Real or not? Guess! :D


I’m claiming this is a loaded Steyr M9 9 x 19 mm Parabellum semi-auto in a concealed carry position in my jeans.

True or false?

Not my potbelly la, that one is confirmed real. πŸ˜‰

The firearm. Guess if it’s real – would love to hear your responses! πŸ˜€

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50 thoughts on “Real or not? Guess! :D”

    • I am especially sad to announce that both are real, especially the belly. That was like after a couple of beers. 😑

      • The background looked like a hotel room. So my guess is this is not in Malaysia and you were somewhere you can get your hands on a real gun. You also don’t seem like the type to troll readers with a fake gun. Haha.

        • Hey, pretty good profiling. πŸ˜‰

          It is in Malaysia though.

          …but yeah, you’re right that’s not the way I swing, which is a very bad thing. My pseudonym veritas didn’t last long either coz he was always where I was. When I came back for holidays from Melbourne, he was in Sibu. When I went back to Melbourne, he went back too. When I worked in KL, he was in KL too.

          My then-gf knew it was me all along but she just close one eye. I only knew after the fact. 😑

  1. lol! I like the comments here.. πŸ™‚

    your concealed “gun” – real
    your belly – real
    the gun beside your concealed “gun” and belly – real too πŸ˜‰

    Now go shoot some stuff and blog here! πŸ™‚

    • Haha! I can’t believe I got that after just a couple of beers!

      I haven’t been drinking (but you knew that already) so I’m wondering if the beers I had during the trip went straight to my stomach (literally, in both expressions). 😑

  2. Real. Way you are standing means your jeans is tight and you are minimising accidental discharge. You are being very careful which is very unlike you.
    My answer is loaded. Correct?

    • Hmm…I’m rather impressed by your astute observations.

      You remind me of Eddie who can see details I don’t even see in photos.

      Yeah, it’s loaded – with 3 safeties disengaged but the Steyr M9 has four.

      There’s no round in the chamber though, I’m not that stupid. πŸ™‚


    • Nope. πŸ™‚

      It’s not the way rolls, heck, even the stuff I write in FINE (which is supposed to be fiction) is real. Haha.

    • Nice bro!

      It’s not a very popular gun, I’ve never seen it before so I was interested to see the features. A lot like a Glock, quite low maintenance.

      The Steyr is quite interesting in it’s safety features. I would love to have it when I was in Australia, over here, not so much.

      You probably know why. πŸ˜‰

      A little over 1 in 20 people does in Australia. The secondary safety is the last place someone familiar with guns would look – perfect in the US etc where a lot of people own guns.

      However, in Malaysia, I have a strong suspicion it’s at a place where someone who wrestles it from you would accidentally disengage if you already disabled the primary safety.

    • Yup, it is made primarily of plastic. It weighs less than 1 kg, much lighter than the H&K and Beretta models I’ve owned previously.

      It’s like a Glock in that sense – light, small, easy for concealed carry…and made of polymers. πŸ™‚

    • Sorry mate, I know, Gun Safety 101.

      I was just trying to see if it makes a bulge when you conceal carry it.

      The safety features of the Steyr M9 is amazing. There are two safeties – the other one is located *INSIDE* the trigger guard – last place you’ll look. πŸ™‚

      Not an excuse though.

      When I had a firearm licence I was living in rather interesting times, the concept of holsters was rather foreign (that would be illegal since my firearm licence was restricted to owning and transporting only e.g. gun club licence) so that was how people I know (disclaimer) concealed carry it.

      Not the side, front or back.

      I got my Category H licence in 2002 and Victoria does not allow either concealed or public carry (it’s a licence to own, possess and transport guns to shooting clubs). I don’t know about other states in Australia but they clamped down really hard after that Monash University shooting (was studying there then).

      I opted for the government handgun buy back when I left for Malaysia.

      • I’ve always been fascinated with firearms!

        The only handgun I’ve ever played with was an old Smith& Wesson revolver model 15. I was around 10 or 11 back then so all I could do was admiring the sheer weight of the thing.

        I haven’t had as many opportunities with handguns as I hope, sadly. Shotguns, on the other hand is another story. I’m all for Berettas babeh! But the recoil could be too measly for a madman like you πŸ˜›

        I heard it’s really tricky to acquire a handgun license in Malaysia, even though not so for illegal guns itself as long as you have lobang lol!

        • I’m pretty sure a lot of people of the XY chromosome persuasion likes things like firearms. πŸ™‚

          Are you kidding? The first time I shot a shotgun, I had bruises all over my shoulder. Granted, I shot a whole lotta rounds and managed to take down everything BUT the wild boar we were chasing (back in Kuching) and I’m pretty sure I know why everyone was behind me.

          The recoil of a handgun is a lot less nowadays. It’s not like a revolver – semi-autos use part of the energy of the bullet’s blowblack to re-rack the slide and some 9mms have such minimal recoil, you can reaim in much less than a second.

          There are two paths to acquiring a legal handgun in Malaysia – join a shooting club or show cause + grease the wheels. Last I heard that was RM 20,000. πŸ™‚

          Illegal firearms like the ones made in Indonesia are ridiculously dangerous, I wouldn’t know if it’ll kill me or the target. I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s an import and even then…a handgun that hasn’t been maintained well would be prone to jamming and throws off the aim. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know why my belly was so huge. I think it’s coz I stopped drinking (except for social situations) and I had a couple of beers a few days ago. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh come on! Grow up!

    What is this? Kid’s game? “You guess my gun, I guess you pistol?”.

    Of course it’s fake. If it’s real, you will be arrested and hang.

    • Not really, there could be a lot of scenarios e.g. what if I actually had a licence for the firearm? πŸ™‚

      …for one.

      That’s what my friend said too! Haha! I was like a kid coz I haven’t had experience with a Steyr M6 before (it’s out of production).

    • Ish you don’t get to guess Emily. :p

      Did you take this photo? I thought you took the earlier ones of me holding it but the last three of me strapping it were taken after you left.

  4. 100 % Real gun! πŸ™‚ a friendly hallo from denmark, iΒ΄ve read alot of your pill reporting.. (informative, fun and well-writtin..) oh man would i love to live i TL πŸ™‚ do you need a white sidekick? haha ;-D seriously man sixthseal rules!
    -feel free to write to my email if you have any questions about anything..
    i am self-proclaimed-semipharmaceut and i sometimes land on your page, when looking a med up; funny how “little” the net is..
    anyways nice steyr.. whats the price for a 9er bullet? πŸ™‚
    have a nice day
    the Pete


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