I’m wearing Hoya BlueControl lens!

Check it!

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I bet you didn’t know I have problems with my eyesight. I have shortsightedness of -2.50 on my right eye with astigmatism of -1.25. No, I don’t wear spectacles. I’ve never done any form of vision correction surgery. I don’t wear contacts either. It has constantly been puzzling people how I can function visually.

aud hb

It’s coz I’m heavily left eye dominant and my left eye has close to perfect vision. However, I do experience a lot of eye fatigue and dry eyes especially since I’m in front of a notebook almost 16 hours a day! The worst thing is, I didn’t even realize the eye irritation and general fatigue until I started wearing my new ByWP frames with Hoya BlueControl lens.

Tips & Tricks for Healthy Eyes #1: Staring at your screen for too long will cause your eyes to water. Remember to blink!

I’ve already known about the -2.50 myopia and -1.25 astigmatism on my right eye. I just came up during an eye test when I was a kid and my mom forced me to wear specs when I was 12 years old. I didn’t want to coz they made me very dizzy so I stopped wearing them after less than 3 days.

Fast forward 19 years later (yes, I’m 31) and I decided to drop in to get my eyes checked. I’m a heavy user of digital media – I’m on computers most of the day! I decided that having BlueControl lens will help me in my eye troubles.

prescription lens

I was torn between the Reykjavik Eyes MR 12 (RM 1,100) which is a frame made out of a solid piece of titanium so is just a single piece and the ByWP BY11031MB (RM 1,280) which is handmade with stainless steel in Germany and uses a hinge instead of screws on the side and finally went with the latter after viewing it through one of their machines which photographs you with different lenses so you can choose what looks best.

frames camera

It came back in just a few days. The Hoya BlueControl lens actually has a bluish-purple coating on it that can be seen at an angle. I thought that was really cool. I have worn it for a week and I’m glad I finally went in to get my vision fixed. The Hoya BlueControl lens works very well if you’re a heavy user of digital media. I’m probably the one of the heaviest digital media users around!

Tips & Tricks for Healthy Eyes #2: Take regular breaks! Looking away from your screen at something green for 20 seconds every 20 minutes will make a *huge* difference.

BlueControl is actually an anti-reflection coating that reflects part of the harmful blue light emitted by flat screen displays, indoor energy savings lights and sunlight. I am exposed to either of the three during my 16 wakeful hours per day. Blue light is also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light and comes from the blue end of the visible spectrum.

reykjavik eyes

It’s known as the strongest light as blue light passes through the cornea and crystalline lens directly into the retina. I have LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices. I didn’t realize how tired my eyes were before wearing the BlueControl lens. It’s one of those things that you realize in hindsight.

old team

It’s a “Hey! I’ve been missing out on all this comfort!” moment.

hoya bluecontrol

It not only neutralizes the harmful blue light from the digital media world we are in now but also reduces glare. I found out that wearing my ByWP frames with the Hoya BlueControl lens makes me *a lot* more comfortable. It requires a double affirmation technical grammatical error coz I feel wonderful now when I’m in front of the notebook.


It’s the small things that you notice – chatting in Whatsapp on your smartphone doesn’t fatigue or strain your eyes too much. Watching movies on the LCD screen doesn’t make your eyes dry. I found out that it actually helps regulate sleep too! I’m always up late and staring at the notebook and the excessive blue light can cause sleeplessness.

blue control

Tips & Tricks for Healthy Eyes #3: Keep your distance!

There really is something to this BlueControl lens. It’s like the movie Hackers where the main character Zero Cool wears shades to cut what he calls “razor burn” (more like CRT glare). This has actually come to effect with the LCD and LED screens of computers and smartphones today

rach vanda hb

Wearing my BlueControl lens makes me feel much more comfortable with none of the eye fatigue I have actually *gotten used to*.


It’s the best RM 600 I spent! Those are for the ByWP frames, the BlueControl lens are kindly furnished by Hoya for review. You can’t change the digital media world that we’re in so maybe these lens would help you too. Get more tips & tricks on healthier eyes at the BlueControl website.

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19 thoughts on “I’m wearing Hoya BlueControl lens!”

  1. Hey Mate , as you know im an expert on having eye issues… and virtually blind with out additional help and im actually getting ready to spent another 2500RM on just my contacts.. my additional Spectacles are already set-up for anti glare and stuff, but i’ll go and check out Bluecontrol aswell.

    Another trick i use for “calmness” for my eyes is a little Windows app called F.lux ( http://justgetflux.com/ )
    which reduces glare massively. ..

    • Oh yeah, I remember you showing me that app when we were in Phuket! 🙂

      Was it the same one? I find that wearing specs now to correct my vision seems to be a one-way-street. Taking them off makes the world dull and blur, that’s how bad my vision is.

      BlueControl is good if you spend a lot of time in front of LCD/CRT/LED/Plasma screens – basically digital stuff, which we can’t avoid. It helps with glare and makes it more comfortable for me.

      That’s a lot of money to spend! BlueControl has really thin lens options if you want to check them out, maybe they’ll be of help to you as well.

      Thanks for the tip on the app mate!

    • Haha! You know, I thought my vision was fine before I put these new specs on! 🙂

      I’ve gotten used to the fact that I have really bad myopia and astigmatism on my right eye so I’m heavily left eye dominant – so much so that when I was in Phuket and shooting skeet, I could hardly hit them. I tried it at home, there’s a 6 inch (!!!) drift with both eyes open and when I use my left eye at 6 feet – so imagine how far I’m off when shooting birdshot at 10 times the distance!

      I don’t get migranes but rather fatigue out my eyes – but with the BlueControl lens, I find that it makes viewing all digital things (which I spend most my day on) easier on my eyes!

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      It’s good for my vision too, I’ve been relying too much on my left eye.

      Luckily, I don’t have lazy eye syndrome but at least these BlueControl lens makes my daily life more comfortable since I’m on the computer so much.

    • Cheers mate! 🙂

      I spent RM 600 on the frames, but the lens were kindly furnished by Hoya for review and I must say I’m very pleased with their new BlueControl lens! It works very well for reducing fatigue if you’re on digital devices the entire day.

    • Thanks Mel! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s a scheduling thing, I have months and weeks when it’s all normal posts all the way! I bought my ByWP frames for this – cost me RM 600 but Hoya was kind enough to furnish the corrective lens for review so I thought it was the best RM 600 I spent!

      The BlueControl lens really help in reducing fatigue especially if you use a lot of digital devices everyday!

      I got you there though, just cooked a homemade pesto dish, will post it up Sunday!

  2. HB, great looking glasses. I use get headaches a lot due eyes was getting problems. Left eye was weak and right eye not too bad. I now too wear glasses. Funny some people I know looks not as good with my glasses on like this guy I like but now not any more Ha Ha,

    • Cheers Vickie! 🙂

      Yeah, those headaches might be due to your digital media usage! I don’t get them myself but I have problems with fatigue and dry eyes and the BlueControl lens helps a lot, especially since I set my LCD screen to very high brightness.

      I’m the opposite of you, my left eye has close to perfect vision and it’s the dominant eye while the right one is -2.50 myopic and has -1.25 astigmatism. I never corrected it for close to 20 years!

      It feels good now though, I don’t know if I look better in the glasses (some people say I do) but the most important thing is that I feel comfortable!

      (and you can always find the frames that are right for you – I sprung for a RM 600 pair instead of cheaper ones that I wouldn’t like)

    • Interesting! Thanks for sharing Ophelia! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s very noticeable when you do some things (pool, shooting, basketball etc) – you need to aim “off” of what you’re actually seeing since the left eye is *so* DOMINANT.

      I find that it’s becoming less dominant now ever since I started wearing this regularly. I still forget sometimes but it’s becoming a habit now. I actually go searching for my BlueControl lens when I’m blogging since I find the screen too bright now without it!

  3. Hello,

    I got my Hoya’s blue control lens yesterday. Just a quick question.

    Did you notice any difference between your last lens on how you see in General ? I mean, i see the floor a bit higher 🙂 than my previous lens and i wonder if it is from the lens or my doctor scr**d the nubmers 🙂


  4. hey Guys,
    Blue coating is not really good technology for everyone,
    I have had it recently and made me a lot headache, and twitting my left eyes!
    It was absolutely useless for me and all optician approved that was due to blue coat.
    It may works on many many people, but thats not for all.
    Just be careful …


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