Contest: Coca-Cola limited edition Heritage bottle set giveaway

Psst…wanna score some coke?

sell coke

Not that kind, my friends…this ain’t 1903.

I know people who collect Coke cans from all over the world.

Thus, I lug a can from wherever I’m going – London, Georgia, China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia etc back for my friend.

Well, if you’re into collecting vintage Coke bottles, I’ve got something for you. Coca-Cola is running a video on the world’s largest full color LED screen – which is right here in Malaysia at PWTC.

I’ve got two very limited edition Coke Heritage bottle sets to give away. All you have to do is to comment on your fondest Coke memories and the two most creative ones win.

coke heritage

These Coke limited edition Heritage bottle set looks really good. I’m half tempted to filch one but no worries, I won’t. Heh. Just comment and I’ll give out two of them. πŸ™‚

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57 thoughts on “Contest: Coca-Cola limited edition Heritage bottle set giveaway”

  1. I have such a special place in my heart for Coca-Cola because they were my first food science job out of college.

    My very fondest memory was the time I set foot into the Coke Museum in Atlanta while on a business trip. I wore my employee badge and I felt *such pride* for working for the company. Wandering through the museum, I had a grin on my face, knowing that I represented this company that brought a little joy to so many people. I still keep my souvenir bottle on my desk to this day.

    A little different than your usual memory of Coke, but that’s my favorite.

  2. My best moments with coke is when I once stole my dads iced coke and drank it when I was 7years. Shortly there after I became the happiest child….I then found out the next day that my dad was drinking whiskey coke!!! But hei!!! That is my fondest moment!!

    • HAHAHA

      I like your story. It happened to me to. By accident.

      Someone served me cognac + coke at a wedding dinner. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, I was 7 years old! πŸ™‚

  3. Best memory of coke was hanging out with my cousins just after the last day of chinese new year many many years ago. We had so much left over of coke from the celebrations and we just did everything from drinking planting firecrackers into it. So we pretty much explored every avenue of the coca cola experience apart from proper drinking.

    So having this can would probably right the injustice that we committed to the poor coke cans per say.

    • Hey bro, did that when I was a kid too. Dangerous with the bottles, especially if you have a powerful cracker. I learned that the hard way. Miracle no one was hurt.

      …another time was when this 8″ display shell went off on the front porch coz the launcher tipped over. That was total havoc, the windows shattered from the sheer explosive power and it was another miracle no one was hurt except me (some burns and cuts). πŸ˜€

  4. My best coke moment was visiting the World of Coca Cola at Atlanta, and that was when I discovered how fanatical people were with collecting coke bottles.

    I started collecting Coke cans and had cans from less-visited countries (at least by people of our region) like Poland, Tajikistan etc.

    Unfortunately, most of them were lost when I dropped them prior to shifting. Most of the cans started leaking so yeah πŸ™

    • Yeah, that’s what my friend does too – collect Coke cans from all over the world. Heh.

      Alas, you lost your collection! 😑

  5. In my house there are only 3 walls to be seen, another one had filled with tons of coca-cola cans and bottles from different countries and different people. They mean so much to me that I feel happy to start of my day by waking up seeing all of them smiling infront of my own eyes. They are sweet and memorable. =)

  6. There is this one childhood story I will remember for the rest of my live involving a ‘coke’ moment.

    My mom was soaking up some chinese mushroom in a jug and left it in the fridge to soften the texture to be cook later on. Automatically the colour of the water changes to black when the moisture from the mushroom seeps out.

    Being greedy, my elder sister drank a HUGE gulp of it before realising it wasn’t coke. I can only imagine the stench of the mushroom ooze. Her expression was priceless, and she look so sick afterwards.

    Till this very day, she has a phobia for chinese mushroom. We have to retell the same story everytime we eat out with new people when there are dishes with mushroom in it.

    and whenever I have a glass of coke in a clear glass, i’ll still tease her till this very day.

    True Story *Barney Stinson*

  7. basically, i lived most of my life coke free cos my mom is against all the junk food known to mankind on this planet. i think she did a good job because when i left kl and into melbourne, where fast food and snacks are within walking distance from where i live, i felt no urge to have any of them…

    however, there was once i felt very deprived and had this strong urge to taste the magic that coke has to offer. I didn’t start having my own pocket money until I was 16 so, i saved up enough and bought a bottle of coke. i can assure you, it was probably the best tasting coke i ever had in my entire life. until now, i could not find a coke that tastes better than that.

    from there, i deduced that some things taste better because they are forbidden. πŸ™‚ however, this is not the case all the time. i did not grow up with alcohol around me despite my dad being in the business. i snucked a sip and spit my guts out. hahahahahahaha

  8. im not sure i have a very fond memory of coke really it’s more like interesting. but…i can say for sure i was born as a coke kid. my dad drank 1 can of coke everyday at dinner and on the days that my mom let my sister and I drink some of our dad’s coke was like…we couldn’t be happier like better than getting candy. also in my family we basically buy coke(when it is on sale) like there might be no coke tomorrow…24 cans in a case i think so like when on sale we would buy at least 6 cases. and just keep in the house…also explains why we still have the south africa games coke can design and finishing up most of the Olympics design coke fact our coke storage need upgrade… since its a d.i.y shelf and the coke is too heavy…the self is starting to bend like “u” shape =.=

  9. Back when the internet is not so modern , I used to drink coke a lot till someone told me that when you pour coke into a pork meat , worms will come out .

    So I stopped drinking coke since then , till when I discovered that information is fake .

  10. my best coca-cola memories are when i collect coca-cola can/bottles from any different country..there are so unique design from each country..I LOVE COCA-COLA!!! BUKA SEMANGAT!!!

  11. Since I’m 14 years old, I was starting to collect Coke such as cans, glass bottles and aluminium bottles.
    Now I’m collected almost 8 years. I like the design on the aluminum coke bottle. That’s a good journey.
    Hope I’ll collect all aluminium coke bottle.

  12. The fondest memory was my grandpa brought me to get some coke in the year 1995, classic. How grandpa spoilt me a lot back then with soft drinks. Even until the days when he is still around. Now its all in my memories =) looking at a coke reminds me of the great time!

  13. “It’s the real thing…that’s the way it should be…it’s the real thing!”

    This was the jingle used in CocaCola adverts in the 60s when I was a teenager (using the song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” by The New Seekers) on the “Cool & Swinging Show” with Patrick Teoh as the deejay – the CocaCola-sponsored radio show every Sunday on RTM. I really enjoyed the show – the songs, Mr Teoh’s golden voice and of course, the CocaCola jingle. It;s the real thing!

  14. Coke is all about sharing. And the fondest memories which pops up immediately are those shared with coke collectors, coke lovers around the world. We have had ‘coke friends’ from Australia, Thailand and other parts of the world visited Malaysia recently.
    We shared Coke, we shared Malaysia culture and their culture and we share fond memories of each other.
    What brings us together ?
    You guessed it, it was Coca-Cola.

  15. Hi Huai bin
    My fondest coke memories was when i was really young probably around 5-6 years old, i was forbid to drink cold canned drinks because i am an asthmatic kid. so there was this chinese new year which i couldn’t bear it anymore, i sneaked into my kitchen and stole a can of coke and drank it all by myself. haha of course i got caught and was scolded by my parents, but my! it was a great experience of tasting it, and i had been loving it since then. πŸ™‚

    • I prefer Diet Coke actually, I prefer the taste of that to regular Coke. I used to drink 1.5l per day when I was studying in Melbourne. πŸ™‚

  16. Hey, thanks for participating everyone!

    The contest is now closed.

    There are a lot of good entries in here…I’ll get someone to help me decide on the two best ones and the winners will be notified before Monday.

    Cheers everyone! πŸ™‚

  17. β•”β˜…β™₯β•— β•”β•—
    ♑╗╔╝ β•‘β•‘β˜…β•β•¦β•¦β•¦β•β•—
    β•”β•β•šβ•— β˜…β•šβ•£β™‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•©β•£
    β•šβ•β™‘β• β•šβ•β•©β•β•©β˜…β•©β•β• β™‘Cβ™₯Oβ™₯Kβ™‘β™₯Eβ™‘ forever and ever… never end ❀

    (Β―`*β€’.ΒΈ(Β―`*β€’.ΒΈ Warisan sejarah & bring out the felling to us .β€’*´¯)ΒΈ.β€’*´¯)

  18. My best moment with coke when i was 7 year old time….I remember my aunty ask me went to grocery store bought 2 bottles of Coke, so i feel very happy walk to that store. i step in that store, i told that store uncle i want 2 bottles of coke for take back home, then that uncle take 2 bottles for me and i paid it. On that time my heart feel very happy because faster went back home can enjoy it and each bottle per hand. Unfortunelly on the way went home. im kick a stone on the road and fall down like superman. 1 glass bottle of coke was break and the glass was cut my elbow about 5cm and very deep until can saw the bone with all blood spread out. The store uncle saw my hand blood and quickily come to help me up and faster fetch me to the nearest clinic. When i went in that emergency room, the doctor ask me why so careless. On that time im feel scare and cry it until cant answer the doctor, but that uncle help me answer it and said he felt down because took 2 bottles of coke and very happy faster run back home and enjoy it. After that doctor and nurse listen, all of them laugh on me and help me to sew 14 in on that injured area, said why so voracious…….until now when i look on this scar, even already recover and feel very funny

  19. My best moment with coke is whenever my friends or myself goes to overseas, definitely they or myself will buy a coke for me. And i’ll leave it above my fridge and when my best friend come to my house, she try to steal it away.. hahaha..

  20. when i was a kid, due to the family economy background coke was a luxury treat that i normally will receive from my father whenever i did something good.if i did well in my exam i will get a coke, i paint the house, i will get coke. to ensure i could make enjoy the coke for few days, i will normally pour the coke inside a tube plastic(the one that is normally used to pack ice asam boi), freeze it and have it for few days. i usually will be able to make 2-3 tube with one bottle of 285ml coke bottle….till this day i cherish this memory……..

  21. Coke means alot to me, a ton of my fondest childhood memories are surrounded by the simply amazing beverage.
    I first started collecting when i found a 1952 bottle in the lake at our cabin up in the mountians.
    My collection has grown substancially and when ever i have a bad day i find myself at the book shelf i keep my coke stuff in.
    when i visited the coke store i thought my head was going to explode and my knees grew weak.
    i scowered the globe for a heritage set and this seemed like a cool idea.
    Thanks for the opertunite!


  23. COKE gives me alot of meanings.Its the way how to enjoy with friends and family.COCA COLA have a spirit of joy for all.It also can fresh us up during football match.It has the best taste of cola ever.It help us enjoy our day.


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