bacon breakfast

Ha! I haven’t seen bacon (as in real streaky bacon that comes from oink oink) served in a hotel breakfast buffet for a very long time.

Posted: 10:13 am Korean time

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21 Responses to “Bacon breakfast”

  1. i love bacon !!!!! yummy yummy……

  2. dude. on business or leisure? or both?

  3. Oi… Hungers dee lar!

  4. No meat today so I shall not say I want to eat too !! *LOL*

  5. Most countries serve it heh, if you’d stayed in a 5 star in Sri Lanka you would have got this too :d

  6. i love bacon too!

  7. I love bacon too! Fatty bacons! :P The one on the picture looks quite lean hehe

  8. Ahhh, me brunch is just Maggi Hot Cup!!
    Sorrry lah dude, duno you are at korean for now!!

  9. ahhh thats my friend from korea!heehee

  10. omfg baconnnn!!! i’ll trade you my SSRIs for it! lol =P

  11. I have no time to update! T_T
    Too busy with work, hang on ya will update late tonight after midnight.

  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmm pure oink oink goodness!

  13. that is really many strips of bacon on the plate, and look at the fat in between, yum…
    may i know what is that colourful wee thingy in the middle of the plate?

  14. I still remembered the worst ever bacon I ate in Singapore at a hotel we were staying. Their bfast spread was amazing but the bacon was dry & had a chewy texture. I probably burned 100cal just chewing on the bacon strips.Hmmmm….

  15. mmmmm…it looks so tempting! care to share some? *winx* droppin by from Nuffnang btw

  16. mmmmm…it looks so tempting! care to share some? *winx* droppin by from Nuffnang btw

  17. mmmmm…it looks so tempting! care to share some? *winx* droppin by from Nuffnang btw

  18. Doubt you can find this anywhere in Malaysia. lol. On a holiday in Korea? Waiting for that after midnight update :)

  19. HB, use to enjoyed bacons for breakfasts and in BLT now I try to cut back on it due salt intake and fats. But BLT is something I still have twice a months.

  20. Marlboro Guy: Yup, had lots and lots of pork in Korea. I love their sweet mustard sauce. :)
    cindy khor: That is some kind of omelet. :)
    Cheers: Haha! At least you countered the fat of bacon by doing that. :)
    Karin Teo: Hello there! :)
    Good to have you here.
    Vincent: I don’t have much time to update but I’ll do another post tomorrow! :)
    Michael (Mike): …but bacon is awesome! :)

  21. bulky almanac you’ve receive

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