The aftermath

I’ve always washed my hair like this:


I believe kung fu experts call this the Tiger Claw stance. smirk

It doesn’t do much in the way of getting your scalp clean. It’s just that I’ve tutored under a false master (namely, me) and no one ever bothered to tell me that it’s the wrong way to shampoo your hair. You’re basically using your fingernails to quickly rake through your hair, making as much foam as possible before moving on.


I am now using the correct method – employing only the very tips of my fingers (kinda like playing a guitar) to methodically cover the entire scalp.

I think the switch from using soap to proper shampoo on my hair did a world of good too. ;)

It’s strange how quickly one can break a bad habit and adopt new methods.

It is done.

svenson review

I have gone through all 10 sessions, showing up every Tuesday and Thursday at Svenson for hair loss prevention treatments.

I have used their shampoo and conditioner twice a day with correct washing techniques.

It’s now time to evaluate how the Svenson treatments go.


You might remember this photo from the first time I went to Svenson to get my scalp checked.


This is what I look like now. I’m told it’s the real color of my scalp – pink. I’ve finally gotten through the gunk from years of abuse and the pores have started to open up again.

final steaming

The best part is that I can wear black clothing without having to consciously brush away annoying dandruff from my shoulders (and completely missing my back) every hour or so. Heh! My dandruff is gone and my oily scalp is under control. It only takes one brushing hand through my hair to realize that – it no longer comes off greasy and smelling of a weird odor but clean, as it should be.

final massage

I’ll be completely honest, I sometimes forget to shampoo and I STILL have a clean scalp when the magnifier is used. I’m sometimes half tempted to apologize first before going under the magnifier but I decided to let it go and see what it shows. It’s quite amazing, the Svenson treatments is pretty forgiving of lapses like this – the disciplined treatment schedule ensures that my scalp remains clean. :D

treatments done

It really works. Despite my initial skepticism over such treatments, I kept going for the treatment sessions and I come to proclaim that Svenson delivers on its promises. Naturally, the dead zones (where my pores have closed completely) is still hairless, but the bits they could save is regenerating healthy hair – not the thin, sickly hair of before but strong, thick strands of hair follicle.


I would seriously recommend it to people who are balding or exhibiting the signs of balding – itchy scalp, oily scalp, dandruff and the sort. I’m a happy customer and Svenson has outlets throughout Malaysia so you might want to seek help or at least an initial assessment if you’re having the same problems.


I also noticed a banner at their MidValley outlet one day and asked about it. It is of interest to me since I have genetic male pattern baldness too – both my grandparents (maternal and paternal), uncles and father started balding early. Svenson launched their new DNA Genetic Hair Loss Test recently and you can still get the introductory price of RM 120 if you’re curious as to whether you have a predisposition towards baldness.


You know the old adage. Prevention is better than cure. This is very true when it comes to hair coz as I said, the part where the hair follicles have completely closed up cannot be salvaged. Svenson can do wonders even if you have genetic factors towards baldness so perhaps you’ll want to drop by one of their outlets to take it.

…and there’s always the chance to win a hair treatment package if you’re too attached to your wallet to part with any of the notes. ;) You can get a FREE hair assessment just by participating so there’s a good reason to participate in the Save My Hair contest.


Trust me, you won’t regret it. I’m would like to thank Chiou Mei and all of the Svenson MidValley team (Mary, Mun, Connie, Michelle, May and the rest – sorry if I left anyone out) for the great service and for putting up with me. It’s a really nice place where you can read the latest magazines while chilling out and getting your hair treatments and you never feel pressured to leave after that.


They’ll even help you style your hair if you want too – a very convenient offer that I took advantage of when I schedule my appointments before an event. Truly, service with a smile (and more). :)


You can read my initial contact here and join the Save My Hair contest where every participant will win at least one hair assessment here.

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23 thoughts on “The aftermath

    • Heh! That is how I washed my hair but I’ve changed methods now. ;)

      It just seems easier to lather with the fingernails.

    • Haha! Yeah, I didn’t know that too. It’s just so easy to wash your hair like that right? I’ve been doing it for 29 years! :D

      Now I’m doing it the proper way.

      It’s all about coverage…if you close your fingers, you can cover your scalp more consistantly. :)

    • Heh! Well, it’s not too late bro. You still have hair. :)

      You can salvage a lot from what isn’t totally gone. Drop by Svenson if you get the chance, they’re giving away free consultations on their Facebook.

  1. Hi

    Do you receive payments from any of the companies that you talk about at ( except for your employer ) ? Such issues have raised concerns in the part of Scandinavia where I live, and governmental authorities are looking into it, maybe to get more taxes. Especially “rosa-blog’ers” (young teenage girls, or women in their early twenties) earn a lot from writing about clothing, fashion etc on their blogs.
    You mention this Svenson hair treatment. I’m about to get bald myself, and don’t care too much. The hair will fall off, and the Svensson treatment wont help either, except for runnding their business. ;-)
    Have a good hair-day,


    • Hello! Nope, very few of them are, it’s all tagged and categorized if it’s a sponsored post.

      I heard about all the young fashion bloggers – there is one in NYC who is 9 years old or something. Amazing. :)

      Well, it actually does work pretty well. The Svenson treatment cleans the clogged pores so new hair can grow out. :D

      You have a great day too!

  2. Do you get paid rom for example Svenson’s (or other comercial businesses on your blog) to advertise their products?



    • Hello Negerkung! What does rom stand for?

      Well, about payment, no, the vast majority of my content are experiences that comes out of my pocket. It’s always labeled and tagged as such if it’s a sponsored post.

      Most of what I write is what I write for fun. :D

      However, this is a sponsored post and in this case, Svenson was kind enough to give me the treatments for free. :)

    • Svenson was kind enough to do the treatments gratis for me.

      The cost for treatment is different depending on your needs. Svenson will evaluate your condition and do treatments based on that. You can get a free checkup if you join their Facebook contest. :)

  3. Your current writing is excellent and gives food for thought. I hope that I’ll get more time to read your content. Regards. I hope that you publish new texts and welcome for you to greet me

    • Hello Adrian! It differs from person to person. You’ll have to go for a consultation in one of the Svenson centers to find out what the problems with your hair loss is and then they will prescribe a treatment regiment for you. :)

      Yes, it worked for me! :)

      The hair is starting to grow out again, but as I mentioned, they don’t do miracles…for those areas that are already dead (e.g. the hair follicles are totally closed), it won’t grow back. They’re very upfront about it.

      Go check out their Facebook page, you can get a free treatment session there, or even a complimentary check up just by participating. :)

    • Hello Eiling! :D

      Yup, indeed it is, it helps that all the pores are unclogged now and hair is starting to grow back. :)

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