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I’ll be honest with you, I don’t go to CapSquare Centre that often. I usually just park myself in Starbucks and find someplace to eat dinner before heading for a movie. I’ve got this Top Gun: Star Access card by TGV Cinemas that allows me to watch movies for free, and even though CapSquare has a relatively small number of screens, it’s a lot easier to find a parking space compared to Suria KLCC!

tgv cinemas

I’ve been there a couple of times a few years back and when I started going again this year, the mall totally changed on me.

diablo 3

Watch out Low Yat Plaza and Digital Mall – there’s a new player in town!

media briefing

CapSquare Centre is now known officially as PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare and I went to the media briefing a couple of days ago to check out what they have in store for the grand launch – you just can’t argue with the tag line “We’re opening with a bang!!!”.

capsquare tour

The mall is just one part of the integrated CapSquare development by BRDB – there’s 6 CapSquare, the second residential project that’s under development, after CapSquare Residences, which is already occupied, and two completed office towers.

pikom ict mall capsquare

However, what’s really interesting about the place is that PIKOM, the National ICT Association of Malaysia, has chosen to align itself with CapSquare. I asked about their unique selling point, being so close to Low Yat as it is and John Sironic, Head of Group Retail Operations and Darrell, Senior Manager from Centre Management couldn’t have replied more succinctly.

  • It has 2,000 car park bays
  • There’s plenty of F&B outlets serving a wide array of cuisines from Western delicacies to Asian delights
  • They have a cinema
  • They will soon have a supermarket
  • The rent is relatively cheaper so that should translate to lower prices for customers

I usually just go straight up to the cinema so it’s like an educational trip, walking through the mall with Li-Ann, as she explains the existing layout and future plans. There are about 60 shops occupying the centre with room for 200 kiosks (not 20, I asked twice coz I was afraid I misheard) more.


PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare is already pretty well represented in the technology arena – there are huge anchor tenants like Challenger, which is the largest IT mega store in Malaysia…


…to specialty premium shops like iStudy by Apple. Epson has a presence here (first concept store in Malaysia) and so does Canon and other competitors in the printing and imaging department.


TomTom opened up their first concept store in Asia right inside CapSquare so naturally Garmin took up the shop lot beside it. I also saw a PaPaGO! kiosk so that’s the holy trinity of GPS navigation devices right there. 🙂

robotica toys

The major telcos also have stores and kiosks inside CapSquare. It’s really a mixture of everything tech related down to the relatively niche Robotica Toys, which sells original PC games, merchandise and collectibles!


One thing that PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare is offering is a premium IT shopping experience. There will be no dodgy shops with cigarette smoke wafting in the air while feng tao music is blasted out of speakers as the latest Hollywood movie plays on a TV overhead as a “preview” while runners get your pirated DVD/Blu-ray for you.

Not. Going. To. Happen.


PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare is going to be a premium retail experience – a one-stop tech haven with the latest and greatest genuine IT products and electronic gadgets. Add “competitively priced” to the list and you have yourself a great tech mall in the making, with credible and reliable stores, minus the wild wild west elements.

food court

There’s even a food court if you want to grab a quick bite without going into a full service restaurant.


Head down during 25-27 May for their grand opening! Parking will be free on the 26th and 27th and there’s performances galore, everything from ManHanD to Upin & Ipin with fun and games and prizes to be won!


The retailers have banded together and come up with incredible promotions that’s too long to list – grab the flyer above when you go in, whether it’s a broadband subscription or a printer, they’ve got it covered.

outdoor cinema

There’s also going to be an Outdoor Cinema with six sci-fi flicks being projected on the huge facade of the building right at the photo above. It’s geek heaven, back-to-back screenings of:

25th May
8 pm Star Wars Episode 1
10 pm Real Steel
12 am Transformers

26th May
8 pm Monsters Inc
10 pm Iron Man
12 am Avatar


You’ll be sitting here so bring a blanket or a sleeping bag. 😀


Check out the Spend & Win contest too – spend RM 100 at any store in CapSquare (including F&B – asked about that) from 15-27 May, submit your receipt at the Information Counter and come for the grand launch on the 27th May to win prizes that includes an Alienware laptop (!!!), MacBook Air, the new iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry 9810 and vouchers!

spend win

It’s geek heaven, yo!

capsquare launch

There’s so much going on during the launch on 25-27 May that it’s impossible to list everything down. Surf on over to the PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare Facebook page to check out all they have in store for you this weekend!

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15 thoughts on “PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare Grand Launch”

    • Yeah, the grand launch will be next weekend.

      It’ll be great to catch the back-to-back movies at the outdoor cinema. 🙂

    • Yeah, I totally agree, we need more of those here. I don’t know anyone who’s doing it on a regular basis.

      I don’t think KL has space for a drive-in outdoor movie but types like these are very feasible and there’s a market for it. 🙂

    • Well, parking is a huge problem in that area though, the last time I went was with my dad.

      He was staying at one of the hotels there so I could park as a guest. Heh. 🙂

    • I got a fake product last time I shopped in Low Yat. Granted, it couldn’t have been that cheap to begin with but I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all (shocking, I know).

      Yeah, CapSquare is meant to be a more premium shopping experience at a competitive price. A closer look shows that it does indeed have comparable prices. 🙂

  1. Hi there, Huai Bin! It looks like CapSquare has changed a lot; the last time I went was a couple of years ago, to settle some issues with SIA. Outdoor cinema, I think that’s a first in KL and I really wonder how that would turn out especially with the crowds.

    And if I may add, one should bring an umbrella too just in case it starts to rain during the screening.

    The mall’s not turning into another Digital Mall, is it?

    • Yeah, the outdoor cinema will be a great draw.

      Nokia Starlight Cinema ran a loooong time ago, just after I graduated from uni so this was probably in 2004 or so. I have no idea what happened to it though, it’s not showing anymore.

      I’m quite excited to see CapSquare do the outdoor cinema and with such awesome shows to boot! I’ll be there if I’m back in time. 🙂

  2. *scratches head* I wonder where my previous comment went to… I’m sorry but I’ll have to double-post (just in case the last one went MIA).

    CapSquare has definitely changed a lot; it’s been a while since I’ve last been there. Hmm, outdoor cinema? That sounds like a first in KL and I wonder how it’ll go down with the crowd. Oh, one shouldn’t forget to bring an umbrella too just in case it decides to rain during the screening.

    The mall isn’t going to be another Digital Mall, is it?

    • Oops…sorry mate, my bad. It went to spam coz it “huai” actually triggers the spam filter – there was this dude going around commenting using my name. Apologies for that, fixed it dy. 🙂

      Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve been to CapSquare too! I’ll be sure to head to the outdoor cinema if I’m back from Langkawi.

      I doubt it’ll turn out to be a Digital Mall – it has all the makings of being a better dedicated IT mall.

      CapSquare has PIKOM as a partner and the F&B, cinema and parking will be the selling points. It has a good mix of tenants too and it’ll be interesting to see who comes and takes up the remaining spaces and kiosks.

      Umbrella…great idea bro. 😀

    • Yup, and there’s a lot of good F&B outlets too.

      CapSquare is not just a place to shop for ICT stuff, you can just hang around, eat dinner and catch a movie too…

      …which is what I usually do. 🙂

      I agree, having a cinema makes a huge difference for a mall, and their upcoming supermarket is going to make things even more competitive. It’ll be nice to get everything done in one place.


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