One Easy Saturday Night

1. Gas (RM 50.63)


I just did this to verify that my new debit card is working. I just got it a couple of minutes ago so I went to the petrol station and used it to verify that it’s been activated. I do this with my credit card too – for a completely different reason – to check if I’ve exceeded the limit. smirk

2. Dinner (RM 46.85)


Xinxian went the opposite of the “Look East” policy and we searched for a place that serves the cuisine that she wanted – ended up eating at Pancake House where there were savory pancakes in addition to sweet ones. I had the Classic Country Pancake.


She had the Best Taco Special set.

halo halo

We both ordered Halo Halo coz it says that it originates from the Philippines and since we’re heading there I thought it’ll be fun to eat this here and compare it with the authentic (at least geographically) one when we head there in about a week or so.

dinner bill

Not a bad place for a quick dinner.

3. Shopping (RM 199)


It has come to my attention that my style of dressing leaves a lot to be desired – the vibe I got was that I look horrigible in what my current wardrobe repertoire offers so when Xinxian broke the news to me we went searching for attire that would not be so offensive to her eyes.


I admit that my fashion sense may be slightly different – I love this pair of sneakers for example, while Xinxian just thought it was loud and garish.


I don’t buy a lot of clothes, preferring to spend the money on experiences like travel, but since there was a sale going on, and I had a self-appointed fashion consultant, I got a long sleeved checkered shirt. It was originally RM 199 but with the 50% discount, it went down to RM 99.50 which is about just slightly less than one night in the cheapest backpacker’s hostel I could find in London.

4. Movie (RM 22)


We watched a Cantonese film called The Silent War which I didn’t expect much out of but it surprised me by having a well thought out plot (albeit cliched and predictable) and great production values compared to the Chinese New Year movies I tend to watch.


There’s no slapstick humor and the character development is great, I’ll rate it a 7/10 – extra points for it being one of the rare Hong Kong films that’s actually good instead of something slapped together, filmed at the speed of light, and brought to you with minimal post production but a hefty dose of crude humor to compensate for the complete lack of a cohesive storyline, character development and depth.

At least you don’t see the audio boom in this movie – a endemic problem with low budget CNY movies. Heh.

I paid for everything using my debit card and managed to keep track of everything spent that night and I’m spending what I just put in earlier that evening.

easy debit card

The debit card in question is the new RHB Easy-Smart Debit Card. It’s available at all RHB Easy outlets, I went to the one in Kelana Jaya LRT. That’s the beauty of this – the outlets are all at high traffic areas and open 7 days a week!

easy by rhb

Best of all, you can get everything done in 10 minutes by just walking in!

All you need is:

Your MyKad
10 minutes of your time
RM 20 for opening an account

I timed the entire process and it actually took only slightly more than 8 minutes. I was taking photos the entire time and I have the exact time – 8:36 minutes – from the first shot that I took to the final one. Heh.


I hate filling out forms. I think I’ve mentioned that a lot of times before. You don’t have to worry about that here as everything is done automatically – it’s either pulled from your MyKad and you just tell the teller the rest of the information.

I was serviced by one Mr. Nasri Nasir who was very helpful throughout – kudos for the efficiency!


Basically, the beauty of the new RHB Easy-Smart Debit Card lies not only in:

  • 10 minute walk-in banking with just your MyKad
  • On-the-spot approval
  • No forms to fill

…but also the unique cash kickbacks that RHB offers with the use of the debit card. I’ll insert a chart to illustrate it better.

easy chart

Thus, you actually open two accounts when you get the new RHB Easy-Smart Debit Card. You get double cash savings automatically, whenever you use your debit card. It all goes into your Easy-Smart Account 2 (think of it as a savings account) while your Easy-Smart Account 1 is your primary account.


The beauty of this system is that you automatically save (which is an awesome way of forcing people who have problems saving to actually save) each time you use your debit card from your contribution and the bank’s even higher contribution, all of which goes into your Easy-Smart Account 2.

To add icing to the cake, you can get up to 10% interest per annum on your Easy-Smart Account 2!


Thus, that night, I have saved a total of RM 0.50 (charges made after midnight won’t be tabulated until the next day), and that’s not counting the 10% p.a. interest.

It’s an easy way to budget too, since you’re on a debit card you’re using money you already have instead of purchasing on credit. Granted, credit cards have its own place in the entire system especially for travel but a debit card is a good and almost essential addition to your banking arsenal, almost as good as Umay Plus in Thailand.

savings account

Using the new RHB Easy-Smart Debit Card allows me to carry less cash and use the card instead, which is mighty convenient. You’re going to spend that money anyway, so I figured using the debit card instead of cash would be more useful in the long run due to the awesome and unique savings method that funnels all purchases made into a special “savings” account called Easy-Smart Account 2.


RM 0.99 might not sound like a lot but you know how it goes – sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. I’ve already saved that from one night out alone while if I’ve used a credit card, cash, or a different debit card, I would not have managed to save anything at all. It’s a great alternative to cash for me and it’s an easy way to save each time you spend! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “One Easy Saturday Night”

  1. Been to Pancake House at Pavilion… Nice. Ah…a new shirt and it’s not black or grey – nice change! LOL!!! Ya…they’ve set up these easy centres at some places – I know they have it in Miri and Bintulu. Don’t think they have one here yet.

    Ya, as per previous comment, your number’s in full view. How come there’s no name on the card? Is that usual? Never had a debit card before… 🙁

    • Yeah, this is the one at the new Paradigm Mall. Well, relatively new anyway since they have started to charge for parking. 🙂

      Haha! I know right, new shirts, I’m told by Xinxian that I need them. Thanks for the kind comments Arthur.

      Anyway, yeah, noticed that but no CVV number and the address I used for the card is rather vague so I’m not too worried about misuse.

      Yeah, that’s how they can issue the cards so fast! There’s no name printed on it (but you have to sign at the back like other cards). It’s different from other debit cards, which is usually an ATM card with your name on it.

      Easy is also different from the auto-savings they match and give out – I have RM 2.50 in my second account now since I topped up.

      Well, a debit card is useful in a lot of cases, limits spending to what I actually have in my bank account. 😀

    • Yeah, same here, debit cards are useful to keep an eye out on what you’re spending. 🙂

      I use credit cards for travel too, and also big ticket items at zero interest installments. Breaks down the cost to manageable levels.

      Thanks for the kind comments! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s very cheap and easy to open an account. 🙂

      That’s what got me too! It’s like EPF in a sense – the “forced” savings is good for disciplined and consistent savings – and also no other method of payment I know of does this, so I think it’s an awesome concept. 😀

    • Yeah, it’s very innovative! The forced savings bit will get to you save each time you spend – makes more sense than using cash, it’s kinda like EPF, at least that’s the way I think of it. 🙂

      What kind of points? There are a lot of benefits too, some places offer specials for RHB card users.

  2. Hey HB, I must say that the pair of blue sneakers does look a little weird to us readers but if you can match it with your attire, why not?

    A debit card, I find, is a great way to control one’s spending but it’s a personal choice. Some prefer the CC, some prefer using the DC. I know my Mom wasn’t pleased when I used mine at the grocery store, but I’m surprised that it requires only RM20 to open a new bank account. Mine was certainly higher than that. =/

    • Heh! The toe slots are supposed to make you have a better posture and helps you run correctly. I like the other one that has a bright orange sole and highlights over black. It looks good to me.

      Yeah, that’s the good thing about Easy by RHB – it’s only RM 20 to open an account and it only takes 10 minutes. I like it due to the “EPF like” forced savings – some people would find that an excellent way to save, and the bank contributes a higher amount. 🙂

  3. HB, how wonderful you soon heading to Philippine. That country got lot good stuff in clothing and shoes. They know for lot shoes factories there. Food price not bad at all. Of course like all places they got own strange food which you are known to be the Asian Andrew Zimmern.

    • Yeah, we won’t be staying long in Manila though – our destination is actually Boracay. 🙂

      Heh! Thanks but balut and day old ones aren’t very offensive to my taste buds. I’ll look forward to eating the authentic ones right in the Philippines though.

    • Heh! There’s another pair that I had my eye on – it’s black with orange highlights and soles, I thought it looked really good but Xinxian told me it looks horrible. 🙂

      Indeed! I was quite impressed by this unique debit card that forces you to save too, it’s a win-win situation. 😀

  4. Nice description. It really similar concept like epf. Unique debit card, can help me to save. Lol. What time does kj outlet close? Thx.

    • Heh! Yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw the debit card’s unique features too – it sounds like EPF but better, coz there’s no other way of spending that I know of that does cash kickbacks matched, no, *exceeded* by the bank! 🙂

      Hmm…the one in Kelana Jaya LRT opens 7 days a week. I went on a weekend, it was still open at 6:30 pm. The different Easy outlets have different opening hours though – some stays open till 10 pm! 😀

    • Heh!

      I had my eye on another pair of trainers – orange and black, it looks quite good really. 🙂

      I went and bought the shirt instead with the debit card. 😀


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