13.8% alcohol beer


13.8% alcohol. I stared at it in the 24 hour convenience store. I was getting some detergent after a late night at work and thought to myself: “Hmm…I don’t mind getting shitfaced tonight, since it’s a Friday and it’ll be a reward for the long hours I pulled the past two days”. It is the highest proof alcohol I’ve ever seen in a readily available beer – it’s actually “more than 13.8%”.

I opened the can, gulped down a few mouthfuls, grimaced and looked at the label. Made in GuangZhou, China. It tastes like rice wine mixed with beer. It doesn’t even have carbonation! Rice wine in China can be in excess of 40% alcohol with a few renowned brands weighing in at an impressive 70-80%. 95% alcohol is the highest proof alcohol possible in non-laboratory conditions before the ethanol starts to re-dilute itself from the moisture in the atmosphere back to 95%.

I’m talking crap. I drank without eating dinner. Supper beckons.

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35 thoughts on “13.8% alcohol beer”

  1. I’m a big fan of Belgian beers, especially the Trappist beers like Chimay. But hey, a bird in the hand… My experience with the strong Chinese stuff is to get it as cold as poss and then it goes down a little easier, imho.
    Drink up!!

  2. HB, I will try to see it in Asian stores when I go shopping. Sound so interesting will try it out when I find it in San Francisco. Thanks.

  3. i think most china beers comes without carbonation eh? It kinda make it easier to drink, feels diluted but works like normal beer. dangerous dangerous. =D

  4. HB; 13.8? I like and drink xxxx brand 8.1. it is 1.39 usd for a 24 oz can. In fact I have a mug of it right now. But 13.8?!!! Most wine is only 12. Oh well, do what you will. God bless, HB, but be careful. I dont drink hard alcohol ( distilled spirits) any more – liked to killed me), but it is the same for me to drink that as a gin and tonic. Make that a double, while you are at it. ( and God knows I have wanted it – any body that says differently is full of shit, or has not trod where I have walked). Be ever so careful, HB. You are worth a shit.

  5. Dude, The highest I’ve seen is 10.1 %, malt liquor sold in Canada. What you have describe is not real beer, it’s a blend with who knows what because beer gotta have carbonation from the fermentation.
    I’ll try get you a bottle of Thomas Hardy’s ale running at 11.7% this summer ( If I remember that is, because I only seen this beer sold in the east coast). I am still looking for Samuel Adam’s Utopia. The brewery found a unique strand of brewing yeast that survived at 25.6% alcohol.

  6. Dude, The highest I’ve seen is 10.1 %, malt liquor sold in Canada. What you have describe is not real beer, it’s a blend with who knows what because beer gotta have carbonation from the fermentation.
    I’ll try get you a bottle of Thomas Hardy’s ale running at 11.7% this summer ( If I remember that is, because I only seen this beer sold in the east coast). I am still looking for Samuel Adam’s Utopia. The brewery found a unique strand of brewing yeast that survived at 25.6% alcohol.

  7. Hell, I do not know, Hb I am gonna paste something I wrote to some one else. It is about of all things, cooking chicken; but to us that is like grouping all the persons in CA with those in FL. We are not the same. I do not reakon you like being lumped into the same group Called the “pacific rim”. Where I live, there are not too many persons of asian culture. But enough to have a profound impact on our way of life. And we know that each culture is different. But my cousin lives in Tokyo. I guess that is qite a bit different from Malaisia. But to be honest, Hb, they were the ones that taught me . To repsect the differences. Canada is a whole hell of alot different from the US, as is Mexico. and in each of those countries, are states. NC is way different form even GA. Forgive us, if it souds like we are lumping you ALL together. It ia jaut the way we have been instucted. Ok, I you dont believe me, name 5 independent nations on the Afican contenent. ( no,southen Africa, not the mid east) Name 3 centeral american nations. Stumped, I bet. Well, I could not answer those questions either. WTF is wrong with us, HB. We all got to live on this little rock together. ( no going to google, like I did to lool up Maylasia).naw, naw. I am lilly white, ( scotts welsh) but leave my KFC alone. I love and we cook often whole chickens, and boneless, skinless, oven fried chicken, and it is good, but please dont take away KFC. I have tried to duplicate the taste, and can tell you it is heavy on salt, black pepper, and sage. Plus I think their slaw is good, ( the secret to that is add a little ground bell pepper, I think, and not too much mayo. But nobody, and I mean Bogangles, Churches, etc.. can repalace KFC. But I guess that is just where and how I was growed up. Dinner on the ground, good potato salad, banna pudding and iced tea. pig pickings. Preaching and then gospel singing. and yes, I live in wnc. we did not have platations up here. When I was growing up, we had three big groups. Whites, blacks and Chreokee. Now we got umpteen. Whites, blacks, Chreokee, Mex( that means latino, do not get me started what is the difference between Elsaslvador and Guatemala, plenty, I am fortunate to have learned). All these influennces make for some great food. If different, for sure. You sure aint never bored. For example, the guy that cuts my hair, a good ole boy, who deer hunts, likes sushui,now and foe gras ( hell, whodon’t like liver, or for that matter smoked salmon. I still don’t like caviar. Sorry. But we still like pbj. And try to you might to convince me, eastern ( atlantic) oysters are better than the ones i had while stationed on the west coast. ( and i like them fried) Guess I am tying to provoke a good natured fight. God bless. I have never starved here, and that is pretty good. Wish it could be so every where. Tom

  8. see what 13.8 does to you? I was more happy to carry out this brief demonstation for the edifacation of all.( Do not try this on any public roads- put all keys to any motor vehicles away – not responsible for any long distance phone charges- do not try this at home-) Hope you are well, HB. Tom

  9. 13.8%? that’s about triple the usual amount.
    on another note, i’ve always wondered how the 70% ethanol in the science labs taste like. =)

  10. ever heard the old saying ” the cat is out of the bag”. Well, have you ever tried to get a cat back in a bag? Impossible.like Pandora’s box. God help us all, now.Thomas

  11. TOLANIC: Amsterdam beer eh? I shall go hunt for it! πŸ™‚
    Shirley Snow: I can write on most things – in fact look at the sixthseal.com archive. The excessively verbose and lucid posts are written on meth (some of my best posts), the ones dealing with existential or other similar issues are usually either when I’m on cannabis or ketamine. I don’t write on other stuff. I like to chill when I use opiates like heroin. Last time. πŸ™‚
    Jhnhth: Belgian beers eh? I’ve seen (and had) some over here.
    Yup, it has to be consumed really fast and while it’s cold, like a nasty shot of moonshine. πŸ˜‰
    Michael (Mike): I’m not sure it’s readily availble – I saw it in KK, it’s not available anywhere else, perhaps maybe small convinience stores. πŸ™‚
    Darren: I am getting rather fond of this brand. It’s reasonably high proof so I don’t have to drink a lot and while it’s nasty, it gets the job done. πŸ™‚
    chefmel: Ish, this tastes nothing like normal beer. There isn’t any malt taste or hops. I can just taste the liquor. It’s kinda gross when you’re expecting lager. πŸ™‚
    foodcrazee: Erm…their secret, closely guarded recipe for yeast passed down from generation to generation? πŸ˜‰
    tom robinson: Thanks tom! πŸ™‚
    I’ll be careful with these.
    e: Sam Adams has really high proof bock but it’s so expensive and so hard to get. Thanks for the ale! I love ale, most people don’t. I like drinking it at room temperature instead of chilled. Chilling an ale kills it.
    pm: No.
    tom robinson: Yeah, I totally understand mate. We’re all products of our education. πŸ™‚
    I do know that even states in the US are vastly different and I can answer the Africa question (mostly coz many feel the next battle front will be there) but the Cental American question stumped me. Mayan, but that’s ancient civilizations.
    Thanks for the eye opening comment mate. πŸ™‚
    eiling: It tastes horrible! :S
    Well, you know the quantities it takes to get me drunk, so with 1 liter, nope. I can drink 1 liter of wine, I’m sad to say, within half an hour and still be relatively fine. πŸ™‚
    J2Kfm: 70% ethanol? I’ve never had that stuff before but I’ve sampled the 95% pure alcohol (ethanol) sold in some bottle shops. It tastes like vodka (which means it doesn’t really have a taste per se) and it packs quite a punch, even to people used to drinking 40% neat. 95%, it took me a while for my eyes not to water. πŸ™‚
    tom robinson: Heh! No, I’ve never heard of getting a cat back into the poverbial bag. πŸ™‚
    Simon Seow: Nice!
    WayeYoung: Well, I haven’t gotten drunk in quite a long time already. I’ll like to say I’m going to get drunk but I’m starting to hate the day after. πŸ˜‰
    Implosion: LOL! Ethanol powered cars maybe, if they’re not too fussy about the other contaminents. πŸ˜‰
    WEEN: Yeah, I know people like that too. I used to be like that. The solution: Don’t keep pills around the house when you’re drinking. πŸ™‚

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  13. I’d have to see eye to eye with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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