To Arthur!

black eyed peas

The Black Eyed Peas concert at Arthur Guinness’ 250th birthday bash was a blast! It seems that everyone (defined here as most of the people I know) converged on the surf beach in Sunway to see BEP rock the house.

Headlining acts usually have a tendency to be fashionably late, but BEP came out earlier than scheduled last night. The Greatest Hits of BEP (TM) came on but there were some gems in there too, including a cover (kinda, sorta) of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Alas, BEP segued into another song before the famous “Load up on guns/bring your friends” intro etched into every 80’s babies’ angst ridden mind came on. Nirvana was (I use was coz Kurt thought it would be a good idea to put a loaded gun to his head and pull the trigger) huge back then and made Seattle grunge the staple of people born in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

This particular demographic just happened to hit the precarious puberty stage back then, and found solace in Cobain’s angst ridden lyrics.

I digress…

Back to the BEP concert, we were at the Silver Zone, which gave us ample room to move around.
Pros: Free flow of Guinness
Cons: No dSLRs allowed

You can easily sneak one in by getting a friend to enter through the general entrance (where dSLRs are halal) and reclaiming it once inside the venue (where you can comingle). Compact digicams are kosher so the policy was particularly puzzling (yes, today is Alliteration Day).

I only managed to take photos and videos from my crappy cell phone. You may have noticed that from the quality of the images in this post. I tend to forget things easily too, so it would have been good to have a device capable of allowing me to blog on the spot.

You know the punch line. Wait for it. ;)

arthurs day

This is one of the times I wish I have a BB. I’m getting the Xpax Prepaid BB in less than a week, so no more of this delayed blogging nonsense.

“We live and die by time…and we must not commit the SIN of losing our track on time”

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30 thoughts on “To Arthur!”

  1. jg: Heh! Yeah, it’s a very catchy tagline eh? Have you watched the To Arthur Chinese Whispers video? It’s hilarious:
    runwitme: Eh, I thought it’s only for the zones. You’re in the mosh pit right? People can get in with dSLRs for free standing, and there’s no security in Silver Zone (except for when they check your wristbands when you enter the area) so you can take photos to your hearts content.
    Yeah, I agree, awesome party. To Arthur! :)
    Tallboyz: You can bring it in, just not to the place we were at (which ironically is one of the best places to take photos from – near to the stage, but without people jostling with you so all your get are blurry pics). Free flow Guinness though. :)

  2. Adele Archuleta: Yeah, it’s good to see you too! You guys left way too early. :p
    Haha! Erm…free flow is always good. I like the black brew too, not just saying that. I drank a lot of that stuff when I was a teenager (and this was way before this newfangled FES change, so it was at the proper alcohol levels). Oh ya, was just watching YouTube, gotta pimp this video, very heartwarming T_T:

  3. Yah if got media pass can use dSLR but no free booze and no smoking, prefer the free booze personally :D
    It was no digicams too apparently but they weren’t very strict on that.
    BTW those songs weren’t played by BEP, DJed for a while in the middle of the set before Fergie’s solo.
    That’s when all those weird songs came out.

  4. hitomi: It’s the BB Curve 8520.
    Yeah, free flow Guinness for me anyway. ;)
    Myhorng: Haha! Well, I guess the ability to blog on the go makes up for it. :)
    ShaolinTiger: Same here buddy! I prefer the free booze and the space inside the zone too. :) DJs pretty good, loved the songs they played (2/3 anyway, can’t related to the last one) – those were the ones we listened to as teenagers. Awesome stuff!
    Vickie: Yeah, they get a lot of radio play over here too. :)

  5. suituapui: To Arthur Guiness…and To Aurthur Wee! :)
    It’s for both Arthurs. ;)
    aud: I don’t have a compact digicam coz I keep on losing them. I lost a lot of Sony T series this year alone. T_T
    Gonna get one before I go to Korea though so I can record stuff. :)

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