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I drive past the GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) factory every day on my way to work. I’ve always wondered what goes on inside, being a beer aficionado and all. I was delighted when I got an invite to visit The Tavern @ GAB. The Tavern is an exclusive invite-only pub located inside the factory and the best thing about it is that the beer comes fresh from the factory just beside it. Oh, and the beer is free too. =D


The interior of The Tavern is tastefully decorated and feels warm and cosy. I like the ambience of the pub and there is in fact a real boiler used in the brewery adorning the bar. Nice!


The Tavern has a wide array of beer on tap. The good people at Heineken were kind enough to provide us with a free flow of beer…


…as well as food. I must admit, everyone was wondering – What’s the catch? Free food, free beer, there’s gotta be a catch.


Well, there isn’t one. It’s just a casual get-together for bloggers to eat, drink and be merry.


I had a lot of fun at The Tavern. We were given the opportunity to pour beer from the tap.


It sounds easier than it actually is. The glass has to be angled at 45 degrees before gradually brought up to a vertical position. I poured mostly foam the first time I tried it. I am saddened to report that the girls did much better than the guys.


We were also the very first to be privy to the new Heineken UEFA Champions League game – Heineken Star Final 2009. I am astounded by the game mechanics. I didn’t think this was possible using just Flash. Heineken Star Final is a massively multiplayer game where you sail to Krabi, Thailand on a raft.


It’s meant to emulate the journey from the previous Heineken Star Final destination to this year’s Heineken Star Final destination. You can send messages in (Heineken) bottles to other people playing the game – a very nice touch for communicating in-game.


The rafts are customizable so you can tinker with your design until you find an ocean-worthy vessel adorned with the flag of your choice. I also love the concept of joining fleets – the fastest person to make the arduous (well, not really when you’re sitting behind a computer, but think immersive! ;)) journey in the shortest amount of time wins.


You can join a fast fleet (if they accept you) or create your own fleet. The game is amazingly simple, yet has immense replay value coz a lot of the features have to be discovered gradually. Playing through the entire game takes 5 real-time days (!).


I’ve honestly never played an online Flash multiplayer game like this before. I can just imagine the insane amount of coding that produced this masterpiece.
Heineken is also going around Malaysia in April for their A Night in Rome party. It’s going to be held in four different places – Ipoh, Johor Bahru, KL and Miri. I’m glad they didn’t leave Sarawak out. You can check out the dates at the Heineken website.


Meanwhile, I’m setting sail again in a couple of days.

Just surf over to Heineken Star Final and look for (the fleet, not the blog). The grand prize winner is going for an all-expenses paid trip to Krabi, Thailand to watch the UEFA Champions League live under the stars on the beach. Heineken will be served too, from what I’ve heard. πŸ˜‰


You want to win a trip to Krabi?

Krabi, ahoy! =D

(That’s not my in-game raft, BTW)

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41 thoughts on “The Tavern @ GAB”

  1. wow you got invited to a VIP bar
    that sounds amazing
    and again you get free beer and free food
    do you ever pay for your meals?
    so jealous…
    and you really never drew beer from the tap :O ?
    Here many people have those mashines for home draft beer and for special occasions it is only natural to buy a barrel instead of bottels…
    well perhaps that also is like that because of the country I come from πŸ˜€
    On some street event I already stood behind it and served the other people even though i definitly would have liked to be on the other site

  2. HB, When are you going to come out with the Best Of List? Since you been to so many places in Malaysia. Best Taverns, food stalls, ect.

  3. First day of spring here, and people are starting to fire up the back yard grills. To me, nothing goes better on a warm spring evening than good friends, a charcoal grilled steak, and a few cold Heinekens. A light, slightly bitter beer, at least as servved over here. I really like Guinness stout and ales during long cold winter months, but not so much in summer. I also like this umbrella picture MUCH metter than the castrol umbrella pic. Particularly, the person under the parasol. Although you look ok also ;). Fantastic pic of Krabi. I have never had the good fortune to visit Thailand. I mostly visit the atlantic coast of NC, USA (barrier islands) and the water never looks that azure or calm. Thanks, HB.

  4. One question about that rock in the pic of Krabi. A friend saw it ( I saved it as a background, and she wanted to know if “freestyle” climbers use it much. It is quite common around here on sheer rock faces. Not me, for sure. Maybe when I was younger. I am just getting over a broke left arm and broke ribs (twice). Aside from being old enough to know not to do that shit intentionaly, I am fat and almost 50. I have parachuted, but I swear the next time I do it will be because the plane is on fire and going down, not free will.

  5. Iguess I need to clarify, becase of the comment by Darren. Do they climb with out lines and anchors, and do the local cops “discourage” the practice. Her in WNC and other places it is forbidden, and when caught, you get a big fine.

  6. Haha! This is too funny I just had to reply today although I’m about to crash. It’s not as bad as yours Yiling. πŸ˜‰
    You have to visit me in the hospital if I end up like my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandfather. Bring ice cream potong and alcohol even if the nurse forbids you to. πŸ™‚
    Okay, reply all comments tommorrow. I’m so exhausted I think I’m going to sleep a nice, healthy 18 hours.

  7. Sleep well, HB. You deserve it. But not reqiem in pace just yet. Sorry Dude, you got persons to see and places to go yet.

  8. shadowking: Well, guess it’s on of the perks. πŸ˜‰
    Of course I pay for my food – all the time. This is like the exception to the case. πŸ™‚
    I have drawn beer from a tap before, Cherie used to work in Luconia but I was never any good at it. :S
    Darren: Rock climbing eh? The famous rock in Krabi looks like an interesting climb.
    Trey: Heh! It was just us, the bartender managed to pour a perfect pint each time. πŸ™‚
    tzia: Hey, then we live pretty close together. I always thought that you’re more towards the KL side instead of the PJ side. πŸ™‚
    ShaolinTiger: Yeah! Me too mate, straight from the tap. πŸ™‚
    Michael (Mike): Hmm…that would be a formidable task that would probably require much collaboration to complete. But I’m thinking about it. πŸ™‚
    chefmel: Come, let’s drink together when you come down here for the marathon. πŸ™‚
    tom Robison: LOL! This umbrella photo is a bit more mainstream than the Rihanna umbrella picture. πŸ˜‰
    Thailand is an awesome place! I’ve only been to Bangkok though but aim to expand.
    I’m not very sure about climbing freestyle, I think it’s frowned upon everywhere due to the dangers it poses. Some BASE jumping dude tried that on a bridge somewhere and was promptly arrested when he landed.
    WEEN: Oh well, I only have some. I know others with more. πŸ™‚
    eiling: Haha! Working at GAB would probably not be that great for my liver. πŸ˜‰
    YilingL: Heh! I still find it funny today. πŸ™‚
    hitomi: Nope, I’m still here. Just been catching up on sleep. πŸ™‚
    pm: Nope, crash as in sleep. I’ve been working long hours the entire week. I’m catching up on sleep since I run a heavy sleep debt every week – usually clocking just 3-4 hours per night on weekdays. I slept 16 hours last night, just woke up.
    e-cigs, I can’t get them here.
    I’ll try to import it in.
    tom Robison: Thanks tom! Yeah, it’s been a hectic week indeed. Another packed week coming up. I gotta go grab something to eat. I’m famished from sleeping 16 hours. You take care too my friend.

  9. Beer tavern with unlimited flow, sounds like Ive died and gone to heaven….if only the angels knew how to wear skirts and serve pints as well πŸ™‚

  10. liverpool: You need to upgrade your PC. πŸ˜‰
    Chriso: Yeah! I think it’s coz we tend to be too heavy handed. This task requires some delicacy. πŸ™‚
    Simon Seow: Yeah, it’s very refreshing, that Heineken. πŸ™‚
    shadowking: Haha! Fair enough. πŸ™‚
    hitomi: Nope, it’s still with me. Why?
    Jade Zheng: Yeah, you poured the Perfect Pint (TM).
    Cindy = the best. πŸ™‚
    Myhorng: Itu Audrey punya payung. πŸ™‚
    pm: Great, shall check it out.
    naruto: LOL! Yeah, won’t that be heaven on earth. πŸ™‚

  11. Of course girls better than guys at pouring beer ma. We men sit and drink while the ladies pour us our drinks. hahaha


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