Unfortunate taglines

eggs you'll take to heart

Eggs you’ll take to heart.

This is not exactly the best selling point since we all know eggs are laden with cholesterol and it’s definitely going to clog up my arteries at some point in life. Yes, it will go straight to my heart and make me do an MJ but don’t remind me when I’m enjoying the fluffy egg whites and rich egg yolks.

I don’t want to take it to heart. T_T

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27 thoughts on “Unfortunate taglines”

  1. cheesie: Yeah, me too! I love the stuff – fried egg sandwich was a staple for me in primary school. I have a weakness for soft boiled eggs with lots of soy sauce and pepper, always eat too much of that. πŸ™‚

  2. Cheers: Haha! It’s ridiculous right, how something that tastes so good can be so bad for you. Eh, come to think of it everything’s like that. πŸ˜‰
    I really love eggs and my cholestrol levels can attest to it. πŸ™‚
    jg: Yeah, it was lost in translation. πŸ˜‰
    I don’t know what the Chinese one says though, maybe it works.

  3. fufu: What is steamed water eggs? Sounds nice but unfamiliar to me. πŸ™‚
    Why not?? Eggs are great! =D
    Rhymes too. πŸ˜‰
    Bangsar-bAbE: That is why most agencies have English, BM and Chinese copywriters so they don’t mess up. πŸ™‚
    cynthia: Eh? Even the egg yolks? LDL or HDL? =D

  4. only fried food i wil eat with the yolk else egg white only… πŸ˜‰
    now singapore wana came up with so called egg/fake which more healthier and cost more…

  5. JW: Yeah mate…even better…EGGS WITH BEER! =D
    aud: T_T
    That’s like a heart healthy omelet. πŸ™
    It’s not a real one unless it has egg yolks. =D
    …: Hmm…like those powdered eggs? I had those when I was in uni in Aussie, tastes like crap, nothing like eggs at all. πŸ™

  6. HB, eggs isn’t all that bad for your heart if you eat it in moderation. Hard boil eggs for snack gave energy and fill you up when needed too.

  7. i love egg yolks too!! never thought of the cholesterol before until my colleague seriously pointed it out to me few months ago when i went for her braised egg’s yolk >.

  8. Vickie: Yeah, it’s a staple for deep sea fishing as well. I used to do that. The people swear by hard boiled eggs, claims it gives you the energy (and with coffee) helps you stay awake to fish. These are 3D/2N or 2D/1N deep sea fishing trips. πŸ™‚
    autumn: Heh! Me too! I’ve known about cholestrol levels in eggs since I was a kid when my mom admonished me for consuming a dozen soft boiled eggs (have since eaten more in one go, or gulp rather). I still love the stuff though. πŸ™‚
    CCK eh? They have really funny “wet floor” signs too. πŸ˜‰
    suituapui: The kind that comes from chickens. πŸ˜‰

  9. of late around here ” its the chessiest” for a certain brand of pasta and chesee. in a box. chessiest movie I have seen, of late? and paid to see? ( two tickets, two drinks, 2 buttered pop corn, = 40 bucks). anythig this past summer. yet one that was still was scary, no blood or gore. just kept me up? Stay Alive. see, it was about these gamers,and an old plantation mistess but once they played and lost, . they died…. then… well, ok hb… did not cost me a dime. came on cable. and I hate video games… Ok, Chesiest, no lamest … well I donno, HB, well… the comes to mind… , since we are inundated with mj stuff, the pepsi cola ad, ( ten full ounces thats alot, pepsi cola hits the spot. that one did not last long, even in the 70’s) or rice crispe ads, cereal good for digestion,snap kracle pop. … brylecream— a little dab will do ya.. anything with the doughboy, poppin fresh, jesse you know, hb.. your a former kid your self — any thing you sniicker at. of late, around here, there was a gmc ad, for pick up trucks. way in the backgound was a ford truck. barley noticeble. not supposed to be in the shot. but like an easter egg in a dvd. big screw ups? Few and far between. But persons will be waiting to pounce. hope you are well. Not too many faux pas anymore. and often they arent funny. just manufactured. like afv or jack ass, or punked. Sigh… and now, I am going to eat some mac an chesse.

  10. kind of ironic, though. this is an old , I mean ancient joke. a guy walks into a bar/ pub/ deli. chalkbord says sandwich and a beer. 4 bucks. whats the special sammmich he asks. boiled tounge and blue cheese on rye. with sake. humfph, he says aint no way I’m eating that. just give me an egg sammich and a bud…

  11. man, hb, everybody is picking on you about eggs, my self included. sorry. . well i whish i were an oscar mier weinrer, for that is what I truely like to be, for if i were and oscar myer weiner, everyone would be in love with me… snicker… boy that did not last long either.. hope you are well. we will not speak of hostess ding dongs, or the unfortunate launch of an ice cream product called a choco taco. hard to offend two different racial groups at once. yeah exactly what you think. a preformed waffle shaped like a taco, filled with chocolate ice cream and a little vanilla. at least they didn’t stick a mascherino cherry on one end. of course, they could always make an anglo sandwich. frozen like an iceberg, then …ow, ow jezze, just joking… gotta go now..

  12. you are taking beatin over eggs. eggs are unseen. yet they are in every thing, ( bread, noodles, vaccines… the only differece is what kind… chicken.. fish… ( caviar), i enjoy eggs. once or twice a week, I will crack a few open. and they are damn good. but what if they were, say eagle, or grouse, or quail, gator or… eegs===== and the conversation goes south…. but what ever the subject. with all that i read , I have learned much. about places I will probably never get to go. thats ok. after all, it was several wars, um years, ago i looked up camel meat on google. God bless, HB.


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