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I just came back from the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 and I am suitably impressed. Volkswagen sure knows how to come up with amazing events. I got to experience driving on the actual Sepang International Circuit last week and this time they have an incredible launch gimmick that you have to see for yourself. It’s epic!

vw girl

Anyway, I went there quite early and strolled around the reception area at Stadium Bukit Jalil before the dome experience started.

driving sim

They have driving simulators scattered around so you’ll have no shortage of entertainment.


You would not want for food or drink either as there are people going around with trays of intriguing hors d’oeuvres.


I had more than a couple since I haven’t had breakfast. Heh.


There are also Volkswagen Ambassadors walking around with iPads to take your photo – this will be uploaded to dasautoshow.com.my so you can download, tag or share the pictures.


The dome experience is hands down the HIGHLIGHT (no pun intended) of the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011. You are ushered into a complete spherical dome to see the new offerings of VW and what the future has to offer.


It’s a 30 minute experience that blew me away.

electric scooter

Petra Schreiber, the Marketing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia came on stage riding a futuristic electric scooter. This. Is. The. Future.


The show then started with the latest yet-to-be-released Volkswagen cars been driven right INTO the dome and around it. It rates way up there as one of the coolest launch gimmicks I’ve ever seen. Check out the video – it’s mind-blowing! :)

The dome is a complete 360 projection screen so it’s pretty amazing to be bombarded (in a good way) by interactive images everywhere you look. It’s like 3D, wait, 4D, or maybe 5D coz you can smell the exhaust of the cars. It’s the future, yo. ;)


The dome is structurally made with a loop around it so a convoy of cars can drive around it. There are ramps leading up and down too so the cars can get on the stage for a closer look before being driven away again…


…and just when you thought things have ended, a bunch of kids came on stage singing Reach by Gloria Estefan.

…and when you thought that was it, someone stood up on the third row and joined in – it’s Ella! She’s a Malaysian artist, I didn’t see her at the show until she joined in the song. I managed to capture that on video. Sweet.

elaine daly

I also got a photo with Elaine Daly – she was the MC during the event.

vw beetle

This is perhaps the most photographed car during the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011The 21st Century Beetle.

beetle interior

It’s a classic and it comes in red. It’ll come to Malaysian shores soon, and I bet the demand would be huge for this.


We literally had to be chased out of the dome coz we were taking so many photos with the VW Beetle. :)


The dome experience does not end there – the entire portfolio of existing Volkswagen cars is on display outside.

golf gti

Golf GTI


I love the Eos convertible. Imagine driving this baby around town.


However, one of the more interesting things revealed in the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 is that there will be 3 models that will be manufactured in Malaysia! This includes the Passat – and I think localization is a great idea, it’ll drive costs down and make the cars more affordable to the general public.


I went in the morning so the domes are not lit – I heard that the lighting makes the dome much more surreal at night so drop by this weekend if you can. The Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 is at Stadium Bukit Jalil and will be going on from 10-11th September. Head on over for a peek at Volkswagen’s new offerings!

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33 Responses to “Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011”

  1. Super cool. I want to go! Can everyone go in or only for invited guests? May I know?

    • Hey there Xavier!

      The Volkswagen Das Auto Show is open to the public! Anyone and everyone is welcome to go! :)

      You’ll have heaps of fun. Check out the dome, it’s marvelous. Enjoy bro!

  2. Wow saw ur tweets on this hb..i own a polo..will i get anything special when i go? Hehe..i will b there sun with my frens. ^_^

    • Nice car Sylvia! :)

      Hmm…well, if you’re a Volkswagen owner you’ll get priority VIP Parking, just find Car Park B, you won’t miss it.

      You can always ask at the counter, but either way it’ll be a blast! :D

      I love the dome experience.

      Have fun on Sunday!

  3. Ella! I used to be her biggest fan. Didn’t know she’s still around. Lucky you. Thanks for the vid and memories. :-)

    • Glad you liked it! :)

      I didn’t recognize her at first either. It was great though, having Ella pop up like that from the seated crowd. Heh.

  4. My daughter loves the tiny beetle – prefers it green some more. Would probably get one once she gets her license. From the look of it, I don’t reckon I will be able to get in though. LOL!

    • Yeah, a lot of people love the Beetle. It’s very iconic!

      Nice, the VW Beetle would be fun to own. I’m sure your daughter would love driving it.

      Green, eh? Heh! I’m pretty sure you can get in, it’s not that small at all. :)

  5. I love the VW but wonder if I could fit inside? lol

    • Heh! You’ll do fine bro, it just looks very compact but it’s quite spacious inside the car.

      It’s just like a regular car. :D

  6. I love volksvagen but that car does not fit well in my dad’s autocabulary.

    • Hello Michelle!

      How come? The bit about your dad’s autocabulary, I mean. :)

      Me too, I rather like the Eos convertible. It’s an awesome car! :D

  7. You got a new haircut or what?

    • Hey there Julian.

      Nope, this is my usual hair. I just styled it differently for once.

      …instead of spiking it up with gel, I brushed it sideways, which probably explains why it looks different. :)

  8. I want that scooter, looks damn neat

    • Yeah, the electric scooter is really cool. It runs silent and it’s environmentally friendly to boot.

      I think the VW e-Scooter is meant to be rented though, very interesting concept. I read it in the Shanghai Motor Show coverage. :)

  9. We be going tonite bro. I hope Ella will be there. LOL. My friend wants to see the new Beetle so she can decide to wait for it or buy a MINI.

    • Hey there Zul!

      Hope you enjoyed the VW Das Auto Show! It’s a good thing you went at night, have heard that it’s PACKED in the mornings so going at night would be the best thing to do.

      The Beetle is iconic! What did your friend think? :)

  10. eh hb y nvr ajak me??lol just passed the stadium today, im just staying no more than a 10 minute walk away from the stadium lol

    • Hello Brian!

      Sorry, I didn’t know you lived that near Stadium Bukit Jalil!

      Did you go to the VW show? Anyway, if you’re going, try going at night or you’ll be battling crowds of people. :)

      • gah tonight’s the last night, and i heard that i was so crowded ystd night that my friends abandoned the idea.

        • Yeah, it’s very popular. I heard the attendance was off the charts – people came out in droves to go to the VW Das Auto Show.

          Sorry you didn’t manage to go mate, it would have been fun. :)

  11. My first car is a 1977 Volkswagen Golf CI. Can you believe that that engine is fuel injection while a 1995 Proton Wira still using carburetor?

    • Hey that’s a great first car bro! :)

      Yup, that’s what Volkswagen is all about – innovation. Das Auto translates to The Car, and it embodies the forward thinking mindset of VW. :D

  12. it does look like a great VW auto show. Thanks for the sneak peak. Now I don’t need to go cos cannot afford the cars! hahah

    • Hello Eiling!

      Yup, it’s an awesome showcase! I loved the experience. :)

      Haha! Nonsense! You can easily afford a Volkswagen with your job. :p

  13. singapore recently had a volkswagen show as well.

    • Nice! How was the Singapore one like?

      The Malaysian VW Das Auto Show had custom built domes and the best part was the sneak preview of the new VW car models. :)

  14. “30 minutes experience that blew me away” – I DON’T THINK SO!!!! I was there on Saturday morning. It was 10 minutes show full with dissapointment that made me want to sleep. After hours of waiting, I think my family and I are short changed. Thumb down to the event organiser!!!!!!

    • Hmm…I think it’s coz I went to the sneak preview meant for media, so it lasts longer with the speeches and performances by artists like Ella. :)

      I think the problem is due to overwhelming response – there were just too many people there. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

  15. I want to interest in by a Volkswagen car, So please contact me on my mail through.

    Vijay G Tulsian

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