kch sibu 6pm

I’ll be flying back to Sibu (my hometown) straight after work
tomorrow for the long Labor Day holidays! My flight departs at 6:00 PM
which would make me have to be as nimble as…er, what’s that guy’s
name again? Jack? to catch my flight. I’m going home in the guise of
visiting my family and loved ones, but just between you and me, I’ve
also been meaning to:

1. Say hello to my pharmacy friend.
That should be read as “get restricted pharmaceuticals from my friend
who owns a pharmacy”. πŸ˜‰ This is not a pharmacy that’s in the same
group as the plethora of Mickey Mouse pharmacies out there, mind. He
has a real pharmacy, with everything a real pharmacy has to offer – amphetamine type stimulants, opiate agonists and BENZODIAZEPINES! =D
Word of the day: Mickey Mouse pharmacy
A derogatory term referring to the “pharmacies” that does not have a
license to carry or sell restricted (recreational) pharmaceuticals and
only carries the standard, over the counter (OTC) stuff. A useless
store, in other words.

2. Say hello to my favorite physician
That should be read as “get clonazepam from my liberal doctor”. πŸ˜‰ Now
here’s a Doctor With Balls who’s not afraid to script you as many
clonazepam tablets as you want, as long as you pay RM 1.10 per tablet
for 2 mg Roche Rivotril ones and RM 0.80 for 2 mg generic Rivopam ones.
Prices goes down in bulk, the amount is only limited by your budget. I
think I’ve spoke highly of him before, when I noticed that he started
producing various bottles and blister packs of the stock he carries
without any questions, when I went doctor shopping.
Word of the day: Doctor With Balls (DWB)
The esteemed title reserved for a doctor who doesn’t hem and haw like a
pussy when you ask for benzodiazepines. A medical practitioner who
answers “How many tablets and what kind do you want?” to the question
“Can I have some benzodiazepines?”

Thus, the next post I’ll be making would be from my hometown – the proud and mighty (and sedating, I might add) Sibu, Sarawak!

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