My visit to Bandar Tasik Puteri in Rawang

Bandar Tasik Puteri

Bandar Tasik Puteri is a beautiful township in Rawang with a 27-hole golf course designed by Australian Golf Management located just 18 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. I just went to check out the area during the weekend with Namee Roslan, Denise, Li Vian, and Nicole from Low Yat Group and I was very impressed!

BTP Development

It’s becoming the largest and most active development north of Kuala Lumpur. Bandar Tasik Puteri is described as the “dawn of a perfect township” and I couldn’t agree more.

Bandar Tasik Puteri Country Club

Enveloped by lush terrain, greenery and sparkling lakes, Bandar Tasik Puteri is the ultimate suburban sanctuary. You can feel the difference just by driving down the main road lined with palm trees!

Bandar Tasik Puteri Map

This sprawling 2,670 acre Bandar Tasik Puteri township is surrounded by Kuang, Kundang, Batu Arang and Rawang Town (collectively known as part of North Klang Valley).

Bandar Tasik Puteri Legend

Bandar Tasik Puteri is located in a steadily increasing development area with major access to highways – it’s just 400 meters away from the BTP Interchange of the LATAR Highway which will be completed in 2016.


The BTP Interchange will make travelling to KL just a short 18 minutes!

Bandar Tasik Puteri me

We met with Mr. Lee Kok Wah (Project Director of Bandar Tasik Puteri) and Mr. Jason Hoh (Manager of Sales & Marketing) and they were kind enough to take us on a tour around the whole Bandar Tasik Puteri area. The township is developed by Low Yat Group and there’s currently:

  • 2 primary schools
  • 1 secondary school
  • 1 Islamic school
  • 3 polyclinics and 2 specialists
  • 8 mini markets
  • 1 mosque

in addition to the weekly night and wet markets, automobile service centres, furniture retailers, parks, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and petrol stations!

Bandar Tasik Puteri Golf Club

The Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club also has 27-holes for anyone interested in golfing and best of all, there’s no membership dues. This is one of the few golf courses open to the public – you just have to pay a green fee to play on the breathtaking course, another great thing is that the Golf company Jack Grace Gives Back and many events take place in these courses.The Zip Series Navigator is the flagship model of MGI electric golf caddy range and features a full-directional remote control allowing golfers to roam free and focus more on their game. To know more about remote golf caddy visit us here.

Bandar Tasik Puteri Swimming Pool

There are also swimming pools at the rustic country club and a new development called BTP Recreation & Sport Club offering modern gyms and sports facilities.

Bandar Tasik Puteri Construction

You can see the developments currently underway for the residential projects in Bandar Tasik Puteri. There are presently four (4) developments for the public:

  • Garden Heights, Phase 5 (2-Storey Terrace House, 2,214 sq ft, 20′ x 75′)
  • SEIRING East (Semi-Detached House, 3,173 sq ft, 40′ x 80′)
  • Acacia Park, Phase 1 (2-Storey Terrace House, 1,660 sq ft, 18′ x 80′)
  • Medan Puteri 2 (3-Storey Shop Office, 4,280 – 8,714 sq ft, 20′ x 75′)


Here’s where the Bandar Tasik Puteri – LATAR Highway Interchange is being built. The entire Bandar Tasik Puteri area will be connected with a ring road after construction – providing yet another bypass and more commercial opportunities to the area.

Bandar Tasik Puteri houses

There were also models of houses that is currently under construction in the Bandar Tasik Puteri area.

Bandar Tasik Puteri Golf

You’ll love the place – it’s secure, modern and located in the fastest growing township north of Kuala Lumpur! Bandar Tasik Puteri is a great place for investment – in addition to the housing developments, there are office buildings and commercial centres being built to make this a modern and vibrant new township.

BTP Golf Club

I can foresee that the Bandar Tasik Puteri area under development by Low Yat Group will be very popular, especially with the developments that’s already there plus the ones they are implementing for the future, together with infrastructure like petrol stations and highways to fuel the growth!

Bandar Tasik Puteri Sales

The thing I like the most about the place is that the area beside it is a no-build area so you’ll be sure of having greenery when you look out! There will be a launch of the new housing development Acacia Park Phase 1 at Bandar Tasik Puteri. Details of the event as below:

Date: 8-9 November 2014 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 11 am to 7 pm
Venue: Bandar Tasik Puteri New Sales Gallery
GPS: 3.296563, 101.485187

The event would an informational one as Ishmael Ho from Ho Chin Soon Research will be giving a property talk at the event on 8th November, 3pm. Parents, please do not hesitate to bring your family along as there will be games and activities for kids and free buffet!

If you are interested, think no further and check the event this coming weekend yourself!

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17 thoughts on “My visit to Bandar Tasik Puteri in Rawang”

    • I’m interested in the Bandar Tasik Puteri area! 🙂

      It seems like an awesome place for an investment, I’ll be doing to the Acacia Park Phase 1 launch event on Saturday to get more details. I’ve seen the plot where the 2-Storey terrace houses would be built and I like that there’s a no-build area around it so you can at least see greenery when you look out.

      The roads are lined with palm trees too – very serene area.

  1. You are buying a house there? Rawang, too far, but nowhere is too far now.. KL/PJ/Subang/Cheras, no more affordable properties already.. Not even Kajang/Semenyih.. People are travelling to work from Nilai-KL-Nilai daily, and it’s not surprising.. Nice place, nice view, and in a few years, it would develop, just like Puchong/Sg.Long. People said those place weren’t not a good buy many many years ago, but now, look at Puchong, one word – congested and almost fully developed.

    • I’m interested to know more for a potential investment! 🙂

      There’s a launch for the Acacia Park Phase 1 this Saturday which I’ll be going to to learn more. I’ve seen the show units, the place is surprisingly HUGE for a 18′ x 80′ lot.

      I had a (preconceived) idea of how it would look like based on the specs but it’s a lot larger than I expected and the second floor has ultra high ceilings, which I like a lot.

      Yeah, I know what you mean, the Southern Klang Valley area is already overdeveloped so the Northern Klang Valley area is getting a lot of attention now. I don’t think Rawang is far at all, especially after the BTS Interchange to LATAR highway is built.

      I currently need at least 40 minutes to reach KL (just moved a couple of months ago – I used to live right in KL, 8 minutes to the city without jam) and I agree, there’s a lot of people commuting from long distances now e.g. I have a friend who drives down from Seremban 2 to work every day.

      Bandar Tasik Puteri would be a perfect balance – and I like how the area has a golf course and an emphasis on keeping the area green with parks and palm trees lining the roads.

    • It’s very competitively priced! 🙂

      I’m not sure if I can reveal the exact prices yet, since the Acacia Park Phase 1 launch event is on Saturday but I already went to Bandar Tasik Puteri last week and the cost for a 18′ x 80′ 2-Storey terrace house is very appealing to me.

      I would love to have it for investment purposes – the returns would definitely be better than any bank FD can offer. It’s around RM 400k per unit and the ROI would be quite high for this area.

  2. My area also not bad. Many new developments. Within 2 yrs. house price here had doubled.

    Further in a bit IJM Land building Semi-D. Going for half mil only. My side DS already half mil. They building new phase RM490K .Nearly fully grabbed by people

    • Nice! Double the price in two years! 🙂

      That sounds very good indeed. Yeah, your place is a nice place but it’s more for staying rather than investing.

      I’m interested in investing in the Bandar Tasik Puteri area coz I’ve heard estimates of 30% increase after the BTP Interchange to LATAR Highway is completed. That sounds like great value.

      Thanks for the information Kathy!

  3. Sounds attractive for those looking for a home with greenery. I would be interested in the 18 x 80 endlots or corner lots units. How much do they cost?

    • Hello Mun! 🙂

      I’m sorry to report that ALL the corner units / end lots for Acacia Park Phase 1 is already *sold out*. There are still a few intermediate units though.

      The corner lots are very popular coz of the extra space beside it – Low Yat Group has the show units up already beside their Bandar Tasik Puteri Sales Gallery and I went last weekend to see it – it’s surprisingly big for 18′ x 80′ and the second floor has ultra high ceilings.

      There are other developments there too though – Garden Heights Phase 5 is one of them, or SEIRING East if you want a semi-detached house.

      I’m going to the Acacia Park launch this weekend and I’m interested to see how much the Acacia Park Phase 2 corner lots will be going for. It’s the next phase that’s going to be developed – I’ll get back to you when I come back Mun.

  4. Look have a good potential for first time buyer trying to own a landed house. But does most of the pic in this page is took by you. Cause i been there and dont seem like the scenery got that nice.

    • Hi Jonathan! 🙂

      The scenery is pretty good actually. The golf club is a bit rustic but they maintain it quite well and the new Sales Office is really nice.

      All the photos with the “” watermark was taken by me. The photos without were from the press/media kit.

      It’s a very nice place for a first/starter house, I’m interested in it too.


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