My love, my life, my universe


Well, most of you know that I just got into a new relationship. I’ve been keeping it under wraps for a while since my girlfriend, in her infinite wisdom, doesn’t like publicity. I just recently revealed who it was during a trip to Melbourne about a week ago.

limited edition candy ripe

It was our first overseas trip together and it’s kinda how we got together. I like showering her with gifts – little ones that says “I love you” and lets her know that she’s always in my heart whenever and wherever I go.


I do travel quite a bit – I went to Bali straight after that and we spent several days physically apart. It’s all good though, with communications the way it is nowadays, it’s always easy to keep in touch. We’re the digital generation – with data roaming and WiFi connections, using Facebook or Whatsapp to message each other is easy.


It’s always important to stay in touch – data has always made a lot of difference for us. I can send photos of what I’m doing to my girlfriend. I snapped a photo of something that means a lot to us (it’s an inside reference to our relationship) the moment I got off at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar.

whatsapp images

Little things like this can make a lot of difference in a relationship. It shows that you’re constantly thinking of her. <3 I honestly would be hard-pressed to name disadvantages in the gift of data in a relationship…unless you’re cheating on your other half and is somewhere you’re not supposed to be – say, KL instead of overseas – and your GPS location settings on Facebook shows that. smirk

It’s all good, all the way for me.


We actually got together thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s what made this relationship *possible* – how I noticed her and started chatting with her and finally made my feelings known to her. It was a big step coz I thought it would have alienated her but luckily it seemed that we were meant to be.

Data is what brought us together and I’m thankful for that coz I’m lucky to have Ling in my life. 🙂


Anyway, that’s my story. There’s another interesting around that’s doing the rounds on the net. I’m sure you’ve seen the Don’t Lose It All videos circulating around but in case you’re one of the few who hasn’t, you can view the previous short videos on that link.

There are 3 episodes in the rather interesting love triangle of Amy, Nick and Joe. The most riveting part about this is that the audience (which is you and me) gets to choose the plot via voting!

I won’t give out any spoilers here so go watch the videos if you haven’t already.

xpax wong fu

The final episode is, as usual, chosen by votes – it was a close one between Nick & Amy and Amy & Joe…and guess who won? Fans of Nick & Amy rejoice!

Here’s the final episode of the epic story as voted by you! It’s interactive, interesting and quite frankly, better than a lot of the other locally produced fare on air nowadays. Don’t ruin the ending if you haven’t watched the first 3 episodes – watch from the start!

It’s an interactive extravaganza like no other, with the finale aptly done! Check out the final episode at Don’t Lose It All! 🙂

P/S – The storyline is a little like mine – couldn’t have done it without data. Haha! You can dial *128# to pick a data pack on Xpax and load up to stay in touch 24/7 with your loved one!

Food swap!

ling hb

I have to admit, I have been lacking in my updating duties lately, primarily coz I’m in love and I’m spending a lot of time with Ling. I often come home exhausted but happy. That’s what it’s all about ain’t it? 🙂

The good life…

Anyway, today I’m going to write about our food swap. It wasn’t intended as that per se, I just turned up with McDonald’s take away (she wanted a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe) for two but she had already cooked for me so I swapped with her instead.

curry chicken
Curry chicken with potatoes!

I felt bad coz she gave me all the good bits of the chicken. I’m particular that way. I only eat dark meat (thighs, drumsticks) but I don’t think I told her that. I don’t remember telling her that anyway but that’s what she packed for me.

It was piping hot, very good stuff.

mussels peanuts

Ling also had some pork rib soup going with mussels, peanuts and gourd. I was telling her about the gourd after I ate it. I asked her if you’re supposed to peel the (rather furry and rough) skin. She said no, it’s supposed to go in like that.

pork rib soup

Well, I was wondering out loud why someone would eat that skin, considering the less-than-palatable texture, and she said you’re not supposed to eat it. It’s meant to be peeled before eating. You’re not supposed to eat the seeds either (which were kinda sour).


I ate everything and left only bones.

I then washed all the containers and put my favorite candy into each one of them so she’ll find it when she opened it up. I also managed to stuff a can of Milo inside one (so she’ll have something to drink when she gets gastric). It took me quite a while to get everything into the various shaped Tupperware and tiffin carriers.

happy ending

Baby, I forgot to tell you this but your t-shirt that day sounds a bit wrong. smirk

I do want that for us though. 🙂 Not the alternate version, the literal meaning.

How does she know who I am?

…and why does she give a damn about me?


I was out with Ling for the whole day and the reason she has a name now is coz the topic came out while eating pan mee after running through the heavy rain, of all things. She asked me to call her (beep) Ling in the blog. That’s not exactly her real name but sounds like her real name.

I said cannot.

I already have a friend with that name.

Coincidentally, there are a lot of people who’re called Ling (the “Ling” part is her real name BTW, the *beep* bit is not) so thus, the anonymous person now has a name. smirk


Anyway, we were at a book store earlier that day. We went to Paradigm Mall and looked at kids workbooks and board games till we lost track of time.

Oh, and stickers!


She stuck one in my car too. I thought she’s damn cute coz she was looking at these fluid filled stickers and was so entranced by them. 🙂

Ling told me about this Adrian Mole type book by a local writer with illustrations and while walking past the travel section I noticed she was flipping through a Singaporean book but when I wanted to buy it for her she said she didn’t want it coz it’s expensive.

I thought girls like this were extinct dy. *touched*

tong pak fu

She had an appointment for a massage and aromatherapy session so we had this dessert at Tong Pak Fu.

tracka durian snow ice
Tracka Durian Snow Ice (RM 14.80)

It’s quite good and supposedly made from Tracka durian. I was sulking throughout dessert though. Haha! Sorry baby.

I sent her and a friend to a massage and aromatherapy session and immediately came back to buy the book she liked. I asked for it to be gift wrapped but Popular does not provide that service.

However, I managed to sweet talk convince the girl working there to wrap it for me. She said it’ll not be nice but she’s willing to help, which was very nice of her.

popular girl

I had already decided to buy it for her when I saw her reading it but wanted it to be a surprise so I slipped it into the bag of purchases and didn’t tell her about it.

I wanted her to find it when she opened the bag. I love you dear.


Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me.

I’m lucky to have you. 🙂

The Star, free chicken and my FMIL

star interview

I was interviewed in The Star on Monday. It’s in News on page S10 in the Sarawak Edition done by Calvin Yeo. You can also view the entire interview in the link. Cheers mate! 🙂

Anyway, some updates about today:

Free chicken!!!

free chicken

We just got back from grocery shopping at TCM. She wanted to eat the oyster mee sua at Shihlin. I ordered two bowls and two bottles of mineral water. The person asked if I ordered chicken. I didn’t and told him so.

Nevertheless, he asked me *again* while we were eating and finally put two pieces of takeaway chicken on my table. I was rather puzzled by this since I already have home cooked food from her but well, since they were so insisting… 😉


It sounds remarkably like something rude but the acronym stands for “future mother-in-law”. I hadn’t dared hope to use that moniker but since she called it, I’m happy. 🙂

tiffin dinner

The soup is from the FMIL. The rice with home made fish cake in the tiffin is done by her and she also baked her trademark lemon cupcakes (hesitate to call them muffins coz a muffin means something entirely different to me smirk).

I jokingly told her that the previous rice box she packed me had a kid-sized portion of rice and she gave me a lot this time. Haha.

I love the lemony cupcakes dear! There’s no spoon this time around though. T_T

Neither do I condemn you: Go, and sin no more


I just had a great weekend with her! 😀


It’s like a mini vacation of sorts where we mostly chilled in the room.

thai green curry

I think the only thing we ate was this Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice Vermicelli that you dip into the creamy curry.

mango sticky rice

…and mango with sticky rice. The mango was unripe and has practically no taste at all though.

gloria jean beef lasagne

I did eat again later last night though – noticed I was getting really tired with low blood sugar so walked out and went to the closest place to get something to eat. Beef lasagna of all things. She doesn’t eat beef so I reckon I’ll eat as much of it when I’m alone. smirk

She did leave some the clothes she was wearing yesterday though.


I noticed that only one side has been slept on. Haha! That was where we were and when she left I slept on that side too. You smell nice. 🙂

Spoon included


There is no a spoon! smirk

This is a pleasant surprise, albeit a rather funny one. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the spoon.

She actually packed a home-cooked dinner for me – complete with prawns, beans, and a fried egg at the bottom of the rice. It’s very nicely done, packaged and delivered.

I opened the paper bag and saw the Tupperware containing the dinner.

…with a spoon.

Me: You even packed a spoon!
Her: Haha! Used to it dy.

I do have spoons at home, contrary to popular belief. I do appreciate the effort though and seeing the spoon made me laugh.

homecooked rice box

I love you dear. <3

You can have your cupcake and eat it too


Waiting is something I’m traditionally very, very bad at.

I think most Aries do not wait. It’s just not in our dictionary.

(we leave that for the other star signs)

I could eat the batter of the cupcake. However, won’t it be nice to wait until the cupcake is done?

I have run out of analogies. Honestly, today has been one of the most emotionally draining experiences I’ve had.

Emotional highs and lows – it’s like the roller-coaster ride from hell.

It’s the constant “What if” game:

What if I didn’t see you today?
What if I have behaved differently?
What if I made you less nervous?

Well, you get my point – Would things be different?

There’s honestly no answer to that. Time only flows in one direction (unless massive breakthroughs are made in fringe physics) so a better question to ask would be:

Am I happy with this?

It’s a bitter-sweet answer. I keep thinking of The Longest Line (it’s a NOFX song) where the lyrics go “I think of Chinese food when I think of life. It’s sweet and sour.”

I’m happy and sad at the same time.

However, if that’s what I’m feeling, I can’t imagine how you must feel.

You must be feeling a million times worse.

I know it can’t be easy.

I really hope I can be there for you. I really hope that I can earn your trust. I hope for a million things but above all I hope that you’ll give me a chance.

I’m sitting here eating your cupcakes and I couldn’t bear to eat the last one, not knowing when I’ll see you next. They’re delicious (no chocolate chip “surprises” inside smirk).


I have three cupcakes. They’re all packed nicely into a 3-cupcake box and I didn’t even throw away the paper on the two that I’ve eaten, knowing that you put so much effort into making them, and knowing that it’s handmade by you.

I *do* think you’re worth the wait.

We’ll do it right. 🙂

Listening to: Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet

My dirty little secret


I’ve only told a few people about this. I think I can count the number of people who knows on my fingers, until now that is. I denied it ever happened at that time, but I feel that writing about the experience can be a catharsis of sorts, and it has helped me grow and improve myself in a lot of ways.

I’ve had an abortion before.

Well, not me per se, but it was a result of my actions that led to the D&C.

That’s a nice, clean, and neat clinical term which stands for Dilation & Curettage – a medical procedure that is commonly used here for first trimester abortions by widening the cervix and surgically removing the contents of the uterus i.e. the fetus by scraping or scooping it out.

I won’t name any names, this is a highly private matter and although a lot of people go through abortions everyday and think nothing of it, I felt that this had an impact on me as I went on a bit of a self destructive rampage after that.

I was brought up as a Christian and even though I’ve moved away from the church at that time, something deep inside me still tells me it’s wrong to take a life. I’m actually pro-choice, people must have the individual rights to choose.

This is just my personal experience and opinion.

Video from Project Listen

Well, the video above is about me talking about the abortion, which has shaped me into who I am now. I’ve quit drugs and for a few years was extremely promiscuous which thankfully didn’t cause any problems health wise.

I was looking through the photos from that period and honestly am horrified at what I’ve done and the sheer amount of sexual partners I’ve had. I’ve deleted incriminating photos but I remember faces from benign photos but not their names.

I don’t regret the experience, only the people I’ve hurt.

The reason I say that I don’t regret the experience is that it has slowly made me into who I am today. I don’t have sex unless I’m in a proper relationship nowadays. It’s a conscious decision I made last year and although the first relationship after that was a disaster (the girl dumped me), I still feel that honesty and transparency is the basis of a healthy relationship.


I know people will judge and gleefully try and make me into some kind of monster but I don’t care coz that isn’t true now. I won’t be defensive about it and start saying stuff like “Judge not lest ye be judged yourself” coz I understand that some people need schadenfreude – to derive pleasure from other people’s suffering.

I understand that all too well, and I guess that’s why I don’t bother defending myself against the various (and sometimes utterly ridiculous) rumors about me. I’m a better person now and although that doesn’t change what I did in the past, I’m trying my best to make amends.

I’ve been doing that since last year and I’m much better off for it. I’m more sensitive and attuned to the needs of others and I’m not a player anymore.

I am still learning to be a better person. It’s kaizen – continuous improvement – and something I’m striving for every single day.

Looking for love in all the wrong places


I’ve been actively looking for a serious relationship since the last one didn’t work out. I’m sure I’m ready, I gave my all in the previous one and I guess the age thing is gnawing on me. I’m turning 31 in one day.

However, people have been telling me not to rush into a relationship…just chill and let it come when it comes.

I think they’re right. I hit on this girl just now at Hoofed and totally messed it up. Heh. I understand why though – I can’t even understand myself, so how can they (one of the girls in the group of two caught my eye) decipher my speech?

Tell me brother, what is the greatest jihad?

The most excellent jihad is that for the conquest of self. (Bukhari)

There are certain things that I would need to change and that would be the greatest jihad (struggle) of my life but I’ll be a better person when I’m done.

…and in the meantime, I’ll listen to you all and just chill.

The right person will come when she comes. 🙂

16 hours

I’ve been out since yesterday morning and I just got home after 16 hours. It was the best fun I had in ages.

…in other news, expect a drastic improvement in my spoken BM if things go well on Sunday. 😉

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