The Largest Milk Drinking Event Ever


I went to the launch of World Milk Day 2010 in Pavilion, KL two days ago to witness and participate in the Malaysian Book of Records attempt for the Largest Milk Drinking Event ever.


There were throngs of people there and Dutch Lady was handing out packs of their limited edition UHT milk to the 3,200 (!!!) people in this record breaking feat. The initial target was 2,500 people but they managed to get way more than that.

amber chia me

Oh, and I bumped into Amber Chia! (must put two photos

amber chia

I also spotted the TV3 crew – they were there to document the event and I tried to spot the videographers but I reckon it’s a bit of a challenge to get yourself into the lens with the massive crowd that was there. πŸ˜‰


The day started with a welcoming address by Bas van den Berg and the usual speeches before we were briefed on the record breaking attempt.


There was a countdown by the drummer before the live crossover to TV3 (gotta check if I managed to get in the shot) before the 20 minute attempt was done smack dab in the packed area outside the mall.


Thinner. Remember that Stephen King book written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman?

record breaking

My fellow participants.

Malaysian Book of Records!


Rita Rudner is famous for saying that “In Hollywood, a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk“. Well, I’m not one to argue with that but we managed to achieve, nay, surpass the record! This is the Malaysian Book of Records adjudicator presenting the certificate to Dutch Lady.


The event wasn’t over though – activities galore was held throughout the day.


I particularly liked the one by the cheer leading team. smirk

slimmer with milk

Don’t get me wrong, the reason I enjoyed it was purely out of…er, scientific interest. Milk provides energy and I wanted to see and behold with my own very eyes just how much energy it can provide for a 1 hour cheer leading routine. πŸ˜‰

good complexion

There were free milk giveaways and performances. There was also a flag off of the Dutch Lady World Milk Day Convoy out to distribute milk packs nationwide.

limited edition

1st June (today!) is designated as World Milk Day where the virtues of consuming this dairy product is celebrated around the world as well as the act of consuming milk. Dutch Lady will also be giving out free milk packs at toll plazas at all major highways today. This is not just limited to Peninsula Malaysia but Kuching too, so go grab one!

drinking milk

Dutch Lady is also running a contest called Spread the Goodness of Milk where you get a chance to win prizes worth RM 1,000,000 from just guessing the number of milk packets by type and answering two easy questions. You can even win a HOUSE! Get more details here!

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36 thoughts on “The Largest Milk Drinking Event Ever”

  1. You didn’t bring your extra-ordinary-large dog to the event?
    Good to see another M’sia Boleh achievement. I wonder what they will do next, 2300 people quit smoking? I must be getting cynical in my old age.
    Did you buy 4D with the nuber on your shirt? Lucky number liaw.

  2. strangely most people i know have given up milk for the soy equivalent in an effort to slim down.. haha πŸ™‚
    nice pix. amber particularly looks radiant!

  3. More like the largest cancer inducing event.
    Adults don’t need milk. Milk has growth hormones and drinking growth hormones into a full adult body is going to just encourage uncontrolled cell division aka cancer/tumors.
    You ladies will get breast cancer the more you drink milk.
    Milk drinking is a profiteering corporate culture. It has no nutrition that you can’t get elsewhere.

  4. HB: So sorry bro, not sure how I missed your blog about the new Toyota Vios, I must be in Singapore that time chasing you down to buy me lunch (or was that a strange that looked like you).
    But seriously bro, Vios is crap. Don’t waste you money on that shit. I don’t understand why people like this car. When iw as in Kuching, people kept asking me about it, like what the fuck, be a man and get yourself a Camry.
    If you want to be ta-ker-ta, then get one that is turbo or super charged. Hit the padel and do 180-190km/hr.
    Just drive your current car for a bit longer, doesnt matter if it doesn’t drive straight, you don’t drive straight anyway. Get the condo sorted and a diamond ring for J or J.
    Eiling: Did your mum give HB an ang pow during CNY?

  5. haha saw Amber Chia always can sense the camera. She looks a bit funny in the count down video =D
    And she still can lift up her leg so high! Nice to see you there~!

  6. wish we got dutch milk, the only good milk we get is california’s real organic milk, but that cost like 5 dollars a carton. anyways nice post bro.

  7. rocket: What dog?
    Yes, actually I did! Haha! I used the milk drinking number. πŸ™‚
    steph: Thanks Steph! πŸ™‚
    It’s a good source of energy for me though. I don’t like soy or tofu for some reason. It just doesn’t resonate with me. πŸ™‚
    Yeah Amber is looking good!
    hitomi: I heard she is pregnant. Not sure about the veracity of the rumors though. I don’t follow entertainment news.
    E: Yes, it works Ed! How is your new iPad? πŸ™‚
    nomilk: Well, milk tastes good to me. I love fresh milk – could guzzled (and really did) 5 liters per day when I was studying in Melbourne. πŸ™‚
    rocket: You got the wrong person la. I wasn’t even in Singapore.
    Haha! Yes she did. πŸ™‚
    Tian Chad: Yeah, Amber is really really good at that. Everytime I take a photo of her, she can feel the camera lens and smile. Very nice and friendly person. πŸ™‚
    foodcrazeee: Alas! Yeah, it does good to me coz I eat unhealthily so drinking milk is a great way to get nutrients. πŸ™‚
    WEEN: Thanks! Dutch Lady is a Malaysian brand but you can probably find it in Asian groceries. I’ve seen it in Melbourne, not sure about the US though. πŸ™‚

  8. Jeff: Heh! Yeah, but it’s in two different countries. πŸ˜‰
    Just went to this milk drinking event last weekend!

  9. Chee Ching: Heh! Then you should drink the Dutch Lady regular ones. I still have the limited edition boxes! =D
    Yup, it’s an awesome emoticon. You want it? MSN me.

  10. Good grief! You’re certainly very good advertisement for the milk – makes you fat and strong! The girls are a no-no…so skinny, malnutrition….but good for those before – after photos! LOL!!!

  11. suituapui: Heh! It gives you loads of energy! πŸ™‚
    Well, there is always low fat milk – same amount of nutrients but I personally prefer full cream or fresh milk. πŸ™‚

  12. did you number win 4d? Eh, world cup almost here, can bet some more, ha ha ha. No lah, save money for condo and buy diamond ring for E. You already collect any pow liaw. ha ha

  13. eddy: Yup, totally agree bro. Milk is staple in my life too! πŸ™‚
    rocket: Eh, no money to buy 4D la (rhymes). No go for WC too, seriously can’t bet (except for like RM 500 which is nothing to me compared to the losses coz I aim high and lose high ;)).
    I prefer even odds, even money, not the 0.95 payout BS in Asian Handicap.

  14. hitomi: Oh ya, Amber Chia is pregnant – it seems that it’s public knowledge to everyone but me. I don’t follow celebrity news. :S

  15. university student: Heh! Yeah it is pretty awesome. Two people designed it but it’s a limited edition Dutch Lady packaging though. πŸ™‚

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