Korean Airlines KAL stewardess

Korean Airlines KAL stewerdess

I am back in KL after a grueling 6 hour plus flight from Seoul! We took a KAL (Korean Airlines) flight from Busan to Seoul too so that took the better part of the day. I’m going to crash now so here’s an XX Chromosome post (been neglecting this) with the Korean Air flight crew/cabin attendants. I’ve given them a crash course on how to mix proper Bloody Mary drinks. πŸ˜‰

Regular sixthseal.com programming will resume tomorrow! =D

P/S – I’ve returned the +82 010 688 1579 Korea cell phone rental so call me at my usual number if you want to get in touch with me.

I kena whack by an auntie in Korea

fireworks auntie

I was bargaining with this aunty who approached me on the beach to sell me fireworks and managed to get her to sell me one which costs 5,000 won for 3,000 won. I bumped into her again when I was getting it from the street vendor and told her I’m gonna buy it for 2,000 won this time.

She whacked me with her fireworks. T_T

It was pretty funny though…and I might have inadvertently triggered off a turf war between the beach vendor and the street vendor. Heh!

Posted: 4:27 am Korean time

Live octopus


You know the saying right? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. There are several must-eat dishes in Korea – and one of them is live octopus. I also had a dish that is…er, decidedly canine in flavor but that’s another post. Live octopus (octopi?) is served with the eight armed creature still squirming with the suckers trying to stick on your tongue.

It’s surprisingly good – videos up soon, I just finished working, am so tired I’m about to pass out.

Posted: 10:58 pm Korean time

Bacon breakfast

bacon breakfast

Ha! I haven’t seen bacon (as in real streaky bacon that comes from oink oink) served in a hotel breakfast buffet for a very long time.

Posted: 10:13 am Korean time

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