I’ll never fly Korean Airlines again!

Okay, it seems pretty good at the first peek – hot cabin attendants, good service, and even a nice girl called Sam!

me tan chui mui

However, I am VERY PISSED OFF coz they cut me off in the middle of my drinking binge. Granted, I had…er, 4 neat shots of vodka, followed rapidly by 3 neat shots of vodka, followed by 4 neat shots of vodka, followed by 3 neat shots of whisky, followed by 2 neat shots of whisky chased down by a beer but fuck it I’m still sober enough to type this so who are you to tell me how to drink? :p

Oh, and I also had another two shots of whisky while at it. T_T

korean air cabin attendant

,,,and a Korean beer (or two).

….but that’s not the point la!

passport korea

The point is…and I’m going to do a memento mori and put this at the very beginning okay…meeting Tan Chui Mui! OMG! I first met her in the departures hall and I…erm, kinda have a crush on her.

I present to you, the director behind One Future in 15Malaysia Chui Mui!

tan chui mui me

On another note, the XBerry Party is happening this weekend!

Date: 10 October 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 8 pm till late
Venue: Republic, Sunway Pyramid
Highlights: Special performances by Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, Lapsap(Xu) and Twilight Action Girl
Dress code: Party chic

You’ll need to pre-register at Xpax to get 2 exclusive invites to the party!

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 will be offered at RM 888 that night and you’ll get 1 month BB prepaid access FREE along with a limited edition designer skin (exclusively designed by Lapsap, TAG, Black Fryday, Yayawoo & Bangkit) and other goodies. There will be performances galore and lucky draw prizes so groove to the beats of the Republic this Saturday!

Posted: 8:08 am Korean time

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23 thoughts on “I’ll never fly Korean Airlines again!”

  1. its not usual for a normal person to consume as much as u do dude . . . they have guideline to adhere to . . .preventing ppl frm getting drunk and cause havo

  2. hb,tsk, tsk. if you are gonna get slam fuc– upped that way, and many do, ( not me , of coursselan ahhead. or have some friends. I was some fried friends home yhis night.Plus you know you should not be doing this…. and quit… no no dont light that cigarette. on mudane things 28
    8 grams is an oz . so I . can do kilos to lbs but what is “stone” for example that person weighs 5 stone? hey, how come starteck aint on…. cause it is 8 am in the morning, dipshit. have some tea. sound familiar? tom

  3. Understandably, that is a whole lot for ‘normal standard’ but certainly not too much for seasoned drinkers. The BB curve pricing is so auspicious(888).

  4. kevinlim: Ya I know! I told the cabin attendant, do I look drunk? She said no and poured me a lot of shots of gin after that so it’s all good. I don’t like people second guessing me though, coz they have methods. I’m not stupid, they can depressurize the cabin and knock out all drunks (er…happened to me once on a lot of alcohol and flunitrazepam – Hypnodorm) on a flight so why fucking bother? We’re travelling in a 30+ group so I can always get someone to order for me. Good thing Sam understands. πŸ™‚
    KY: Hey, I think that is fucking right. I was served Absolut Vodka at fitst and it degraded to something that I don’t recognize (but I know it’s fucking vile). They CLAIMED to run out of vodka so I ordered whisky. After that they CLAIMED to run out of whisky so I went go gin. Fuckers. :S
    Simon Seow: Yeah, work calls, it’s not my decision bro. :S
    Joshu@law: Well, it depends on what you call drunk. I’m able to function and awake on alcohol. =D
    hitomi: I’m on a work trip to Korea with the 15Malaysia directors and I happen to like Miss Tan. :p
    eiling: Eiling, you’re thinking like Air New Zealand and Quantas (two best alcohol airlines I’ve had the pleasure of flying with). Korean Airlines is a bit the conservative though.
    Tell me when you’re a cabin attendant, I’ll be there for sure@! =D
    BTW, the cabin attendant dutifully brought me 4 shots of vodka in…FOUR glasses. I think I scared her by compiling it all into a single glass and downing it. πŸ˜‰
    foodcrazee: I know bro, but I was fine. I drink more at home than that. I guess they’re just not used to people drinking that much, πŸ™‚
    tom: I had 30+ friends. I just didn’t want to cause any problems and besides the cabin crew was real nice so I didn’t want her to get into trouble so I stopped and got my own at Seoul airport. πŸ™‚

  5. HB, there one story I remember when flying China Airline to Taiwan. Passenger drank too much and start to hit on air hostess. The male air hosts have restrain him for plane was in air already. Now you know reason limit in drinks.

  6. *wave wave* from DC. LOL If only they have 10 customers like you in one flight, they will kaput. I took Korean Air once, and never did again, not becoz I had any alcohol, but becoz I had to run 15 min just to catch my connecting flight. What more my luggage only reached me the next morning.
    Have fun!

  7. Vickie: Well, I managed to convince them to serve me more. πŸ˜‰
    Besides, the airlines have a system, if there is a D&D (drunk and disorderly) person on board, they lower the cabin pressure – the alcohol laden person will pass out (lack of oxygen) while the rest is still okay. πŸ™‚
    fish fish: Korea Air has a really nice flight crew though. πŸ˜‰
    Yeah, I think it was too much, but on average (some people don’t drink) they wouldn’t be making a loss.
    However, they were serving premium vodka – I saw that on the way back, not Absolut or Grey Goose, it was the expensive stuff. πŸ™‚
    Trey: Heh! Cheers mate! πŸ™‚
    Unfortunately, it comes at a price – alcoholism being one of them. πŸ˜‰

  8. Huai Bin: That’s the regulation in Korean Air, one pax just can serve maximum 3 glasses of alcohol drinks to prevent pax get drunk and trouble happen. Flight crew have to follow the regulation of their company.

  9. Name Changed: Thanks for the information!
    OMG! You’re actually the stewardess I met on the plane! Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

  10. this kind of passengers will only think bout theirself and they will never know wat’s going on to the cabin regulations and wat vl happen at the end

  11. anonymously: Haha! I was the passanger and I got the low down on how it works (for Korean Air anyway) from the flight crew herself! πŸ™‚


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