Chinese New Year in Sibu

A photo story

stringing firecrackers

There’s the stringing of firecrackers over the balcony to avoid using the unwieldy pole method.

shun lee hung cloth

The lesser form of firecrackers (Shun Lee Hung) doesn’t sound as
loud nor does it have a lucky banner (it has a cloth instead) but is a
common replacement considering the dearth of the traditional “fuck you”
loud ass Chinese firecrackers.

firecrackers second floor

We wait for the clock to strike 12 am.

burning firecrackers

Everyone lets off their firecrackers at the stroke of midnight.

red carpet

A red carpet lies in our wake.

dual chai lei

Other shenanigans like lighting two (or three, or four) firecrackers at once can be attempted at this point.

sibu 1

It’s not Sibu if there isn’t a man made fog after midnight! πŸ™‚

sibu 2

We won’t have it any other way. Here in Sibu, Sarawak, we aim to scare away the nien ghost the only way we know how to – light the fuses comrades! πŸ˜‰

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