Unlike previous years, my birthday wasn’t half bad this time around.

Most interesting tradition

birthday cake

Taking out birthday candles from a cake…with your teeth. It’s a messy affair. Thanks for the people at work for the cake and the attempt to get a beer or alcohol flavored one for me!

Most effort via electronic means

birthday mail

Mel did this birthday sign and sent it via email to me. :)

Most delicious present

birthday crab dinner

Crabs in hot and sour sauce from Jerine. She bought me a dinner at King Crab (and also a bottle of Macallen single malt).

Most thoughtful gift

birthday wallet

A wallet from Michelle. I have been using my wallet for a while now and it’s a bit worse for wear (probably coz of the large amounts of cash I stuff inside before my Genting runs !hi) and she noticed it.

Thanks for all the well wishes via text, Twitter, Facebook, phone calls et al. You’ve all made my birthday a special one. Cheers! :)

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49 Responses to “My 29th birthday”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HB!..29!? wow you are getting old.

  2. All the best :) One more year until the big 3-0 – and the realisation that there’s nothing much so big about it :D

  3. WEEN: Thanks mate!
    Yeah, I know, gonna be pushing 30 next year. :)
    julian: Thanks buddy! Yup, one more year till the big one and another 10 more (which just passes in a blink of an eye) before I’m knocking 40′s door down. :)

  4. Happy Birthday *again* Huai Bin :)

  5. Happy Birthday *again* Huai Bin :)

  6. Happy Birthday bro! Wish you a great year ahead!

  7. Happy Birthday Ah Ko. Wah, time really flies when you are having fun. So how did the rest of teh day go? Did the girls made you their sandwich? Oh yeah, go Genting too.

  8. Happy Birthday, Huai Bin! :D
    May your lucky streak (at Genting) continue :D

  9. wah you got a new wallet every year for your birthday! not bad not bad at all!

  10. new wallet for more money…best best

  11. v cute. shows ur good with your mouth/teeth :P

  12. Happy birthday Hua Bin!
    It’s great to see many friends who care and they really mean the most.

  13. ahlost: Thanks Rose! :)
    dragoncity: Cheers bro! :)
    rocket: Haha! It went pretty well mate, all my previous birthdays were quite shitty especially during The Dark Days (TM) and Rehab (TM). :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    The Slog: Cheers for the birthday wishes!
    I hope so too, planning to get a house this year. :)
    eiling: Hehe! Ya, I still remember the previous one was from you. Thanks Eiling! :)
    Nagobonar: Yup, hopefully it fills up fast from stuffing in notes and I need a new one again next year. =D
    ciki: Oh, I’m good with my tongue too. You want a personalized one on one demonstration? ;)
    yourTrueFriend: Yup, amen to that! Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  14. Dude, saved a shot of Utopia for your 30th.

  15. You look like you lose weight from the first pic! Hahaha, happy birthday again! :D

  16. Happy Birthday Huai Bin!
    It’s my first time leaving comments here and had been reading your blog for quite sometime.
    The crabs look yummy and you do look cute in the first pic =)

  17. Happy Birthday!!! =)

  18. e: Cheers bro! I’m looking forward to it. :)
    chefmel: Haha! It must be the angle. I’m still as fat as ever. T_T
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)
    von: Thanks for reading and cheers for the birthday wishes! =D
    Yeah, it is pretty good but still having bouts of diarrhea from it. Heh!
    Thanks! :)
    daphne: Thanks Daphne! :)

  19. 29? You look 19 in that picture! =D Hehehe

  20. michellezyenn: LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha! You just want to make me happy only. :p
    Damn good PR la you.
    Thanks anyway and cheers for the birthday present! :)

  21. Ahhh…Happy belated Birthday! Your casino adventures are interesting. I just don’t have the confidence at casinos :( One really needs it. I’m too timid and always end up losing.

  22. Happy Birthday mate. Good to see you enjoying your life. Wish you continuous luck in Genting.

  23. how odd is that, like I know it is your birthday and I decided to drop by after so freaking long LOL

  24. Hey, happy birthday! Now u’re 1yr “younger” :p

  25. Limo: Cheers bro! Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)
    Well, the trick to casino is to be prepared to lose what you’re about to bet. It won’t hurt to much that way, and you’ll always walk away happy (or at least neutral). :)
    Paul Ling: Thanks Paul! Appreciate that, would love to have all the luck I can get in Genting to fund my new house. :)
    hitomi: Haha! Thanks for dropping by! :)
    Jocelyn: T_T
    I wish that were true. I’m one year older, but no worries. :)

  26. happy belated birthday. ;)

  27. nice wallet,delicious meal n good companion = Happy Happy Birthday boy

  28. HB, Happy Birthday To You! Now it time to plan what ahead for your life. Who to marry, how many children to have, and where to live also.

  29. happy birthday,.

  30. Aya, next time tell us early lah, take you to Gold Coast, you can fly there free with AirAsia remember? I can shout you a shitty hotel room, but you have to pay for your own hookers.

  31. h
    to my favorite , all time finest blogger and fascinating whacky weird n wise character !!
    H.B.D., H.B. and many many many moar !
    Darrell in Bronx
    (PS \
    my bday is 4/9 !! pretty close to yours, brother !)

  32. teo: Thanks mate! :)
    Appreciate the wishes.
    ah nel: Yeah, it wasn’t too bad this time around! :)
    Michael (MIke): I was just talking about that yesterday. T_T
    Yes, it is time. I can feel the fatherly instinct the the urge to procreate (okay that just sounds wrong).
    joy: Thanks joy! :)
    rocket: Haha! Doesn’t sound like a fun vacation to me. I’ll rather go and pick a couple of nice, delicious fungi if I’m going to Aussie. ;)
    Darrell: Thanks Darrell! Cheers for reading all this while and being a moderator on the previous forum that I have. Man, that’s quite a while ago eh? :)
    Just realized how long I’ve been blogging.
    Hey, you’re an Aries too!
    Happy birthday in advance bro! :)

  33. happy birthday bro. a year wiser I would say. May God bless you …

  34. headsteadi: Thanks bro! :)

  35. fungi, oh, I know a place that grows the real, top shelf quality stuff. You get all loopy just walking in the area. it’s the real shit. But Air Asia desn’t fly there and the hookers there are pretty bogan. They don’t dig guys without a ute. Your next mission is to get a ute.

  36. rocket: We have a secret spot in Monash University, Clayton Campus in Melbourne. Primo spot – pine trees all around for amanita muscaria and psycolibin mushrooms are at another area. We harvest HEAPS every season, dry them and we’ll have enough to last a year. :)

  37. *waiting for new blogpost*

  38. Happy Birthday, Boiii! hahaha.. next year cannot use the word ‘boy’ for u liao huhuhu T_________T

  39. ahlost: Yup, tonight! :)
    Tey Cindy: Thanks Cindy! Haha! Yeah, please keep calling me that for this year. T_T

  40. 29. well happy birthday. HB. damn… I am 50 now… but happy birthday… really. you look so happy, and that is great. you are wise beyond your years. I must confess, I am a bit jelous. but I am only human. good deal, HB. you have been through a lot is my bet. God bless. Happy birthday. and thank you, sir. for being you. tom.

  41. On my 29th, I got married. So??? LOL!!!

  42. happy belated birthday!

  43. tom: Thanks my friend! Yeah, totally understand mate, it’s human nature. Life goes on.
    Hope you have many more years of happiness to come buddy! :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    suituapui: Hmm…I want to, but oh well, it’s not happening. I shall set the deadline at 32 then. ;)
    Cheers bro! :)
    jg: Thanks Jane! Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  44. *LOL* at suituapui’s comment :D

  45. see!! this year was not bad at all!!!! *pat pat* hehe!

  46. ahlost: Haha! :)
    yienyien: Yup, it’s been a good year. :)

  47. Happy b-day HB. Man, It seems like just yesterday I was commenting on your 28th year old B-day. I remeber my comment too. I was talking about how depressed I always was during the past few birthdays. YOu will be happy to know I have kicked the heroin and am 7 months clean!

  48. Yo dude….haven’t been coming here for quite some time. As usual, your posts are always pretty awesome. Anywayz, happy belated birthday!

  49. Mike: Thanks bro! Hey, that’s GREAT news. Glad to hear that you’re clean now. 7 months. Not bad. Keep at it Mike! :)
    Chris Thoo: Thanks Chris! :)

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