This contraption saves lives

water bidet

This innocent looking water bidet has been (and still is) a source of much convenience for me this weekend. I’m down with the flu and it came with one hell of a stomach flu to boot. I started falling really sick on Friday and had to leave halfway during an event on Saturday to go to the doctor.

I’m feeling better now but everything I eat comes out double time on the other side. Hell, even a fucking sip of water makes me run to the toilet after 5 minutes. I also pooped in my pants while taking a piss last night. >.<

I contemplated using TP but the frequency of my toilet sessions would make even the softest and most environmentally unfriendly 3-ply toilet paper akin to sandpaper, slowly pulverizing  my anus until I’m JC (coz I don’t have an asshole so I’ll be the nicest guy on earth, geddit?).

A water bidet comes in very handy (pardon the pun) at times like this.

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