walking like a dream

I always get reminded of my trip to Bali to visit Tanah Lot when I listen to the song. The vocals evoke an emotional response that elevates it from a mere song to something a lot more. Walking Like a Dream is the latest Yuna single – it is groundbreaking in a lot of ways.

yuna sms

I wrote a post about Yuna creating music history by having the first online concert in Malaysia. Well, I was one of the 10,000 who got the SMS invite and I logged on to watch her perform.

yuna media session

It was amazing. There was actually a media event at twentyone.tables+terrace in bsc but I elected to use my home connection to watch it.

yuna new single

In hindsight, I wished I had gone to the media session – for one, the screen is much bigger than my notebook and I bet the sound system is more awesome too.

yuna live

Nevertheless, I had an awesome time watching Yuna perform her new single…

yuna music video

…and after a campaign to get the public to star in the music video via Hotlink Yuna Music Booths nationwide (it was in a lot of cities and towns around Malaysia) the final production is complete!

Her single (which was untitled at the time) was also done the same way – the winning entry (crowd sourcing FTW) turned out to be Walking Like a Dream.

yuna single

It really is a great song, I’m loading it into my iPad when I travel to Thailand. I bet it’ll be amazing to listen to it by the beach in Phuket!

tanah lot

You can listen to the awesomeness that is Walking Like a Dream by surfing over to www.nowyoucan.my/yuna – the music video is also there and if you’re a Hotlink or Maxis user, you can download the single from Music Unlimited and listen to it wherever you go. :)

It’s a mellow and chill song that’s perfect for anything from beach vacations to stressful drives during rush hour.

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10 Responses to “Walking Like a Dream”

  1. jealous~~~
    next time pack me in ur bag :p
    hv fun in phuket
    hey yuna song nt bad..always thought she sang malay only
    maxis user but cant dl can only listen on page. y?

    • Erm…I think you’ll be sick if I put you in my luggage, the landing and takeoff at Phuket airport is quite intense. Turbulence. :)

      Thanks, I had fun there! :D

      Yeah, Yuna sings English songs, she was in New York when I heard about her, didn’t know she was Malaysian until a while after.

      Hmm…it should work, I’m on Maxis and I can download it. Are you on Music Unlimited? :D

  2. Isn’t that Tanah Lot in your pics? Where are you now bro? Bali or Phuket?

    • Yup, that’s Bali. :)

      I just came back from Phuket. Heh. :D

      You know, they’re both quite alike – Bali and Phuket I mean. At some places, it’s only the language written that you can tell them apart.

  3. Love you last pic… It’s so kind of romantic, yet melancholic though…so sad without someone sitting beside you. Where is she?

    • Haha! She was taking the photo. ;)

      I wanted it to look like this – very melancholic, that was the word I used to describe it too when I asked her to take a photo of it. It wasn’t very easy as it was *really* dark by then. :)

  4. nice song there :)

  5. =) Yuna! Not really a fan.

    • I like some of her songs, she has her own style that’s unique and she carries it off perfectly.

      She’s quite talented musically too! :)

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