Adios Motherfucker – Something wicked this way comes…

The Adios Motherfucker (AMF) cocktail is a time honored (well, maybe
not, but saying “time honored” is as fun as saying “Adios,
Motherfucker”) one which usually is made up of:

Vodka (15 ml)
Rum (15 ml)
Tequila (15 ml)
Gin (15 ml)
Triple Sec (15 ml)

topped up with Sour mix and 7-Up (60 ml each).

I decided to go for something stronger and the bartender and Luconia
managed to cook up something even better. It’s a variation of the AMF
so I’m going to call it “Something wicked this way comes…” which
sounds pretty cool, but Cherie pointed out one major flaw in it:

Cherie: That’s a really long name, man. I can’t really say to a customer “Oh, do you want to try Something wicked this way comes”.

…which is a really good point. “Something Wicked” it is then. It
rolls off the tongue nicely too, “Do you want to try Something Wicked?”.

Anyway, this particular drink is made up of:

Gordon’s Gin (30 ml)
Bacardi Rum (30 ml)
Vodka (30 ml)
Tequila (30 ml)
Whisky (30 ml)
Triple Sec (30 ml)

topped up with lager (beer) and Guinness Stout. It’s a bit stronger
than AMF due to the topping up with alcoholic drinks (beer and stout)
instead of non-alcoholic mixers (sour mix and 7-Up).

adios motherfucker

Download: Something Wicked []

The drink ratio isn’t as important as the point of making a drink that will get you real drunk real fast. I had several Dormicum
tablets and STILL couldn’t sleep so I went and downed two of these
motherfuckers in one shot (it’s served in a Long Island tea glass) and
I basically got really fucked up. πŸ˜‰

This thing is fucking toxic. It’s something wicked, alright…

Yeah, is back and its as un-Malaysian as ever (albeit legally). πŸ˜‰

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