Quantum of Solace

gsc bond

I went to watch the latest 007 in GSC Mid Valley yesterday, and it’s every bit as good as everyone says. I prefer Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s premiere as a slightly awkward MI6 agent, but Quantum of Solace is the film that really showcases his talents as the troubled, misunderstood James Bond.

I love Daniel Craig (in a strictly heterosexual way) and there is much character development in the latest movie that explores the Bond character much more than the “suave devil-may-care playboy” one-sided portrayal in the previous incarnations. Daniel Craig shows his emotions and sets the background to the persona he (or rather Bond) later becomes.

gsc bond stout

It’s well worth the RM 80 I paid for Gold Class tickets at GSC (RM 40 per person for an exclusive viewing experience). Best enjoyed with caramel popcorn and a pint of Guinness.

gsc toilet

P/S –
I come from ulu ulu Sarawak so I found the GSC Gold Class lounge to be very the canggih. Even the toilets have this nifty red button you can push to dispense a brand new seat liner for maximum hygiene purposes.


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