Driving with Shell V-Power Racing!


The first time I experienced Shell V-Power Racing was earlier this year. I liked how it works for me, so I did a bit of reading up. To my surprise, I found out that it’s the first performance fuel in Malaysia, which has been around for 10 years! Can’t believe that it’s been around for a decade and I only got to know about in it 2016!


Anyway, I tested it out recently and was pleasantly surprised, which was when I started using Shell V-Power Racing. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks since and it’s been very beneficial to me, as someone who drives a lot every day, a road warrior if you will (though not the Mad Max kind). You can really feel the performance when accelerating from a dead stop.

V-Power Racing

Shell V-Power Racing is formulated by 120 scientists and specialists around the world dedicated to the research and development of fuel. When you start accelerating from traffic lights (for example), you can really feel the fuel unlock a lot more power from the engine and better yet, it’s now Euro 4M compliant, so the emission standards are better for modern Euro 4-compliant cars too.

Shell develops the fuel by leveraging its Technical Partnership with Ferrari. Shell V-Power Racing contains a unique double action formulation, which is designed to unlock the potential of your car and actively clean your engine, in addition to reducing friction to produce more power. Awesome stuff!

Shell V-Power Racing uses the same Friction Modification Technology (FMT) used in Shell V-Power race fuel by Ferrari Formula 1 cars. It’s designed to reduce friction by introducing a surface coating component, which protects critical engine parts. I really like how Shell V-Power Racing cleans my engine while I’m driving and I’m sure that will have a lot of benefits down the road.

Shell V-Power Racing also helps unlock valuable energy by enabling a more efficient energy transfer from the fuel to the wheels. The way Shell V-Power Racing removes existing deposits can also enhance the responsiveness of your engine and with regular usage, Shell V-Power Racing can even help maintain a new car’s performance and in some cases, even recapture an engine’s performance!

Interesting fact: Shell V-Power race fuel supplied to Scuderia Ferrari’s Formula 1 team contains at least 99% of the same types of compounds normally found in the Shell V-Power Racing road fuel we get in Shell stations in Malaysia!

It’s nice to finally have a performance fuel, which not only actively cleans your engine, but is also formulated to reduce friction in critical engine areas and deliver high performance. These benefits are designed to give you an edge throughout the day, whether you are making short or long trips.

Shell Euro4M

Shell V-Power Racing is now available in over 45 stations around Malaysia. Drive into your nearest Shell station now or check out the list of stations where Shell V-Power Racing is available.

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14 thoughts on “Driving with Shell V-Power Racing!”

  1. I was aware that they have this Shell V Power racing which really boosts up the power a lot. Since my company pays for my petrol, I used to abuse my status and pumped this sometimes!! LOL… I felt guilty because I gave out orders that staff could only pump FuelSave95… la la la la laaaaa

    • Yeah, the Shell Racing fuel is pretty nice! πŸ™‚

      They only have it at a few select stations though, easiest for me is the one on LDP on the way to Kota Damansara. I tried to find it in Sibu and then realized no stations in Sarawak carries Shell Racing, only in Peninsula.

  2. I heard about V Power gives better performance to the car too..but I usually pump FuelSave95, if the price has not much difference I do not mind pump V power.

    • Technically, all similar specs e.g. RON95 should be similar. πŸ™‚

      It’s just the higher end ones like Shell Racing where it’s different from other products. They tweak the fuel and optimize it so it’s unlike any other fuel products out there.

    • Ah, yeah I guess hardly anyone drives in Japan with the awesome public transport eh? πŸ™‚

      Even in the dramas and movies, I see everyone taking the train.

  3. i find that some shell station owners like the one opposite OUG plaza. the petrol does not give power and my car engine does not sound right, after pumping shell petrol at that particular station. The shell station operators mix kerosene inside to make fast profit. Hence car does not operate properly and does not have power, in fact lost of power. I have since switch to BP petrol which has more power and my engine does not have knocking noise.

    • I’ve never heard of anything like adding kerosene to gas before! πŸ™‚

      All petrol stations will add a small amount of benzene to their gasoline, this is to prevent the knocking sound you’re referring to. However, environmental restrictions have led to less and less benzene being added, this is a global regulation thing, so maybe that’s why you experience this noise. I’ve personally never noticed it though…


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