An interesting wedding at Tangkak, Johor


I just made a 1 Β½ hour drive down from KL to Tangkak in Johor to attend a wedding with Jeanie and two of her friends. It’s a very small town and we spent most of the day in Muar before heading over here.

wedding tent

The groom’s house has been decked out with an outdoor canopy catering to numerous guests during the night before the wedding. There’s food and beer under the tent, it’s a midnight vigil of sorts. πŸ˜€

groom house

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this in a Chinese wedding. I’ve seen this sort of setup in Malay weddings but never in Chinese ones. I’m told it’s quite common in the smaller towns in rural areas. Imagine the logistics of having to block off an entire residential street with the permission of all the neighbours!


Anyway, the soon-to-be-wed couple were kind enough to provide accomodations for us. We’re bunking in a room inside a guest house just opposite the groom’s place for the night.


The pre-wedding rituals (Jeanie is the β€œsister” – ji mui) is going to start early tomorrow morning and we’re heading home to KL straight after the lunch wedding reception so it’s time to grab some shut eye coz I nearly fell sleep driving today. 😑

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7 thoughts on “An interesting wedding at Tangkak, Johor”

  1. Dude you seriously never seen this setup before? It’s common in the city too, drive around any residential area in PJ or KL and you’re bound to see at least one of these canopies blocking the street.

    • I’ve seen Malay weddings with canopies but never Chinese ones.

      Yeah, you’re right, asked some KL people with us and apparently it’s quite common with Chinese weddings too.

      It just doesn’t happen in Sarawak. πŸ™‚

  2. True that! See them from time to time in my taman in Seri Kembangan. Although, I have wondered if I was seeing the actual banquet or just an after-registration party. You know lah…a large banquet seems to be a “must have” for Chinese weddings.

    • I was curious too so I asked. It’s always a pre-wedding bash, it’s before the traditional wedding ceremony and before the banquet, so it’s kinda like a vigil.

      They also got a council permit to block off the street! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I’ve never seen it happen in Sibu or other Sarawakian places before. Our wedding customs are a bit different from over here.

      It seems it’s common throughout – some people from Penang I met said it’s done like that too. πŸ™‚


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