british mulled wine

I’ve never tried British mulled wine before and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. It seems rather hard to find, despite it being winter when I was there but I finally managed to track it down.

mulled wine

Mulled wine is red wine with spices like cinnamon added and served warm. It comes out of a pot – the glass of wine is filled by ladling the hot mulled wine into it.

mullet wine

The taste is quite extraordinary – the warm drink makes it perfect for sipping and the sugar and cinnamon tones makes it very palatable indeed…even for non-drinkers. It’s awesomeness in a glass during the cold days of winter! :)

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10 Responses to “Mulled wine”

  1. Mmm.. I must give a taste for mulled wine. You are right about cold winter :)

    • Yeah it goes down REALLY well in winter. :)

      It’s sweet with cinnamon overtones too, hardly tastes like red wine – more like a sweet port without the strong alcohol content.

  2. first time i’ve heard about this, wonder if there’s any chance someone will bring it here?

  3. Best place to find it is at street bazaars, you should drink it outside with steam coming off the glass – that’s the real experience :D

    Most people make it at home though, it’s actually very easy to make. Just need a dry red wine like Burgundy and a bunch of spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, all-spice, cloves) then add some sugar and heat it up.

    • Cheers for the info bro! :)

      Went to Covent Garden (does that count as a bazaar?) but didn’t see any there. Lots of other interesting and wonderful stuff though.

      Yeah, the mulled wine was steaming even in the heated indoor environment but I bet it would steam more outdoors in winter. =D

      You know, I’ve always been under the impression that alcohol boils off when you heat it up – guess it’s all about getting the boiling point right so it doesn’t. It’s worth a try! :)

  4. looks so yummy! can you still taste the alco?

    • It tastes really good Aud! I loved the spices and sugar in it, it doesn’t taste like wine at all. Nope, you can’t taste the alcohol at all – it’s not even like shandy (where you can taste a faint bit of ethanol) but to my tastebuds there is no alcohol aftertaste in mulled wine. :)

  5. Mulled wine. Sounds good. =D And it’s definitely good for winter!

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