Upper Class Fried Rice

upper class fried rice menu

I saw this intriguing menu item while having dinner – it’s called Upper Class Fried Rice and weighs in at a respectable RM 25. It has to be the most expensive fried rice I’ve ever seen! Naturally, I was pretty curious about just what an “Upper Class Fried Rice” contains. I wanted to see what justifies the larger-than-life price tag since the second highest priced item (Golden Fried Rice – slightly less expensive at RM 22) comes with salmon roe topping.

upper class fried rice

Thus, I asked the waitress about the ingredients in this so-called Upper Class Fried Rice (RM 25, just in case you forgot). Apparently, this Atas Fried Rice (as @retardedly_cute calls it) contains asparagus, shallots and other premium ingredients. I just had to try it.

upper class fried rice rm25

I usually can’t eat fried rice as a standalone dish (coz I’m a bit of a carnivore…need meat) but I finished this dish. It’s quite good. My friends who sampled the dish concurred – the rice was fried really well (individual grains instead of clumps) and it tasted “fresh”. The best thing about the rice is surprisingly the humble egg. The restaurant uses egg whites only and it came out really fluffy. It still doesn’t justify the RM 25 price tag though.

This begs the question…is there a Lower Class Fried Rice for RM 2.50?

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