The Largest Milk Drinking Event Ever


I went to the launch of World Milk Day 2010 in Pavilion, KL two days ago to witness and participate in the Malaysian Book of Records attempt for the Largest Milk Drinking Event ever.


There were throngs of people there and Dutch Lady was handing out packs of their limited edition UHT milk to the 3,200 (!!!) people in this record breaking feat. The initial target was 2,500 people but they managed to get way more than that.

amber chia me

Oh, and I bumped into Amber Chia! (must put two photos

amber chia

I also spotted the TV3 crew – they were there to document the event and I tried to spot the videographers but I reckon it’s a bit of a challenge to get yourself into the lens with the massive crowd that was there. πŸ˜‰


The day started with a welcoming address by Bas van den Berg and the usual speeches before we were briefed on the record breaking attempt.


There was a countdown by the drummer before the live crossover to TV3 (gotta check if I managed to get in the shot) before the 20 minute attempt was done smack dab in the packed area outside the mall.


Thinner. Remember that Stephen King book written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman?

record breaking

My fellow participants.

Malaysian Book of Records!


Rita Rudner is famous for saying that “In Hollywood, a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk“. Well, I’m not one to argue with that but we managed to achieve, nay, surpass the record! This is the Malaysian Book of Records adjudicator presenting the certificate to Dutch Lady.


The event wasn’t over though – activities galore was held throughout the day.


I particularly liked the one by the cheer leading team. smirk

slimmer with milk

Don’t get me wrong, the reason I enjoyed it was purely out of…er, scientific interest. Milk provides energy and I wanted to see and behold with my own very eyes just how much energy it can provide for a 1 hour cheer leading routine. πŸ˜‰

good complexion

There were free milk giveaways and performances. There was also a flag off of the Dutch Lady World Milk Day Convoy out to distribute milk packs nationwide.

limited edition

1st June (today!) is designated as World Milk Day where the virtues of consuming this dairy product is celebrated around the world as well as the act of consuming milk. Dutch Lady will also be giving out free milk packs at toll plazas at all major highways today. This is not just limited to Peninsula Malaysia but Kuching too, so go grab one!

drinking milk

Dutch Lady is also running a contest called Spread the Goodness of Milk where you get a chance to win prizes worth RM 1,000,000 from just guessing the number of milk packets by type and answering two easy questions. You can even win a HOUSE! Get more details here!

The land of milk and honey

dutch lady full cream

You know, milk has been around for ages, so much so that even the Good Book uses it as an analogy. I used to drink a 5 liter keg of fresh milk when I was in university in Melbourne. Every. Single. Day. I can’t help it, the milk over there tastes so fresh and creamy! I think of this as a graduation of sorts from when I was a kid. I loved milk even as a kid. I remember my dad buying a 1 litre pack of UHT milk every single day, which he never complained about since it’s considered Healthy (TM).

Yes, I have a weakness for all things creamy. I’m not the type of person who goes for low fat milk (tastes diluted to me) or skim milk (which is not even “milk” – if you remove all the fat, how can you call it milk?). It’s either fresh or full cream for me.

dutch lady fresh milk

Half full or half empty?

Anyway, I had lunch with Jenny last week and she swears by Vitamin B – claims it improves her work. I Googled and found out that the riboflavin in milk not only increases metabolism (w00t!) but enhances the good ol gray matter (medical professionals call it nervous system function). I did not know that (or more likely chose to forget it, selective memory FTW).

That’s awesome news coz I don’t exactly live a healthy lifestyle, skipping breakfast and eschewing vitamin supplements.

cereal milk

Contrary to popular belief, milk is actually a great source of energy. There is a reason why cereal (which requires milk, unless you’re a frat boy at heart who eats it from the box) is a popular breakfast option. In fact, it is my Constipation Cure (TM). In my quest for better living through chemistry I have taken to:

Drinking milk with Manuka honey

I love this combination. The milk contains lactose, which provides a boost in your energy levels and the honey provides a reasonably sustainable sugar high. It tastes great too! You must try this, as previously mentioned, there is a reason that the Scripture has this analogy. I was at one point drinking several mugs of these per day due to my sister (who is in NZ) predictable gifts of Manuka honey every time she comes back.

dutch lady coffee

Drinking milk from the bottle

Oh, how everyone hates this habit of mine. Haha! I believe in minimizing the washing up so I drink the stuff straight from the carton/bottle. The ice cold milk in the morning is thirst quenching and it also allows me to not have breakfast.

Either way, it’s perfect for those of us with an aversion to vegetables and goes against the “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” school of thought. It’s easier to drink something you like than eat something you hate.


World Milk Day is coming up on the 1st of June and in conjunction with this, Dutch Lady is going to attempt a record breaking event to encourage the consumption of milk dubbed “Largest Milk Drinking Event“.

I’m going to be part of this entry into the Malaysia Book of Records. It’s not something that happens everyday, so come one, come all to achieve this feat and maybe get your photo in the papers! It’s all happening at:

Venue: Pavilion KL
Date: 30th May 2010
Time: 10:00 am

Dutch Lady will also be giving away free milk on that day, featuring two limited edition designs on their Chocolate and Low Fat packs. There will be an estimated 2,500 people at the event and with Dutch Lady Malaysia spearheading this effort, I have no doubt that the numbers will be met.

Guess who will be gracing this event?

1. Amber Chia
2. Shakila
3. Alif Satar
4. Dayana
5. Sharizan Borhan
6. Reshmonu
7. Najwa
8. Khoo Cai Lin

You know you want to go!

There will be a cheerleading team performing there too! smirk

Do you want to be part of history? Be there or be square!

milk and honey

Got milk?

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