Victim, eh?


Okay, I should probably address this coz I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. I have no idea who this “Victim” is. Interesting, huh? It’s a regular fucking mystery. LOL!

Nevertheless, I am sorry that a lot of you out there got spammed by this idiot. Thanks for calling/texting me about it and/or deleting his comments. I appreciate that! He has been posting stuff about me for months…and to add insult to injury, it’s always the same copy! I can’t have that, the copywriter in me balks at such sloth and ineptitude. :p

The dude probably has a text document on his Desktop which he clicks on every now and then to initiate the grand tradition of copy and paste in other blogs comments. That’s really immature; if you’ve got a problem with me, take it up with me. I used to be irked by this Anonymous Coward doing his rounds and going on a smear campaign, but now I just find it funny. I’m so detached that I shall address him here:

Hello, I would like to warn as many girls as i can, please beware of Poh Huai Bin, keep yourself (or keep your girlfriend,wife-to-be or wife) away from him as far as you can. This fellow treats girls as his toys, he thought himself is a playboy and like to play fool on girls.

I’ll let my ex-girlfriend reply this one.
Fly_away says (10:22 AM):
no worries..i’m alright.. i know you’re not that bad…and i always remind you.. someone up there loves you..

One of his hobbies is to grab other guys’ girlfriend, wife-to-be or wife.

Yes, the person I loved the most (the pharmacist) was attached when I got to know her…but she was also going to break it off with her boyfriend. It’s just one of the things that happen – I didn’t even know she had one until we both fell head-over-heels. She dumped me for work-related reasons, but I harbor no ill-feelings or regrets. Don’t tell me you haven’t encountered situations like this in the past…and if you haven’t, I pity you. However, it’s not my “hobby”, that was just an unfortunate twist of events. Case closed.

Once you fall into his love trap, at the beginning he will treat you very nice, of course, doing many romantic things make you happy. But, this won’t be long, once he gets bored on you, he will show his true colors, treat you as cold as ice, woo other girls, dump you at home everyday and he goes out looking for happiness himself. If you quarrel with him, he will just say :” that’s me, i can’t change, if you are unhappy, just break up.”

LOL! I have never ever done that to any of my ex-girlfriends. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

I really never mean to spoil his name, I’m here just to tell the truth, i really don’t hope other girls will fall into his trap and become his victim again.

O rly? You “really never mean to spoil my name”? Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing by doing this? Are you really that deluded to think that you’re on some noble mission? LOL!

I have posted on his blog to remind other girls but he deleted it, so i choose to post this to your blogs, just wish you all beware of Poh Huai Bin.

Yes, coz you’re damn annoying and your comments have no relevance whatever to the post. You can comment on this one though – this is all about you. πŸ™‚

One more secret thing i wish to share with you all is that this bastard’s “little brother” is really small.. i really got no feel making love with him, he is such a poor thing in that way.

Equivalent exchange. With one hand God giveth, and with the other taketh away. I’ve always been honest about my size. It’s small, but everyone knows that coz I’ve always maintained that it is! No feel eh? Well, of course, I don’t even know you! πŸ™‚

Okay, open and shut. My apologies to everyone who got spammed by this idiot. I honestly don’t know who it is, and while my policy has always been “Do not feed the trolls” I feel that I owe a lot of you a proper explanation, especially the ones who took the trouble to get in touch with me about the issue. Cheers for that! πŸ™‚

On a lighter note, lemme share this hilarious comment by Jhnhth:

Hello, I would like to warn as many readers as i can, please beware that Sixth Seal(TM) is incredibly habit-forming and may cause laughter, shock, envy, sympathy, warm feelings, and occasional tears. If you blog and jealously covet monogamous, one-blog-only readers, keep them away from Sixth Seal if you can. This fellow treats readers to incredibly entertaining stories, great photos of the aforementioned HB hanging out and having fun, (usually in the company of pretty girls), and a real and (generally) unvarnished look at a fellow human being’s life. One of his hobbies is to write an interesting blog that quickly becomes an essential part of your daily routine. I don’t mean to spoil his name, I am just here to tell the truth. One more secret thing i wish to share with you all is that this dude often wears red underpants.

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