A policeman shouts “Stop!” at someone in an airport…

…what happens next?

Well, usually things like these don’t turn out very well, but in this case it did.

mas flashmob

I was randomly surfing around when I saw a video of a flash mob in KLIA. Dammit, it was on the exact same day I flew back to Sibu from KL for Chinese New Year but my flight was early morning so I totally missed this.

Anyway, this dude walks in with a guitar and one of the policeman on duty runs out and hollers at him to stop.

*cue curious and confused rubberneckers

The guy breaks into song and people started dancing and I realized it was a flash mob.

flashmob mas

However the sheer scale of it surprised me. It comprised about 100 singers and dancers and had scripted events.

It was like a Hindi movie, people were recording and gawking at the performers and it suddenly segued into another song.

It had English songs, Malay songs, Tamil songs, Chinese songs and I found it highly entertaining.

(especially the Hindi movie tribute bit)


I used to listen to Ah Niu (the local Malaysian singer) – it was one of my ex girlfriends that got me into Chinese music. There was a segment where a group of Chinese tourists came out singing Lang Hua Yu Duo Duo.

mas flashmob finale

It must have taken them a lot of planning – there were MAS cabin attendants joining in at the 200 strong grand finale before everyone dispersed, going their own way.

The original one I saw was a recording a passenger took. The best flash mobs incorporates elements from where you would not expect it – I was surprised to see a bunch of unassuming old ladies waiting outside bursting into song. I finally found the official video for this one, it’s the complete version and the footage is taken from a variety of sources, including the CCTV cameras.

klia flashmob

I know what you’re thinking – flash mobs have been done to death. That’s true, but the sheer quality of this is like watching a musical production – one that incorporates the entire KLIA arrival hall as its stage, with several things happening at once so there’s always something interesting somewhere.

It’s almost like watching an episode of Glee with the Kit Kat Klub as its cast (recognized some of them from the Tapis Rouge launch).

Check it out! 😀

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14 thoughts on “A policeman shouts “Stop!” at someone in an airport…”

  1. Which part of KLIA is this?

    I just flew back to KL! Spending eve here and going back Sibu on 2nd day of Chinese New Year. 🙂

    • It was at the arrival hall in KLIA! 😀

      Hey, that’s great, I’m still in Sibu on the 2nd, but likely very hungover coz we have a tradition on the 1st where a bunch of us close friends go karaoke. Booked the room, 2 crates of beer and bottles of vodka for 15 people.

      Call me when you’re in Sibu!

      (just not too early)


    • It sounds good to me. I love the Kit Kat Klub, they’re now back again with a new ensemble and they do theatre shows at Tapis Rouge at The Strand every week.

      The Kit Kat Klub performers are in the flashmob, recognize some of them. 😀

    • Yeah, it is pretty good!

      They got the Kit Kat Klub to do it. You should see their shows at Tapis Rouge, I went to the launch and totally enjoyed it. Went back again with a friend when he came over to KL. 🙂

  2. That looks awesome! I’ve never encountered a flash mob in real life but I can imagine how the atmosphere would be. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi since it’s been months since I visited your blog (didn’t save onto my feed). Btw, the second cartilage piercing looks great. 🙂

    • I’ve seen a couple in real life. It’s really fun to be part of one. 🙂

      Hello again Diana!

      Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, that was the only one that healed, it was a lower one at first, then I did an industrial piercing and it got infected and I took it out and put in two cartilage studs and had to take the original one out coz it got infected. 😡

    • Yeah, I thought it was a great initiative by them to spice things up in KLIA!

      They got in really good performers from the Kit Kat Klub too. 😀


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