New fountain fireworks from Italy that lasts 5 minutes!

Illegal Fireworks Stall Malaysia

I was shopping at the local wet market during the weekend when I saw a fireworks stall that has something very unusual – it’s a boxy fountain “cake” format firework that has all Italian writing. Best of all, it’s *new* – the manufacture date listed is 2014! This was the only shop that carries it and the person didn’t know the price, that’s how current the stock was.

Fontana Ferro di Cavallo

There’s actually two groups/gangs selling fireworks there – one has a yellow tablecloth and the other blue, but their stock is essentially the same. I was given a brochure listing all their products and everything was similar. However, this stall had one interesting stand-out that no other stall had – a strange Italian fountain. I knew it was a fountain coz it doesn’t have the holes/tubes that aerial fireworks shells has, but it’s in the format of a cake.

New Italian Fountain Fireworks

I was quite intrigued by the firework seller’s cell phone notes which goes “Lasts for 5 minutes! Price = ???” and since he couldn’t reach his boss for the actual price and no one else was selling it, I compelled him to let it go for RM 25. smirk I thought that was a great bargain for a new firework that I’ve never heard of.

Fountain Fireworks Mechanics

I let it off for my better half and the kids to see since Chinese New Year is coming up soon – it didn’t last 5 minutes, but it was close, it was over 4 minutes! It’s basically an array of 3 rows of 5 firework fountains chained together into a cake, as you can see when I tear off the top. You can see the Sunsong Fireworks logo at the other (bottom) side of the top cover, it might have been an OEM for Jupiter Fireworks. Here’s a video of the new Italian firework:

It’s an interesting mix of traditional fountains and some shooting effects and the color mixture is nice, but it’s the duration that’s the USP – I’ve never seen a fountain last this long for commercial fireworks (not counting professional ones). It might have really lasted a *full 5 minutes* as the packaging Italian text suggests since the original format seems to be in a horseshoe shape and apparently radiates outwards in an arc before coming back, easily adding another minute to the display.

Horseshoe Fountain

This Jupiter made Fontana Ferro di Cavallo (Horseshoe Fountain) is an awesome buy (and a hell of a deal) for RM 25 but I suspect it won’t be that price when they finalize the price list – it doesn’t make sense to sell 15 fountains for RM 1.60 each (it’s 5 fountains x 3 for a 15 firework array). Even the 12” cone fountains already retail for RM 35 and doesn’t last nearly as long.

Horseshoe Fireworks

I suspect this is a Chinese divert though, the original is really in the shape of a horseshoe and has about 3 of these connected together, as can be seen in the Jupiter 2014/2015 Italian catalogue (Page 17). It’s common for Chinese manufacturers to divert and resell partly assembled fireworks to other countries – a horseshoe shaped firework cake would be really hard to package economically, especially when it’s illegal here so it’s cheaper and more effective to smuggle in and sell one flat section.

Burned Fountain

It has a bit of a flaw though, maybe due to the departure from the original horseshoe shaped design – the firework fountain got REALLY HOT at the end (unusually so) and it ended up *burning up* after it was finished. This could also be due to the strong wind though, but I suspect it was meant to go a lot further down the arc before coming back which led to the overheating issue.

Fountain Fireworks Italy

Still, the diverse colors and crackling effects makes this a pretty awesome sequential fireworks fountain cake…and you can’t beat the price! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “New fountain fireworks from Italy that lasts 5 minutes!”

    • Haha! No, I haven’t got my Sibu fireworks this year yet! 🙂

      This one is from KL, we bought it at a wet market over the weekend and let it off for Chinese New Year. I got the kids some Pop Pop impact fireworks as well, the safe ones you throw on the floor, last time it used to be shaped like a round ball with a mouse tail, now it’s just shaped like a thin rod!

  1. Call me boring, but not a fan of fireworks.. When I was young, I grew up with this statement from parents “if you play fireworks, you will lose your fingers and toes”.. Geee, never like fireworks because of the noise and all also la..

    • I’m a huge fan of fireworks! 🙂

      I played them when I was a little kid coz my dad taught me how to light them and not to be afraid and how to be safe and held my hand when I couldn’t touch the fuse. It’s good bonding time.

      I bought the kids the Pop Pop fireworks too, the ones which you throw to the ground. It’s safe and all young kids love them. Now it’s shaped like a thin matchstick instead of the round ball with mouse tail that we used to know.

    • Yeah, KL is not as firework friendly as Sibu! 🙂

      There’s not as much choice also, but I bought a few just coz Chinese New Year is around the corner so I wanted a small fireworks display show for the kids and my better half to see. The best one this year (from KL) is surprisingly a single shot aerial break for RM 10.

      It’s even more beautiful than some of the 3″ display grade shells, this one had triple effects (comet tail, sparkling rain, and dual burst). I haven’t uploaded the videos for those, will write about the rest in one shot later.


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