I got a phone call while I was sleeping just now.

Fresh: Did I wake you up?
Me: Yeah, but it’s okay. What’s up?
Fresh: I just want to tell you right….you’ve been selected as a finalist for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in the Best Lifestyle Blog category.
Me: (stunned silence)
Me: (incoherent happy blabber)
Fresh: Erm…that was not the reaction I expected.
Me: (continues blabbering happily)

…and then I dropped back to sleep coz I was volunteering for a soup kitchen till the wee hours of the morning last night.

soup kitchen

I don’t even know if I dreamt it at first when I woke up the second time. *inception music

I looked at my email and…

best lifestyle blog


Thank you all for nominations everyone! You totally made my day, week and year. :D :D :D

I’ve been blogging for a long time now. I started in April 2002 back when I was studying in Melbourne. Why should you vote for me in the Best Lifestyle Blog category?

Well, I do a lot of crazy shit like the above and it’ll be nice to know that I’m risking arrest to provide you with quality content and my work is appreciated. smirk

Browse through the Best of category and have a look around if you’re not familiar with my blog and if you like what you see, I’ll very appreciative if you could cast a vote for me.


Two years ago, I sat #foreveralone at the tables while I watched the nominees win.

This year, I have a shot at going up on stage.

It is admittedly a long shot, but with your help, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be standing up there at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011.

The voting period starts from 15th November and will end on the 27th November. I’m under the category Best Lifestyle Blog.


Vote for me please?

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  1. congrats hb! how do i vote? the link there dun have anything.

    • Thanks Diana! :)

      Well, voting starts on the 15th, so that’s tomorrow! :D

      The link will be up by then. Thanks for the support! :)

  2. congrats!! will definitely vote for you ;)

    • Thanks for the support! :)

      Voting will start at midnight tonight, which I guess is technically tomorrow.

      Cheers! It means a lot to me. :D

  3. Wah congratulations! :) btw u should post this on 15th la how to vote now?

    • Thanks Charmaine! :)

      Heh! Well, I will put it as a bit of a sticky post then to gather votes. ;)

      Thanks for your vote (in advance). :D

  4. LOL HB its about bloody time you got something for all this. congrats!

  5. “Cast Your Votes (Coming Soon!)” Will certainly vote for you once it’s on the roll… if I can – not a Nuffie.

    • Thanks Arthur!

      Your vote is much appreciated. :D

      I’m not sure yet actually, the voting site goes live midnight tonight so we shall see. :)

      Thanks for the thought bro!

  6. i wish i’d recorded that call in all of its incoherent glory. i thought i could feel fucking sunbeams coming out of my phone speakers. hahahahaha

    • Well, it was one of the better calls that woke me up that’s for sure.

      It certainly beats “Hey sorry for waking you up, can you bail me out of jail?” type calls. ;)


      Yeah, coz it was so unexpected. Seeing as you are the bearer of good news, you got shot with sunshine instead of lead. :D

  7. awesome, good luck bro! I’m just hoping I have the chance to attend the event to support you

  8. congrats! keep up the good job!

  9. lifestyle? not controversial? :( i always felt that your blog is peppered with controversy . ahahahaha

    • Unfortunately, they didn’t have that category or I would have snagged it for sure. ;)

      Heh! Life is about ups and downs, and I’m glad I documented it all.

      Cheers Michelle! :D

  10. Hahahah I like all the 9gag style meme pics, and HELLO fellow finalist!


  11. I guess there’s no need to create The Most Controversial Blog category after all. Congrats bro!

  12. Congrats dude! See you that night! :D

  13. Congrax! ! ! …

  14. certainly vote for you!

  15. You get my votes cause sixthseal so entertaining to read. And the fact that you take so much effort to update frequently makes me think you deserve this even more! Now who says one post a day does no good? ;)

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