I baked my own Poppy Seed Bread with organic Macadamia Butter from scratch!

poppy seed bread

Yup, I went out and did a little shopping at the local baking supplies shop yesterday to make my own Poppy Seed Bread! This recipe requires:

baking supplies

  • High protein flour (250 g)
  • Poppy seeds (28 g)
  • Milk powder (6 g)
  • Salt (4 g)
  • Granulated sugar (12 g)
  • Egg yolk (1 yolk)
  • Vegetable oil (2 tbsp)
  • Water (170 ml)
  • Instant dry yeast (¾ tsp)

even bread

I had this freshly baked and still warm – the thick slices were slathered with organic macadamia butter (it’s just 100% crushed macadamia nuts) and it was so delicious!

taking loaf

(and it just took me 2 hours to bake)

baking water

I did not need to knead or proof the dough coz I had a Panasonic Bread Maker. Haha! I just:

1. Dumped all the ingredients into the loaf shaped bread maker

yeast dispenser

2. Measured out the yeast and poured it into the automatic yeast dispenser


3. Selected “Rapid Bread” and “Medium” crust

perfect bread

4. Sliced the bread

poppy seeds

It was sooo easy that we wanted to make a second batch immediately. However, one minor issue with the bread maker is that it’ll come out with a U50 error code if you try to do that without waiting 1 hour (officially) for it to cool down. However, I managed to achieve that in 20 minutes by putting it under a fan in a 16 degree Celsius room (my living room is air-conditioned).

egg yolk

I have always heard that baking was a very exact science and you cannot mess around with it. Ingredients are supposed to be measured out to the exact gram or milliliter – no more, no less. However, I wanted to make another Nutella loaf since I thought the kids will enjoy eating that. I also forgot to put in the salt (!!!) the second time around.


My better half told me that the bread will not rise, but the Panasonic Bread Maker prevailed! Even though yeast requires salt and sugar to proof, I used honey in lieu of the sugar in the second loaf and poured in 2 heaped tablespoons of Nutella. It really made the bread fragrant and taste of hazelnut.

knead nutella

Even better, the bread came out fine despite me forgetting the salt (and no, Nutella does not contain sodium) and I didn’t put any vegetable oil in (we used canola for the first batch) since I reckon it’ll have enough hazelnut oil to and I was right!


The poppy seeds are spread so evenly throughout the bread too! It’s unlike other bread makers which can have uneven ingredient distribution. I really like the ambient temperature sensors of the Panasonic Bread Maker for optimal proofing too!

nutella bread

There’s nothing quite like eating freshly baked bread without any preservatives or artificial additives coz you control what you put in. It tasted absolutely fabulous!

It’s just so convenient to have my own Panasonic Bread Maker at home and we look forward to a lot of baking in the future. I love bread! I love eating it, I love baking it, and I love looking at it. You might call that a tad obsessive but I’ve even come up with lots of weird recipes for sandwiches. smirk

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26 thoughts on “I baked my own Poppy Seed Bread with organic Macadamia Butter from scratch!”

  1. I love freshly baked bread loaves! I need to eat them right now for breakfast. So you are using the bread maker that’s so easy! You need guests to help you habis so much roti!!

    • Yeah, it’s really awesome to have fresh bread! 🙂

      We baked two more loafs with pumpkin seed over the weekend! It’s just nice for our needs, the loafs aren’t very big, even the future mother-in-law asked me for a loaf!

    • Thanks Kathy! 🙂

      We made pumpkin seed bread over the weekend too, but noticed that the bread maker will break up the seeds – it’s what the seed/nut/raisin dispenser is for! Can also bake you a loaf if you want, next weekend maybe!

    • Yeah, it’s really convenient! 🙂

      The new ones are really good, they have ambient temperature sensors to automatically check for the time to proof the yeast, the older models can’t do that.

    • It can make mantou also! 🙂

      We tried putting in a Korean bread mix last weekend but it didn’t work, coz I used the wrong mode, which made it look for yeast from the yeast dispenser (when it’s already in the mix).

    • Thanks mate! 🙂

      We bake together, she’s very good in operating it nowadays too, we had pumpkin seed bread last weekend!

    • I don’t think it can last the journey! 🙂

      This has no preservatives (unless you want to put it in) so it can last 2-3 days max.

    • Yeah, it is very useful to have around! 🙂

      Haha! That sounds like a winner!

      Thanks for the idea mate, I’ll wait till Musang King drops in price if there’s prolonged rain and buy a lot to put with the bread.

      Hmm…I just wonder if it’ll permanently cause the bread maker to smell like durian.

  2. It’s really convenient to have a bread machine at home; it saves lots of time and there’s no necessity to sit in front of the equipment, monitoring the baking progress. =)

    Too bad my Mom still believes in doing everything from scratch when she bakes the breads/buns.

    • Your mom is awesome! 🙂

      I can’t do it that way, it takes too much time and it’s too much work to knead all the dough. I’ve tried before in a workshop! I made it from scratch too and my arms were tired and I still had to see if the yeast will proof the bread.

      This takes the guesswork out of it with ambient sensors (two – one inside, one outside) for ideal proofing and automatic yeast dispenser.

  3. Ahhhh, another bread post, from the breadmaker.. Been reading many posts on bread.. Heard the current craze is the Tesco breadmaker, selling at RM239 (NP RM399).. Ooohh that macadamia butter looks so creamy and nice, and yep, I heard you only need nuts, and just nuts only (and a powerful blender) when making pure nut butter.. No oil, no water, nothing coz the nuts will release their own oil..

    • I’ve seen that before, the Tesco one is a really basic model! 🙂

      This Panasonic one costs RM 899 which is a lot more, but it also has a lot of features. I like how there’s ambient temperature sensors (one inside, one outside) which works together with the automatic yeast dispenser and electronics + sensors to automatically set the time for proofing.

      The older and more basic models can’t do that and sometimes the bread that comes out is undersized or has uneven ingredient distribution. I think the newer ones are worth the price, seen a few with similar features for about the same price range too (RM 800 – RM 1,200).

      I think you get the features you pay for, the lower end models is basically an oven set to bread maker mode while higher end ones are real bread makers which can produce a perfect loaf each time.

      You know, I have never tried making macadamia nut butter before. Haha! I wish I had bought some back coz macadamias are relatively cheaper (and fresher) in Australia and I just came back from NSW. I have a food processor, but I think I’ll need quite a lot of nuts to make butter – how many kgs do you use?

      • I’ve never made nut butter, but I’ve seen it in YouTube, how nut butter is made.. You need A LOT of nuts (of your choice), and a powerful blender..From the video, I assume 5 handfuls for a small jar? Just blend blend blend, it only takes 25 minutes from the moment you blend your nuts til you get a buttery texture, like in your picture..

  4. Hey, what model is yr Panasonic bread maker? Tr earlier post states that the price is Rm 899. Where did you get it? Can it bake cake too? Am undecided between Panasonic and Zojirushi. Apparently Zojirushi bakes cake in addition to bread.


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