted from Starbucks in MidValley. Heh!

libre cofee

Grant and I share a lot of common traits and interests and I felt quite sorry for Ginny coz we were just talking the entire time we were there. There was so much to catch up on and we have so many common experiences that I could see Ginny yawning just listening to us go on and on. Sorry!

never enough

Grant in person!

never enough yasmin

His wife Yasmin, who runs the café…

never enough ginny

…and Ginny Yap. =D

Grant, never enough, eh mate? Kindred souls, my friend.

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