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old cars

I was looking at the various cars that evolved throughout the history of automobiles in Germany last year. It was quite interesting, they have a car museum in Wolfsburg that a lot of enthusiasts go visit. There is a car museum with old cars dating from the early 1900’s to the latest offerings by luxury car manufacturers like Bugatti.


It was my third time visiting Europe. The question I also get a lot is how I can get to travel so much. I also went back to Melbourne earlier this year, where I spent my college and university years and it’s all about savings!

(and a few travel tips and tricks)

mini cooper s miniature

RHB Bank is celebrating it’s 100th year by giving away 2 Mini Cooper S Coupe and other attractive prizes. On top of that, the first 300 eligible participants to do so will walk away with a Mini Cooper S Miniature!

Step 1: Open a new RHB Bank Current Account/Savings Account or RHB Islamic Mudharabah Current/Savings Account-i with a minimum deposit of RM 500.

Step 2: Send them a text message at 36266 with the content “MINI Account number” (remove quotation marks e.g. MINI 12345678901234

That’s all there is to it!

I personally have an RHB Bank Savings Account that ties in to a RHB Bank Debit Cash-Connect Mastercard that gives me 0.5% unlimited cashback on all my purchases.


This suits my needs as I travel a lot and I wrote a post once about how I used the debit card as a way to control spending when I traveled to Bangkok earlier this year. I like the 0.5% cashback too!

Travel Tip: I always keep an eye on the foreign exchange so that I can buy key currencies (USD, Euro and Australian Dollar) when they’re at a low point. This helps a lot when you travel!

However, if you’re a college student just starting out, your saving needs will be different so you’ll want a different Current/Savings Account that most suits your lifestyle.


Back in the days, people just stored their money at home but that’s a really idiotic thing to do. My grandma’s house got broken into and over RM 30,000 was taken from her alone – and that’s just from the ang pow money she gets. It just illustrates that when you have a large amount (or even a small amount) of cash, the best place to put it is in the bank – use a Cash Deposit machine if the bank isn’t open.

germany tram

The awesome thing about the RHB Let’s Save Miniature Giveaway Campaign is that any account from RHB Bank and Mudharabah accounts from RHB Islamic Banking will be eligible for the 300 MINI Cooper S miniatures. There will be 150 units for RHB Bank and 150 units for RHB Islamic Banking and the first 300 people to open a Current/Savings Account will get these very collectible miniatures!

Tip: You can always open a new account at RHB if you find the old offerings at your current bank is not keeping up with your lifestyle now. That’s another thing I do – the Current/Savings account I had when I was a college student is out-of-tune with my current needs so I open new ones as I go through life. Banks like RHB has different accounts based on what your aims and desires are at any stage of life.

germany cafe

It’s open to all new sign-ups so you just need to be 18 years old and open a new RHB Bank Current/Savings account and deposit RM 500 inside. Remember to send the text message if you want the cool MINI miniature! This campaign runs from 15th September – 15th November so hurry up and open one now so you can get a MINI collectible of your own! Find out more *here*. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Cars, travel and banking tips!”

  1. I am not sure how your saving methods can really benefit me but I have never gotten free flight tickets like you. I need to study this 0.5% cash backs! I always book air tickets and hotels many months ahead which helped to bring the cost to lowest. Agree that foreign currency should be purchased at lowest and I am even planning to open account with Bank of China as I worry that our currency will nose dive deeper.

    • I actually won free flights for ONE YEAR from a 2009 Twitter contest! 🙂

      I just needed to pay airport tax and fuel surcharge to any destination to the world that they’re flying to. The first trip I went was to Sri Lanka but unfortunately I was working and couldn’t really use the free flights to the max.

      I really regretted that – should have taken a year off to go around the world since I could go every weekend (there are no restrictions to the number of times you can travel). Oh well.

      Yeah, I think it’s important to change an account as you get older – I’m on a RHB account with 0.5% instant cash back on the debit card so that suits my needs well! 😀

        • Yeah, and you know the craziest part? I just needed to write where AirAsia should fly to next and why in 140 characters! 🙂

          It’s a Twitter contest and I was one of the 2 winners, real free flights (except airport tax and fuel surcharge, which can be RM 600 in some airports) for (slightly) more than a year – they were kind enough to extend it for CNY since I didn’t use much.

          That was my biggest regret, I should have gone to more places than 2 continents and 11 countries.

          I wish I could have taken a year off. That was the best contest ever – no publicity, no hype, just was at the right place at the right time on Twitter and answered for the best thing I’ve ever won.

          Anyways, now I have to do it the traditional way, which isn’t that bad either – saved up for several out of country trips already since then – banking accounts are important, I changed mine to the RHB debit card which gives 0.5% cashback coz that really saves me a lot!

          It’s good if you use cards often and don’t carry a lot of cash – it’s a debit card so you’re not spending more than you have too! 😀


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