An awesome start to 2011


Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’ve just gotten into a relationship over Chinese New Year. It was a bit of a surprise to even my friends coz I was busy most of the time while I was back in my hometown. I’ve not been in a serious relationship for a long time so I’m glad all my friends are really supportive and happy for me.


I think being in a relationship is awesome!


Sure, it’s not smooth sailing, but nothing ever is.


Awesome. It’s one of the words I tend to overuse but in the right situations there is nothing else that can substitute this adjective.

I’ve been up to quite a lot of things that would fall into the “awesome” category this year. It has been a very fruitful 2011. I spent NYE on a plane to London for almost a month long vacation in Europe.


I managed to catch Wicked the Musical (wicked is synonymous with awesome btw ;)) in West End.


I spent several days in Amsterdam – it’s my second time there within 4 months and I still love the place to bits. The tolerant and easy going nature of the Dutch makes this one of my favorite cities. I love chilling out at one of the many coffeeshops there too.


Meeting new friends while backpacking throughout Europe was an awesome experience for me too. You get to see things from different cultures and some of the people you meet makes such an impact that you keep in touch even after you’re back.


I also went down the road less travelled and took a flight to Georgia. Now that was one of the highlights of my trip. It’s a post-Soviet country and there’s a bit of saperatist rumblings in South Ossetia but in general, Georgians are a very friendly lot.


In fact, I’ll say they’re hospitable to fault. I met people who bought me lunch and drinks and were curious about where I came from. Apparently, not many Malaysians visit Georgia. I think their hospitality in the face of poverty is downright awesome.


Moving forward chronologically, I spent about 2 weeks in Sibu for Chinese New Year. It’s the place I was born in and even though I never spent much time there since I went to New Zealand for my high school at the age of 15, I still consider it my home.


The best part about Chinese New Year for me is the reunion dinner. I look forward to it every year and I’m thankful that my grandma is still around. She is the poverbial thread that binds us all. She’s getting along in the years and it always makes me happy to see her and give her a huge hug.

You know, hugging is not something that the older generation of conservative Chinese embrace (pun not intended) but my grandma has taken to it with a passion that surprised even me.


Ever since I started giving her hello and goodbye hugs, she’s been wonderfully touched and even took to giving me affectionate carresses and pecks on the cheek. I wouldn’t have imagined she would ever do that, but it’s surprising how much she likes it and more than a little heartwarming that it has become part of our family tradition. :)


My sister came back with her husband and my niece in tow this Chinese New Year, which was part of the reason I spent so much time back in Sibu. The last time I saw my niece was in the middle of last year when my mom had her lung cancer operation and she was a wee little thing back then.

She’s all grown up now – she’s a year old and for some reason she’s all smiles and laughter when she sees me, which makes me deliriously happy. Heh!

My niece doesn’t like strangers to hold and touch her but she’s taken to me and it’s an feeling I can’t explain when she gives off her baby coos and holds out her arms to be picked up. I love hugging her – she’s small, soft and she smells like milk. :)


She’s awesome!

Do you know what else is awesome? A trip to Italy for 8D/7N, exploring over 11 cities plus a 3 hour ride in a Ferrari in Tuscany! All you need to do is to grab a Sunkist pack with the word “Awesome” and take a photo with it. You can upload it on the site or MMS it to 016 339 9950 and type . Start sharing your photo and get people to vote for you and you might be on your way to Italy!

There’s also a RM 500 prize for weekly winners and you can snag RM 100 just by being the highest weekly voter so there’s another good reason to join the contest. Sunkist is awesome!


I think I’m awesome too! Everyone should feel this way. I read this article about control – if you let what other people think about you affect your mood, you’re basically giving up control of your emotions to others. Think positive and be awesome! :D

Surf over to Sunkist Daily Dose of Awesome for more details on how to participate. There are other amazing prizes up for grabs so hurry up and join the contest before it’s too late. I love Sunkist coz I’m always a bit lazy when it comes to eating right so it provides me with all the vitamins I need to be…



…and please be awesome too and vote for my photo here. smirk

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40 thoughts on “An awesome start to 2011

  1. Hey, that’s my morning drink of OJ! :-)

    I prefer the smaller Sunkist Dash bottles though. That and a packet of nasi lemak my usual breakfast.

    It’s nice to see that you’re in a relationship now, HB. You have my full support.

    • Yeah, I drink it too! :)

      I prefer the larger Tetrapak ones though coz I drink a lot of liquids and the small ones aren’t enough to slack my thirst. ;)

      Cheers bro! Appreciate the support!

  2. damn you reeled me in and then bam… there was that promotional post, yet again. nothing is sacred when one is social marketing eh?

    • Hmm…I don’t see why it’s a problem. I’m writing about my life and experiences and also about the contest, which is a trip to Italy. It’s fun and right up my alley.

      Don’t see anything wrong with that. :)

  3. nice…

    hope you win so you can add italy to the places you’ve visited so far.

    i will vote for you! i go and buy a pack later. :-)

    • Thanks Jess! Yeah, been having a good year this year, despite people saying it’s not a good year for Roosters. :)

      Cheers for the well wishes!

    • Hello Deb!

      I got it at Giant. Yeah, I went to a couple that didn’t have the “Awesome” contest packs too, but most of them should have it already. :)

    • I think I’ve gradually changed over the years. Marriage sounds pretty appealing to me now bro. :)

      Oh, I already have a name for a daughther. I thought of it 5 years ago.

      If it’s a she, then she’s going to be named Natalie. :)

      • Poh-Ling..get it ? May be Natalie Pauline Poh… but then her friend may nickname her Natalie Bowling Ball.. .拿大粒的保龄球..

        • Haha! Nice one bro. ;)

          Yeah, that would be pretty unfortunate. I don’t know if there’s going to be a middle name since I’m not even Roman Catholic.

    • Thanks! :)

      Yup, this has been a surprisingly good year for me.

      Hope that you’ll be doing great in 2011 too!

      Take care! *hugs

  4. HB, loved that photo your love interested and you. Does she play pool also? I been playing pool since teenager with my homegirls I do say very good team we are. We make guys Eat Dirt! So that a lot of free lunch meals we got from it.

    • Thanks Erica!

      Yup, she plays a bit, probably not as good as me, and I’m nowhere even near good. :)

      I started playing as a teenager as well but more towards snooker and 9 ball versus pool.

  5. i love sunkist oj too…i more prefer sunkist no sugar added as it gv me a good diarrea after drank it as it clean my dirty belly…lol

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