Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

Hokkaido Ice Cream

Hokkaido milk is loaded with one of the highest butterfat content numbers I’ve ever seen. The 4.8% milk fat from local cows is higher than any “whole milk” product in the US and Australia. It tastes more like half and half or cream. I was truly impressed by the extraordinarily creamy milk they have. Thus, when we passed by this little mom-and-pop ice cream parlor in Otaru, we immediately went in and got one…even though it’s the middle of winter.

Ice Cream Sign

They even have a little sign out front which tells you to be careful with your cone should you take photos of it, lest it tip over. I found that hilarious, the lengths to which the Japanese go to be considerate is quite amazing. Of course, I’ve had Hokkaido milk before, but it’s the inferior 3.8% stuff they sell in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve also had mind-blowingly delicious Channel Island milk while I was backpacking in the United Kingdom.

Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

However, the ice cream made from Hokkaido milk in Sapporo is peerless. The best specimen we had was near Chitose when we just arrived, and the 8-flavor ice cream cone is pretty decent too. This one was slightly disappointing compared to those but at 300 JPY (about RM 12) you can’t really complain. It was still better than any ice cream I’ve had in Malaysia. The high milk fat in Hokkaido milk makes the ice cream taste so creamy and rich we had to eat it, despite the cold weather. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream”

  1. Well, speaking from experience, only hardcore ice cream fans would actually eat ice cream no matter what the season is. *winks* As they say, you pay for what you get – and for the price of about RM 12, I think it’s quite okay. =)

  2. Wow! Another yummy ice cream post. I didn’t try any milk ice cream on cones. This means I must go to Hokkaido to try lah…..

    Everyday I bought a small tub of fruit milk ice cream from 7-Eleven in Tokyo and Osaka as I seriously got addicted to it like cocaine. Then my Japanese ex room mate told me that one is now a big new craze in Japan where these tubs run out of stock daily!! So laku and I cursed him for not telling me earlier as I didn’t photograph them to blog like you. Why I am so blurr in my blogging?? Kekekeke

  3. I’m always amazed by how meticulous and creative japanese are when it comes to those little decorations at their shops. The same goes for their cuisine where they are very particular about the presentation of the food!


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