Atlas Shrugged

atlas shrugged

Do you feel like you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulders sometimes? I understand how that feels. Gwanganlli Beach in Pusan has this bridge (yes the same one in the film Tsunami) which I attempted to lift up in a camwhoring moment. πŸ˜‰

Seriously, I know how it feels like. For someone who’s been through all the things that I have, it sometimes seems like it’s me against the world.

I forget that I have people who loves me and cares about me and try to just get through life on my own. It’s no way to live.

It’s dark and it’s depressing. You really need support systems on the third rock from the sun to really live life.

I keep my BB around me all the time. I left my cell phone AND house keys in my car yesterday night and I was fretting about how to call my friend who drove my car home when I didn’t have her number when I got the Eureka moment.

I can just call MYSELF! (as in my other cell phone that’s in the car)

Long story short, I managed to get through. I was a bit concerned a first coz I thought I didn’t have any credit on my BB. Enter Xpax XXL double bonus. I am pleased that I’m getting extra credits for every single reload that I make.

I would probably have to camp outside my own studio if it wasn’t for it. T_T

Thank you for coming back!

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