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Kia ora from down down under! I’m not in Aussie but in NZ – Auckland to be exact.

It’s not a vacation per se, gotta go to the hospital with me mum tomorrow but look on the bright side!

Que sera sera…whatever will be will be…the future’s not ours to see.

auckland nz

I love you mom.

Posted 9:29 PM NZ time.

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27 Responses to “Greetings from New Zealand!”

  1. Prayers from Singapore – that your mom will have a speedy recovery. Leave it in the hands of the Gods and Goddess ok :)

  2. Not much info – how’s she? Operation already? Hope all went well… All the best to her and God bless.

  3. hang tight bro

  4. Prayers from the UK. God Bless.

  5. prayers from Malaysia…hope your mom can recover soon

  6. Forget abt blogging until yr mom gets better…. Moms love is unconditional, but she still appreciates having the family around…. Take good care of her. Remember that son is always mom’s favourite. ;-) Wishing u n yr family all the very best. Dymm Tuanku

  7. Been reading ur blog for awhile now. Hope ur mum will get better, all the best.

  8. Hey… praying that your mum is ok. Take k. Hope I will read good news soon, here.

  9. G’day mate, welcome to down under. Now that you are down under, is your hair standing up? Here is a tip, go shopping and make sure you buy 6.60. Trust me.

  10. hope ur mom is on the road to recovery. be good there.

  11. Hope everything goes well for your mum. You and your family have my prayers. :)

  12. Dude, whatever happens, take it like a man.

  13. be cool man…we will always by ur side… ;)

  14. prayers frm everywhr for he speedy recovery. . .

  15. as being white the first thing when i see an asian, i think ninja.
    btw i love your mom too, have fun and stay safe and i hear nz has some great weed.

  16. Wish your mum well.

  17. hb i didnt know your mom was ill. sorry to hear that and im sure she will be happy that everyone here wishes her the best.

  18. Yo HB, I’ve been reading your blog for years. Email me if you make it to Rotorua while you’re here.

  19. hope you’re mom will be better.

  20. waves to HB and hope all will be well soon – say hi to ur mum.. :) take care!

  21. wishing your mom all the best. Take good care of her and wishing you safe and well!

  22. Take care Auntie, Hope you get well soon.
    HB will be a good boy from now on !

  23. Huai Bing
    Please convey my love to your mum. And let her know that I am praying for her.
    Blessings and love
    Pastor Lenita

  24. speedy recovery for your mum …

  25. Thanks for all the well wishes! I’ll reply again when everything is over okay?

  26. Dear Huai Bing,
    My prayer is with your mum. May God’s healing hand be upon her. Send her my love and prayer. Take good care of her.
    Auntie grace

  27. Hey thanks to everyone for their well wishes! My mom is recovering well now, appreciate all your prayers and thoughts! :)

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