Listen to music forever with Yonder


I came to the music app bandwagon pretty late. I have heard of a lot of brands that provide such services but never really bothered since I have very fixed tastes in music. I mostly listen to the music I played growing up, the great punk rock bands of OC County circa 1994 – NOFX, Green Day, Offspring, Rancid.

Yonder Beta

However, this all changed when I started to fiddle around with Yonder Music App. I was quite surprised (and impressed) when all the NOFX albums came out when I searched for them. I usually have little faith in most mainstream apps since the bands I like are never in there. Imagine my delight when I saw everything from the classic “Punk in Drublic” to “Heavy Petting Zoo”.

Deep Yonder

Yonder Music App is a new service available to all users of Celcom. It’s not so much a streaming music service but a way of life. Their slogan is “Hear Forever” which is very apt considering Yonder Music App not only streams the songs you play but the songs they think you’ll like. I have to say that it’s spot on in their analysis.

Celcom Yonder

Okay, let me elaborate about what I just said. Yonder has:

  • No subscription fee
  • No download charges
  • No commercials
  • Unlimited access to millions of tracks

Song Stream

That’s coz the licensing is done by the commercial partner Celcom, not you. Revenue is distributed to the artists according to what you play so you don’t need to pay. It not only offers on-demand streaming like other music apps but goes one step further by downloading the songs you played (plus the ones they think you like) so it’s Always On.

Yonder Android

This means that even if you’ve gone offline, you’ll still be able to able to hear related music. This ultimately reduces bandwidth usage and provides your life with a soundtrack. This feature is aptly called the Magic Library coz presumably you get music even though you’re disconnected. Awesome stuff.

Search Yonder

Yonder is also filled with social features. The app stores and syncs users’ playlists, followers and social activity automatically and with their algorithms deliver something they call Social Discovery. What this means is that you get recommendations and continuous play based on what you like and favorite and who you follow.


Yup, you can also follow other users, called Heavy Hitters and subscribe to their playlists.

Xpax Yonder

The Leaderboard feature is pretty sweet too. Every track and artist has its own Leaderboard of the Heavy Hitters (which as I’ve said are users like you and me) that they’re most associated with. One of my favorite songs is Dying Degree by NOFX and if you pop in Yonder you’ll see my name on the Leaderboard. This allows everyone to create active communities and build influence with every song you play.


I highly recommend this. Celcom is running a contest where you’ll get to see Bruno Mars Live in Vegas just by downloading Yonder Music App. The app is only available for Celcom First and Xpax users and it’s free for now so get your music on now! I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that it’s changed my life. I’ve enjoyed Yonder Music App so much that I’m even bringing it into the shower to listen to while I sing along, much to the chagrin of my better half.

Yonder Me

My smartphone is waterproof btw, I do not recommend you try this unless yours is too. Meanwhile, if you want to listen to some really cool music, just download Yonder Music App and I’ll see you inside. Try following me if you like a different spin on music, something less commercial and radio friendly. Discover something new, I’ve curated a few playlists (another epic feature of Yonder Music App) so come find me and share my music!

Yonder Play

P/S – Those of you who want a chance to win a free trip to Las Vegas to catch Bruno Mars live, click over to Yonder Music website to get more details on how to win by just downloading Yonder Music App.

My love, my life, my universe


Well, most of you know that I just got into a new relationship. I’ve been keeping it under wraps for a while since my girlfriend, in her infinite wisdom, doesn’t like publicity. I just recently revealed who it was during a trip to Melbourne about a week ago.

limited edition candy ripe

It was our first overseas trip together and it’s kinda how we got together. I like showering her with gifts – little ones that says “I love you” and lets her know that she’s always in my heart whenever and wherever I go.


I do travel quite a bit – I went to Bali straight after that and we spent several days physically apart. It’s all good though, with communications the way it is nowadays, it’s always easy to keep in touch. We’re the digital generation – with data roaming and WiFi connections, using Facebook or Whatsapp to message each other is easy.


It’s always important to stay in touch – data has always made a lot of difference for us. I can send photos of what I’m doing to my girlfriend. I snapped a photo of something that means a lot to us (it’s an inside reference to our relationship) the moment I got off at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar.

whatsapp images

Little things like this can make a lot of difference in a relationship. It shows that you’re constantly thinking of her. <3 I honestly would be hard-pressed to name disadvantages in the gift of data in a relationship…unless you’re cheating on your other half and is somewhere you’re not supposed to be – say, KL instead of overseas – and your GPS location settings on Facebook shows that. smirk

It’s all good, all the way for me.


We actually got together thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s what made this relationship *possible* – how I noticed her and started chatting with her and finally made my feelings known to her. It was a big step coz I thought it would have alienated her but luckily it seemed that we were meant to be.

Data is what brought us together and I’m thankful for that coz I’m lucky to have Ling in my life. :)


Anyway, that’s my story. There’s another interesting around that’s doing the rounds on the net. I’m sure you’ve seen the Don’t Lose It All videos circulating around but in case you’re one of the few who hasn’t, you can view the previous short videos on that link.

There are 3 episodes in the rather interesting love triangle of Amy, Nick and Joe. The most riveting part about this is that the audience (which is you and me) gets to choose the plot via voting!

I won’t give out any spoilers here so go watch the videos if you haven’t already.

xpax wong fu

The final episode is, as usual, chosen by votes – it was a close one between Nick & Amy and Amy & Joe…and guess who won? Fans of Nick & Amy rejoice!

Here’s the final episode of the epic story as voted by you! It’s interactive, interesting and quite frankly, better than a lot of the other locally produced fare on air nowadays. Don’t ruin the ending if you haven’t watched the first 3 episodes – watch from the start!

It’s an interactive extravaganza like no other, with the finale aptly done! Check out the final episode at Don’t Lose It All! :)

P/S – The storyline is a little like mine – couldn’t have done it without data. Haha! You can dial *128# to pick a data pack on Xpax and load up to stay in touch 24/7 with your loved one!

Happy New Year 2010

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne.

nye 2009

It’s going to be 2010 in a couple of hours. I love New Year’s Eve, it’s a day when you can let your hair down and party like 2009 is going out of style. ;)

It sometimes makes you wonder…what’s left when you wake up the next day/year? What’s next you ask?

Well, Ne-Yo is coming to KL on the 7th of January!

Now that’s something to look forward to. It’s going to be held at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and tickets are selling really fast so shake off that hangover and book now! 


You can get a discount if you’re on Xpax – check out the details here.

Gotta be quick though, it’s limited to the first 5k tickets only!

Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island

Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island

Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island (TTDI) is one of Perak’s best kept secrets. I was told we’re going to an island near Ipoh during the BMW drive and no one believed me. “There are no islands in Ipoh”, I was told. 

Tasik Temenggor rafting

Tasik Temenggor is actually an artificial (as in man-man) lake in Gerik. Xpax has coverage there so it’s a good thing I did a lot of XXL reloads during the drive there. There’s a lot of stuff to in Tasik Temenggor like playing basketball in the lake, fishing and kayaking but we went old skool and did rafting… 

Tasik Temenggor rafts

….on rafts made of bamboo! 

Tasik Temenggor swim

You get on the rafts and use bamboo paddles to navigate. It hardly looks seaworthy but it’s surprisingly stable. Each raft fits two – one at the extreme front and the other at the extreme back, and while paddling requires quite a bit of effort, it’s a lot of fun!

I went for a dip in the lake too. The water is cold and refreshing – perfect for a morning swim!

Atlas Shrugged

atlas shrugged

Do you feel like you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulders sometimes? I understand how that feels. Gwanganlli Beach in Pusan has this bridge (yes the same one in the film Tsunami) which I attempted to lift up in a camwhoring moment. ;)

Seriously, I know how it feels like. For someone who’s been through all the things that I have, it sometimes seems like it’s me against the world.

I forget that I have people who loves me and cares about me and try to just get through life on my own. It’s no way to live.

It’s dark and it’s depressing. You really need support systems on the third rock from the sun to really live life.

I keep my BB around me all the time. I left my cell phone AND house keys in my car yesterday night and I was fretting about how to call my friend who drove my car home when I didn’t have her number when I got the Eureka moment.

I can just call MYSELF! (as in my other cell phone that’s in the car)

Long story short, I managed to get through. I was a bit concerned a first coz I thought I didn’t have any credit on my BB. Enter Xpax XXL double bonus. I am pleased that I’m getting extra credits for every single reload that I make.

I would probably have to camp outside my own studio if it wasn’t for it. T_T

Thank you for coming back!

Some random hot Korean actress

piff korean

I was at PIFF 2009 in Korea a couple of months back and got to experience being up close and personal (comparatively speaking) with celebrities to which I don’t know or even comprehend how to pronounce their names.

korean girl

I just inferred they were famous from the amount of media shouting at them to look at their cameras.

However, one artist I am familiar with is Ne-Yo. He’s coming to KL for his Year of the Gentleman Tour on the 7th January at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach (which from experience is a great venue).


You stand a chance to win free tickets if you reload RM 30 and above with U.O.X./S.O.X by sending REGFREETIX to 28881. If you’re on Xpax, you can get discounted tickets when you reload RM 50 and above. Get the details here.

BTW, random trivia, did you know Ne-Yo’s mom is Chinese-American?

The Cave

the cave

No, this is not the movie or any natural structure. The Cave is a concept cafe for couples. It’s designed to look like an actual cave.

cave toilet

I was a bit taken aback when an ex coworker asked me if I wanted to go there for dinner. I thought she was hitting on me. *perasan*

…but the truth is much more mundane. She just likes the pasta there.

cave interior

This was back when I was still at my previous company. I only remembered about The Cave when I got a text from her. She is using Xpax so I wouldn’t be surprised she’s taking advantage of the XXL bonus.

I think the decor and ambience is great.

cave food

The food was pretty bland though and since The Cave has super powerful industrial strength Godzilla air conditioning, it gets cold REALLY FAST.

cave couple

It’s great for couples if you want privacy and all that, but honestly, the food is nothing to shout about and you better be a really fast eater coz it gets cold in like…3 seconds.

Breakfast @ Mandarin Oriental and a police escort

mo fruit platter

Seasonal fruits with berries with a papaya smoothie.

mo bread

Basket of croissants, Danish pastries, lemon poppy seed muffins, breakfast rolls served with preserves, honey and butter.

pamela anderson bagels

Creamy scrambled eggs on toasted bagel with chicken ham, scallion cream cheese and grilled asparagus. This is also known (unofficially) as Pamela Anderson bagels. ;)

bmw breakfast

I had breakfast at MO last weekend before driving down to Damansara. We had vouchers to spend for drinks and snacks and I got Xpax reloads instead coz I wanted the XXL bonus. Heh!

However, the best part is driving with a police escort (something you REALLY have to experience). The police stopped all traffic and even created a third lane out of a two lane road so we can speed through the middle.

I think this is the first and last time I’ll ever feel like a VIP. Now that I know what royalty feels like, I can die in peace.

Kampong Chicken Eating House

kampong chicken eating house

What exactly is kampong chicken? Translated literally it would “rural chicken” but it actually means free range chicken. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s a different species (at least, a different kind of chicken) since it’s much smaller and leaner than the usual poultry offerings.

kampong chicken stall

I went to Kampong Chicken Eating House in Singapore right before we were slated to come home. The bus was about to leave so we decided to head down here for some nourishment before we departed.

kampong chicken rice

This is a photo of a bowl of plain steamed chicken rice. Mundane? It looks that way but it didn’t TASTE that way (which was what compelled me to snap someone’s bowl after I partook of mine). The individual grains of rice is soft, fluffy and infused with the essence of chicken goodness!

kampong chicken liver

I have a huge appetite (which explains my current weight) so I ordered a chicken drumstick with some chopped liver and an egg…

kampong chicken rice meal

…and a quarter of chicken (thigh and drum) to complement the order and make it into a belly rubbing, over eating experience. ;)

kampong chicken us

It tasted good to me and everyone else on the table agreed that it was better than most chicken rice outlets. Good company, good food – it’s twice the fun just like the Xpax XXL double bonus. I particularly enjoyed the tender and moist chicken.

kampong chicken

I finished everything so that’s gotta say something right?

(or not)

Lotteria Shrimp and Bulgogi Burger

lotteria order

Lotteria is one of the largest fast food chains in Korea. It’s an offshoot of the Lotte Korean conglomerate. I was there a couple of months ago for a business trip and decided to sample the local cuisine junk food.


They had this 30th anniversary promotional burger going on – it’s a half-and-half of shrimp and bulgogi beef. I have been a HUGE fan of bulgogi after going to Korea – done right, it’s the delicious! I’ve been to a proper bulgogi place as well as the McDonald’s bulgogi burger *drool* and I love it to bits!

lotteria promo

Naturally, I went for this one, half bulgogi and half shrimp in a sub, you can’t really ask for more!

lotteria burger

We had it to go coz it was really late at night and all of us were pretty tired.

lotteria bulgogi shrimp burger

I know why Lotteria is doing so well in Korea (kinda rhymes right?) though. Their burgers are orgasmic! Imagine half of a shrimp burger and half of a bulgogi burger in a single sub – it’s an XXL sized portion of belly patting goodness in a single bun.

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