BB Hailam Chicken Rice @ Bukit Bintang


I went to BB Hailam Chicken Rice at Bukit Bintang for lunch after
mass today. We were in the area coz I thought the KL Horse Fair and the
Shetland ponies were still at Lot 10. Anyway, the chicken rice was
good, this is what I had:


Here’s a close up of the chicken:


It’s a boneless drumstick…mmm, and the sauce is very delicious!


This is one of the side dishes – kerabu with chicken feet. I didn’t
order it, it tasted interesting to say the least. Too vinegary for my
tastes but the chicken feet was okay, it’s boneless as well.


The middle dish is the chicken rice var roasted. The one I had is
steamed. Anyway, it’s great if you like your chicken rice with the
tender and boneless drumstick saturated with salty chicken essence. I
loved it.

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