Broodje haring, Hollandse Nieuwe and herring in Amsterdam

Frens Haringhandel

Amsterdam is famous for a raw herring dish served with onions and pickles called Hollandse Nieuwe. The best ones are usually found in stalls scattered around the canals. The traditional way of eating herring (as related to me by a Dutch citizen who saw me eating it and asked me what I thought of it) is by taking the tail of the raw herring, slathering it with onions and eating it whole.

Hollandse Nieuwe

However, the way herring is served in Amsterdam is sans tail. The herring’s tail has been amputated somewhere during its voyage from the North Sea. Instead, it’s sliced into manageable pieces and sprinkled with raw onions and some pickles. You’re supposed to eat it with a toothpick – mine comes with a nice Dutch flag on it – this is the famous stall in Koningsplein where you can get herring and broodje haring.

herring amsterdam

The herring (spelled haring in Dutch) is fresh and this place has a very healthy turnover of customers craving for some raw sea produce. It costs Euro 2.70 (about RM 12) for a whole herring and you can add Euro 0.50 for a broodje haring.

Koningsplein herring

Broodje haring is basically an entire herring sandwiched between a bun. There are two types of buns in Frens Haringhandel – the traditional one is the soft bun. I would recommend eating just the herring but if you need a bit of carbohydrates to fill yourself up, the boodje hearing is a great option.

Broodje haring

Fresh raw herring in Amsterdam is divine – it’s surprisingly creamy, a word I wouldn’t expect to describe fish. The haring has been deboned and practically melts in your mouth. It’s also slightly salty and totally unlike sashimi – definitely a must try if you happen to go to Amsterdam.

me herring amsterdam

Just look for the Frens Haringhandel stall near the flower market in Amsterdam!

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21 thoughts on “Broodje haring, Hollandse Nieuwe and herring in Amsterdam”

  1. HB, does it taste like sashima or like sardine? I seen something like that in deli in San Francisco but it under Jewish food. I will give it a try still find it interesting. Amsterdam is known for great cheese also did you try some along with their fine pastries?

    • Nope, it’s totally unlike sashimi at all! It doesn’t taste like sardines either, I don’t like sardines. 🙂

      Yup, had some great cheese in Amsterdam and great wine in Georgia (cradle of wine making!).

    • I spent a lot of money on this 20 odd days trip. :S

      I’ll need to save up again before I can go. I hope to see the midnight sun and hit Iceland for all the unusual cuisine. 🙂

  2. I do not know if anyone told you about came out in the local daily here in KK that Jothy’s Restaurant are suing you and Google for defamatory reviews of their restaurant.

  3. still blogging bout food? i think u shud change interests. serves u right getting sued for RM6 mil.. oh ya and that COMEEZ aka PW shud be sued over SEDITION too.

    • Yup! It’s the most famous one in Amsterdam! It’s just beside the flower market and everyone goes there coz they have a quick turnover in customers so the herring is always fresh! 🙂

      • Now this is fun, ii went looking for your post after you mentioned it on Thursday, I didn’t click at first which stall you meant, but now i know its quite funny, as I cant believe you and Eiling both have gone to the same stall i used to go to to when i would visit our capitol…..


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