9 am deadline!


My apologies, I don’t have time to post the review of the best nasi
ayam I’ve eaten in KL now, but the picture above was taken there. It’s
a small sidelane beside Genting Plaza. I’ll write a full review chock
full of photos tonight ok? I have to rush off to work now, I’ve gotta 9
am deadline to meet, I arrived home at around midnight last night and I
didn’t sleep but fear not, my l33t *cough* programming sk1llz have not
suffered due to that. I know it’s early to be heading to work, I don’t
know if there’s anyone in right now, but I have the key anyway, since I
was the last one to leave last night.

Oh yeah, if anyone knows about a reliable (99.5% MIMIMUM uptime)
host which has been in the business for at least 2 years please leave a
comment. I need 1 GB of space minimum, 30 GB data transfer minimum, and
no restriction on content (willing to host castitas.com). VPS/VDS
solutions would be great, but not necessary. Multiple domain support is
essential. No hosts which has quotas on “multimedia files” since I have
a lot of images. My budget is US$ 20 per month maximum. No hidden fees,
preferably allows hosting on a monthly/quarterly basis to test speed
and reliability.

Does anyone have any suggestions? A lot of hosts has really strict
T&C’s, is there anyone who’s hosted with a good host which fits the
above criteria? Also, a host which has no restriction of filetypes
would be good ie allows MP3, MPEG, AVI files. I know this is asking a
lot for US$ 20 but if there’s anyone who’s aware of any hosts which
goes slightly above that price with all the features above, please
leave a message. I’m tired of browsing the WHT forums and I’m very
interested in ultraunix.net, they’ve great solutions and feedback, but
I would preferably go with a company that’s not in Malaysia (no
offence) due to the possibility of Malaysian authorities exerting
pressure on Malaysian hosts to access server logs and such, which would
violate the privacy of veritas.

I need a reliable host quick, visitors increase each month and so
does bandwidth usage. 40k visitors a month with my large front page
size = killer bandwidth fees. Oh right, the hosting company must not
have daily caps on visitors since I get over 1.3k a day. I have no use
for multiple email accounts and mailing lists but a catch-all address
is mandatory. I have my own domains, so free domain offers are not
necessary, though it’s a plus. Oh yeah, PHP, CGI, PERL, custom error
pages, access to raw visitor logs and MySQL databases (not looking for
“unlimited” but a reasonably sufficient number) is a must. I also don’t
need extras like scripts, FrontPage extensions, eCommerce stuff etc,
I’m basically just looking for a UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD host with cPanel
and I need phpMyAdmin too. Reasonable rates (US$ 3 or lower per GB) for
excess bandwidth would be good. NO SHUTTING DOWN THE SITE FOR EXCEEDING
BANDWIDTH! I would not go with a host who does that. SSH access is a
big bonus. Where are you all hosted? Thanks in advance!

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