Off to Europe again!

london again

Hello everyone! I’m spending my New Year’s Eve on a plane to London. =D

I’ll be flying tonight to London, staying a day before heading (most likely) to Amsterdam. My itinerary is pretty fluid at the moment, nothing set in stone yet, since I’m going to be spending a month here.

However, I will be visiting Georgia (dubbed “the crazy post Soviet country” by SulphurSouls) for at least 7 days! I can’t wait to go there, it’s not a place most people visit and Tbilisi sounds like a great place to explore. πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “Off to Europe again!”

  1. happy new year, HB. truly. half a world away, God bess you. I have traveled. lots. luckiest guy in the world, Ive been called. what people dont see, is how close ( i mean on a razor edge) my life has been. financially and otherwise. and how well I get along with most folk, and animals. and why I can speak or at least read four languages. ( ok, spanish, english, french, german) and I can understand latin ( a ” dead language) but it sure didint start out that way. and some times I might say the wrong thing, at the wrong time. a fau pass. see. but … luckiest guy in the world… not quite… but I an lucky to have read your blog several years ago. and yes, I still a methodist… pretty boring I guess, but like you, I bet, If I told you the truth, yould never belive it. do not weary in well doing… and I’m not making this up… I can hear it now… but any ways, thanks and may God bless you and yours. tom

    • Happy New Year Tom!

      I totally get you, I’m on the brink of financial ruin as well. Hey, that’s great, I think we’ve both lived life to the fullest and that’s something to say!

      God bless you, my friend and have a happy new year, and many more to come!


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