Pub food in London, England

england draft beer

The closest thing to English cuisine is probably the food you get in pubs. Pub grub comprises of dishes ranging from bangers and mash to more elaborate Sunday roasts.

pub grub

I once asked a resident what the best food locals eat in London is and he quickly answered, in all seriousness, I might add – Chinese and Indian food. He went on to explain the cultural melting pot made curries and such a staple of modern gastronomy.

english pub

Pub food is probably the last bastion against the influence of globalization (not that I’m against it, it’s just that I want to eat proper English food, whatever that may mean, while I’m there). It’s best served with a pint (or three) of one of their local draft beers, which is nowhere near as carbonated as other beers – it’s pulled manually and comes up with a proper head.

england pub

One interesting thing I noticed about the pubs is that you can ask for an extra pull if you feel that the foam is too much. More beer. w00t.

I hereby present a selection of the pub grub that I’ve had during my vacation there:

Scampi and chips

scampi and chips

This is a variant of the popular fish and chips – substituting scampi instead of fish. It’s served with slab cut potatoes and green peas. I also had a pickled egg on the side. It’s an acquired taste, pickled eggs. I love pickled eggs with my fish and chips when I was in Melbourne.

Traditional full English breakfast

english full breakfast

It has the works – bacon, portobello mushroom, grilled tomato and toast.

Chicken pie

chicken pie

This chicken pie is rather unorthodox as the filling isn’t INSIDE the pie. Instead, the chicken filling is served on the side and the pie crust is empty. The boiled potatoes fulfills the carb intake and is best eaten with butter. Delicious!

Sunday Roast

sunday roast

This can differ according to which pub you go to but it’s basically a choice of meat with gravy and some sides to fill you up.

Scrumpy Pork Hock

pork hock

Now this is one juicy and remarkable piece of work. A huge chunk of pork is served with mash and green beans. The pork is tender – it’s the cut near the leg, also known as pork knuckle. It has a lot of tendons in addition to the meat and fat, which makes it all the more palatable. The gravy is made of apple and cider sauce. Mmm…

Bangers and mash with black pudding

bangers and mash

Bangers and mash is traditional pub grub – it’s sausages with mashed potatoes and gravy. I also ordered some blood pudding to go with it.

black pudding

Blood pudding or black pudding is a type of sausage made with pigs blood and it’s as tasty as it comes. Definitely a must try in England. :)

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107 thoughts on “Pub food in London, England”

  1. Woowee! Blood pudding! Yummiest! These foodies are norm in my home. I prefer Asam Laksa, Wonton noodles, Curry noodles, and pork legs braised with soy sauce! :) Psst, and chicken feet too!

    I have this sickening joke with my family when I have problems ‘releasing’, and when I finally released, I said, ” Oh, the tub is filled with blood/black pudding”.!! They swear off for a month from eating these stuffs. LOL!!

    • HAHAHAHA!’

      I love blood pudding too. It’s really good. I hear the Peking duck at Four Seasons in King’s Cross is good too – saw another outlet in Chinatown but I didn’t eat it. :S

    • Nice! I have read about several gastropubs around but didn’t manage to visit any coz I had very little time.

      The Fat Badger looks very promising. I wanted to visit another eating establishment recommended by a traveller’s guide – basically it’s pitch dark and you sit down and eat whatever they serve you. No menu, no choices, you just eat what the chef serves…in the dark. No candles too.

      Very interesting concept! :)

  2. HB, we do have a lot of Irish and English pubs in San Francisco and they do serve some nice British food. Cumberland sausages are hard to find still but blood pudding which I do enjoy no problem. Kidney pie not really yet but with recipe I could try make it.

    • Yup! Blood pudding is really good! :)

      I had this unlikely combination while I was a teenager in NZ – it was a pork and apple pie. I didn’t think it would taste good but damn, I haven’t had a better pie ever since I had that.

  3. So hungry now!

    I had this argument the other day with my dad when I was telling him that English food can be quite tasty.

    And I rather like wasting spending my day in pubs.

    • Yeah, some of it can be quite good. Bangers and mash – a simple dish but filling and hearty in the cold weather over there. I rather like sitting with several pints during my time there too. :)

  4. Yah honestly UK doesn’t have an eating out culture, the only true way you can get to eat proper English food is in someones house.

    Pub food is about the closest you can get, and the best time to eat is on Sundays if you can find a good carvery.

    Other favs of mine:

    – Steak & Ale pie
    – Gammon Steak (served with fried egg or pineapple ring)
    – Toad in the Hole (sausages & yorkshire pudding)
    – Vindaloo

    And yah well Englands number 1 dish is Chicken Tikka Masala…the Indian food is good.

    BTW IMHO pickled eggs are best eaten with a pint of your choice and walkers salt and vinegar crisps!

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