Bust a move!


You think you’ve got skillz?


Those of us stuck in the rat race in the corporate world often forget what it’s like to do what you want, when you want, and express yourself publicly. We’re constantly too concerned about what others think of us and restrain ourselves, thinking its “right” and “mature” to do so. Nay, I say. Nay!


Everyone should let loose once in a while – sing like no one is listening, write like no one is reading, and dance like no one is watching!


Street dancing is a relatively new phenomenon over here but it seems to have taken off with a vengeance. I was surprised to see people busting a move at the local town square in Sibu. I love how they bring their own portable music players or blast beats from their car audio system. It embodies the very essence of freedom of expression.


The F&N Freestylz “Show Ur Moves” competition is heading towards an explosive finale this Sunday. You probably missed the preliminaries but you can still go and check out the teams who managed to rise above the others and come up on top! 10 teams are heading into the finals at the Curve – Elecoldxhot, Wakaka Crew, N Crew, Project Elementz, Fresh Beat Rockers, Twister Randoms, Move, Enemy Style, Feasible Crew and Borneo Crew.


The judging will be done by (L-R) Boojae (Malaysian artiste and b-boy), Fiona Jane Gomez (Talent Hub Principal) and Danny One (local artiste). The winner of the finals will not only get the honor of being crowned the best b-boys in Malaysia, but they’ll be flown to Korea to meet and train with Asia’s #1 b-boys, Gamblerz Crew!

Go and gawk at the teams – there are female street dancers too, so whether you’re a guy or a girl, there will not be a shortage of eye candy. πŸ˜‰


I was planning to go to Penang this weekend to attend a wedding but since I can’t due to work commitments, I’ll be there armed with my digicam! The F&N Freestylz 2009 final is going down at e@Curve on Sunday, August 16, 6 pm!


Get reacquainted with your youth or just catch the best moves this side of town!

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13 thoughts on “Bust a move!”

  1. Man, I remember the glory days of sixthseal.com. Now, most posts are nothing more than fancy ads. Hope they’re making you a lot of money, HB, but they’re boring the tits off of me.

  2. Eventhough lot of ppl thinking negatively about street dancing but I do enjoy & admire their moves! It’s just form of entertainment… Yeah, dance like no one is watching! πŸ™‚

  3. Katie: It kinda pays for the lifestyle you see in the regular posts though. πŸ˜‰
    I understand how you feel, thank you for the feedback. Regular sixthseal.com programming will return soon, stay tuned. πŸ™‚
    Shirley Snow: Hmm…negative? I guess it’s coz people tend to assume the worse of a culture they don’t understand…like raves back in 1996. πŸ™‚

  4. Fiona: Hello Fiona! It was good to see you today, although I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. BTW, during the Q&A I wanted to shout out “Lainie says hello” but I figured it wasn’t related to the event. πŸ˜‰

  5. yeah, I remember them glory days, Katie, when I was working 5 pm to 5 am, six days a week, then left to go to my part time job till 9 am. four days a week Good days were those. I really enjoyed working 18 hours a day. NOT. The only time I had to eat a was i im my lab, I would read HB’s blog. It was a window on another world, for a brief while, at least. Until there was a problem on the production floor. Most nights I did not eat. I was production and QC supervisor. Plus safety coordinator for the nd audio tapes, ,we did drop ship packaging and postt.)whole damn plant. ( we did VHS and audio tapes, also mp3 prerecorded ( sorry, but one year I made as much as 50 K usd doing that.) Get off Hbs back. In the few min I had, I liked reading about him and his life. He kept me alive. Tom

  6. sorry Katie. I did not mean to be such a s.o.b.
    I actually found Sixth seal when I googled “camel meat” one night. But I came to realise, HB’s family was much like my own. Even though separated by 20 years, (I am 50) and different cultures, ( a rural US comuninty vs KL, our families e had a lot in common. community , we had a lot in common). Like the photo with the three guys about scratch. (well I dont know what else to call it, I dislike rap) but then I guess they would dislike MY music. ( any thing but Opera, But specifically I like … well any thing but opera. Or “new age” stuff. Just dont understad it, I guess. ( I do like “Barber of seville, but that was cause bugs bunny did it). Tom (ok, stones,kansas, styx,areosmith, cash, haggard, betoven, motszart, and many others… , even mnm. cant stand pdidy, kiss, beatles, most frank s, or elvis. Oh well, that is what make the world wonderful. Diversity, Get some. Tom

  7. hey, I like that picture. the two guys at the mixin board, seeming to say, hey… this could be pretty cool. like the guy that invented the electric guitar,who passed away this week. I think he was 90.

  8. Never, ever and I mean NEVER agree to JUDGE ANY local event. unless you are sitting on a dias, wearing a black robe. You are doommed. It is a lose -lose situation. But the big loser is gonna be you. Ever heard any publiicity is good? Not this time. Do what is right. After all,thats what got you there. Tom

  9. tom r: Thanks for the support my friend! I’m really glad to have gotten to know you and we do have a lot in common. It’s like kindred souls, seperated by age and geographical location.
    Cheers buddy and thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


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