Levi’s Red Tab Jacket Lot # 71361

levis store sibu

I was walking around the shopping centres in Sibu today when I noticed that a Levi’s store has opened up in Wisma Sanyan. I’m in Sibu now coz I have a work related project to attend to tomorrow morning.

levis store sibu interior

I’m not usually inclined to go shopping and that wasn’t the agenda
when I drove out, but somehow, I ended up buying a whole lot of stuff.
I saw this Levi’s Red Tab Jacket that I liked instantly and it turned out to be a perfect fit so I got it.

levis store sibu red tab

There were Red Loop jeans but to be honest, I’m not
a big fan of Levi’s, preferring my denim to come from Quiksilver. The
jacket I got is made of a non-denim fabric that strikes the perfect
balance between insulating and comfort.

levis store sibu red tab jacket

This is the Levi’s Red Tab Jacket (Lot # 71361) that I got for RM
270. I like the slight weight it generates when it’s worn. It’s a great

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