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lord nelson hms victory

I’ve always been fascinated by these things. It’s a newly launched magazine that comes with a full model of the HMS Victory! It appeals to the inner man inside, the urge to build something coherent from pieces. I think it might be an evolutionary step, right after we got through the hunter-gatherer phase.

Build Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory features a section in the magazine dedicated to the history behind this ship, particularly with its regards to history. If you’re a history buff, you’ll know very well about the Battle of Trafalgar and this is one of the ships built during that late 18th Century period.

The HMS Victory is Britain’s most famous warship and it’s also the oldest commission warship in the world!

The basics of marine modeling is also explained in the magazine, which included a guide for beginners. It’s a very serious hobby in some circles and authenticity and attention to detail is highly sought after.

These model kits usually costs in the thousands but this magazine allows you to have one (albeit in stages) for a fraction of the price.


Issue 1 comes with a DVD that explains the process of modeling very well. There’s a bonus in every issue in addition to the remaining parts of the ship you need to complete HMS Victory – the first issue has a complete cannon kit!

The cannon is made of metal and it’s modeled right after the original Victory’s 12-pounder guns. The attention to detail is incredible – there’s the barrel, vent, thimble, trunnion, carriage, quoin and even trunks to make it movable!

You’ll need some tools and materials and to start off with, Issue 1 provides you with a small bottle of PVA glue.


You can subscribe and get a FREE model tool kit, which is quite comprehensive and suits the needs of this project and also a magnifying glass (told you it was for serious modelers, a toy, this is not).

The best part about this is the incredible detail of HMS Victory supplied with the magazine – it’s faithfully modeled on the original ship and when done it’ll be a 1:84 scale which comes up to 1.25 meters in length!

hms victory

There’s also a removable cutaway section in the finished model which allows you to see the action below decks. It comes alive with the addition of the ships crew in the heat of naval combat. It’s be the ultimate model!

The magazine cum modeling kit is called Build Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory and it retails for just RM 9.90 for Issue 1. Get more details at Build the Victory. It’s out in stores now – you can find it at your nearest newsstand or book store. The issues will be released weekly so there’s something for you to do every weekend to make your very own HMS Victory! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Build your own ship!”

  1. I collect mags like this last time too. Real pleasure to meet you in Singapore. We queued for hours yesterday. You’re friendlier than I expected. :

      • Heh! I bumped into him at a convention yesterday, Chris here introduced himself as a reader of my blog.

        Thanks for reading Chris! 🙂

        Thanks Arthur, I appreciate the kind comments. You’re a great friend too.

        See ya when I’m back. Cheers buddy! 😀

    • Hello Chris! 🙂

      It was great seeing you yesterday too! Cheers for coming up to say hello.

      Heh! I’m always friendly mate, I think most people are.

      What a coincidence! I used to collect these as a kid too, but a simpler version, this one is targeted towards adult males with a penchant for history and crafts.

      Cheers and have a great weekend!

    • Haha! Fair enough, but a ready made one would take ALL the fun out of it.

      The satisfaction comes from slowly building the ship, and watching your creation come to life.

      That’s what modeling is all about. It’s actually a lot of fun.

      Cheers mate! 🙂

    • Heh! I remember the ones we had when I was a kid, maybe 16 years ago or so. I collected those too, I think a lot of people in that generation did.

      This one is targeted towards us, I guess, the ones who have grown up with it.

      Yup, sure, it’ll be a fun project to do, but it’s going to take a while.

      Best thing about this is that it comes out every week so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

      Cheers buddy. 🙂

    • Yup, that’s the interesting bit about building this ship! 🙂

      I’ll probably be daunted if it comes in one go, like those model boxes you can get at toy stores.

      This appears in a much more manageable weekly basis, so I can just do a little every weekend for fun and see it gradually become more complex.

      Cheers mate!

  2. I built alot of stuffs with my kiddo, but if you ask me now, I can’t remember much. That’s because I’m building another level in his life. So much to learn about kids, nowadays?

    Anyway, have fun building!:-)


    • Hey, it’s great to hear that Yvonne!

      Spending quality time with your kids is always a good thing, I remember some great childhood memories of rainy days spent indoors playing board games and Scrabble as a kid.

      I will, this ship building is reminiscent of my childhood projects. Heh.

      Thanks and have a great Sunday Yvonne! 🙂

  3. Hi, there.

    The series was released sometime last year before and I collected 4 issues before de Agostini lifted it off the shelves for some reason. The newsagents shrugged it off, saying that the publisher was just testing the market that time.

    Fingers crossed that they could sustain the entire massive run of 120 issues this time. Have fun building the ship!


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