How to write 300 Word Essay


Some things to remember

Even though a 300 word essay may not be a lot of words, the focus here is not on the amount of words but on what it contains. The most important part of any essay will always be those points which is most important and therefore they will have to be stated right at the start of that essay. Such an opening statement otherwise known as a thesis statement should provide at least a brief overview of what will be contained in the other main sections. Every subsequent paragraph is expected to deal only with its own part of the essay topic. Something which is always problematic when writing a relatively short essay of 300 words is the limitation which is placed on the essay writer because they are expected to fit all of the relative information into that short essay. This is why they will always require a lot of planning and the entire project will have to be carefully thought through in order to ensure that everything is exactly right. You should really pay attention to the topic which you have been provided for that essay. You need to give it a whole lot of thought in order to allow you to be able to provide content which will be satisfactory and interesting.

Answer the questions as fully as possible

Not only should you answer the question which is alluded to in your topic but you should also provide adequate proof as to why you are convinced of your answer. In a 300 word essay there really is no time or space for fancy stuff and neither is there any room for detours since all of the words available to you will be vital in order to prove your point and to substantiate your arguments. Therefore the moment you start working on your topic you should be able to come up were approximately three main points and you should have convincing arguments to substantiate them and these should be organized into an intelligent outline for your essay. Not everybody like to be constrained by a stiff outline but the fact remains that such an outline can really help the essay writer to stick to the main objective of that essay.

A basic essay outline

In most cases it will be an excellent idea to start with that first topic sentence. That sentence should then be backed up by at least 3 supportive arguments. And each of these should have at least two statements to support that argument. This should be followed by the closing statement where everything should be taken together. This sounds very easy but it is important to ensure that there is an attractive flow to your entire outline. Furthermore you should take great care to ensure that all the supporting ideas is intelligent and sensible and they should also appear in the correct order. Sometimes it is necessary to ask the opinion of a fellow student or someone else who will be able to remain objective in order to ensure that your content is flowing easily and logically. If there is any doubt it will be better to pay attention to the points which may be troubling you before you complete your essay.

Pay attention to your format

You should really spend some time on the format of your essay. The traditionally accepted norm for an essay is three paragraphs but in a relatively short essay it is also acceptable practice to use only one essay paragraph. However in most cases the three paragraph format still provides the most maneuverability. Most people prefer this format because it is considered to be easier to read although there is nothing wrong with a single paragraph essay because 300 words is really relatively short. Some people will avoid the three paragraph essay format simply because they simply do not know how it should be approached. Fortunately there is more than enough information available online especially from Do My Essay which is a professional essay writing service. There should be an opening paragraph which is the section where you are attempting to capture the attention of the reader. It should provide a quality statement which will catch the attention of the reader. This should be followed by at least one sentence which will provide support for that initial statement and should also be a connecting statement for the content which follows. This should now be followed by the actual thesis which will basically be an outline which describes what the paragraph is about and this should also include the main points of the paragraph.

The main body of your essay

Once again you should allow an inclusion of the topic sentence which should be able to set forth exactly what that paragraph is going to contain. It should also be an effective transition between the opening paragraph and the main body of that essay. It will be useful to use three paragraphs in the main body and each of these should provide a thought provoking argument with at least two supportive arguments each. This should be followed by the closing paragraph and this should provide a rewording of your opening statement and it should be done in such a way that it completely summarizes your entire essay.

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